Some believe that ,

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    tomorrow , May 21st , is either the end of the world or the start of the end.....

    IMHO , that's nothing to worry about for several reasons :

    1) As long as we do the best we can every day , God will take care of us !

    2) He knows that none of us are perfect & offers us forgiveness for when we goof up .

    3) No man , or woman , knows what the future holds ! & none of us have much control of what happens in this world.....only with what we do.......

    4) Love is positive and hate is not.......

    5) As long as we do as much positive as we can , our futures are bright !

    Praise & thanks to God !

    Blessings ,

  2. Doznclan3

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    Yes, nothing to worry about if we are doing our best in the Lord's eyes.
    We are none perfect.
    I not worried, that tomorrow is the end.
    As the Bible states, not even the angels know the time.
    Jesus also said, I myself don't know the time or place.
    Also, too many things that are supposed to happen first...haven't.

    So, no worries. :)
  3. springwater

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    What you said was so beautiful.

    Cynthia - exactly, what is there to worry about if we have
    our conscience clear.

    Today is our 21st. Last night such a strong storm blew over right at the
    stroke or thereabouts of 12pm, lightning, thunder, gale. My dh snored thru
    it and i lay listening to the sounds and thinking how beautiful it was. I also
    smiled a bit thinking of the prediction. well, the storm blew itself out after
    an hour. its a beautiful day today.

    Im kind of relieved. But also a bit disappointed. Lol.

    God BLess

    BILLCAMO New Member

    the "predicted" time has come & gone..... Thank God !

    So , we all continue to the best that we can !

    As far as the "wheel chair" concern , I understand.

    If not for the grace of God , I would be in one & unable to type anything here....or anywhere....

    So , I continue to do the best I can

    & thank Him for His help for me......& for all of my family and friends !!!!!

    I do my best to do good !

    Blessings ,

  5. Doznclan3

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    Here we are!

    Jam, if Yellowstone went..Utah would be in biiig trouble for sure! ARE one of the best!

    So grateful for my family and friends also.

    My son is going to speak in our church today. Excited for him. He is only 17, but he is such a spiritual young man, and, very loving. He not only loves his family, but he loves people...and animals. My baby. One more year of school..had a late birthday. Will be gone after school next year. My DH and I are wondering how it will be to truly have all of our children out of the house. We have a lot that come and visit, but this will be different.

    Have a great day more worries if you were. :)
  6. windblade

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    Bill - thank you for your good post. It seems to me that the way you spoke of approaching life is valuable for everyday! Our control is limited, but we can always do the best we can to care and love for whoever is in our lives. And that is very important.

    And forgiveness is key I believe - for others, ourselves, and receiving God's great love, which is so patient, and has every quality of goodness.

    Your post uplifted me - so glad it was here.

    Cynthia, what did your son speak about at church? He sounds like such a lovely young man!

    Love, Wind
  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Jamin, LOL!!!!

    Cynthia - agree with Windy, your son sounds like a lovey lovely boy, one any parent
    would be proud to have! you are blessed

    God Bless Us All
  8. Doznclan3

    Doznclan3 New Member

    Our son is a very special young man to us. Didn't think I would have one at my age back then, but sure am glad I did.
    He spoke about how the young men today can do good, and serve the Lord in many ways. That helping others not only makes them happy, or at ease, but makes yourself happy while serving.