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    I started a new job three weeks ago. I took a cut in pay because I had to leave the other job...(long story, those who know me know the story). Anyway, stress level is much lower at new job so thats a blessing.
    When I faxed my resume to this new job I also faxed resume for same position but right here in town. I never heard back from the person, so I assumed God wanted me where he put me...and thats the job Im at now. Half hour commute...not too bad.
    Anyway, the other day I finally heard from the gentleman who recieved my resume over three weeks ago. He wanted to know if I was still interested. I explained I took the other job already. But after talking with him for a while, we decied I can work three hours for him in the eves at my own home. He came over, set up the whole prgram on my puter, and Im up and running. A few "bumps" and "wrinkles to iron out but he feels we will both benefit. I get to work home and also make almost double an hour what Im making during the day (5 hours during the day job). He lives right down the road from me so drop off and picking up work is not a big deal. He also lent me his lap top until we can finish installing the software on my home computer....
    Sounds awesome right? Like my neighbor said, "You certainly stepped in it this time...what a fantastic opprotuniy".
    We are so financially strapped right now it couldnt have come at a better time. Things are really tough for the I assumed this was Gods way of providing..THNAK YOU LORD!!! Its a blessing...I get to be home with kids and make my hours as far as this "second" job.

    My concern is my energy though. Im scared I may run myself into the gutter...I havent slept in WEEKS and I seem to be getting worse and worse....

    My question any of you think this was stupid of me to take on more work? Im exhausted...but I will never get the ooprotunity to work like this again and the money is AWESOME!!!!. Just wondering if the money issue isnt clouding my choices with my health issues.

    Id love advice PLEASE! ANd PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...LOts of prayers for strength and endurance to achieve and do well...
    thanks all!

    Back to work I go!!!!!


    BILLCAMO New Member

    I choose to withhold any advice or opinion , But you do have my prayers that the Lord will give you insight on this situation. My words mean little , but His words mean everything!!

    Blessings , billcamo.
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    I am praying for you
    praying for Gods wisdom. and strength through the Holy spirit, not by our might, but his

    Love Lisa
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    Praying that the Lord will give you strength and guidance with this. I don`t know what to tell you except we do need to pace ourselves with these illnesses. If you really need the money, try it. If it gets to be to much, drop the extra job.

    Good luck,
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    Prayers for strength sent for you. I know I am struggling with lack of energy at this time too. Please be careful not to over extend yourself. I understand the financial end of things--how stressful that can be too.

    Take care of yourself.