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    I have learned a lot from reading at rhealiving website, by Donna Fezler. I found her website about 3 or 4 years ago and she talks a lot about Autoimmune Disease. She also has me convinced, FOR YEARS, that Autoimmune Disease and Fibro And CFS are ATP Deficiency States, caused by toxins. The body is using whatever means necessary to get the ATP it needs. Tendons, cartilage, muscle use a LOT of ATP and the body is doing whatever it has to, to get it. I obviously can't give her website, but you can find it by doing a search for Donna Fezler or entering rhealiving with the appropriate suffix.

    Energy and Autoimmune Disorders
    News: WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The idea that patients with rheumatoid arthritis have overactive immune systems could be completely backward, researchers said on Tuesday -- something that would force a re-think of how the condition is treated.

    Autoimmune Disorders: An ATP Deficiency?
    Why is it that science can't figure out fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome or other autoimmune diseases?
    Simple, they are trying to fix the wrong part. It is something akin to your car mechanic standing over your car with an IV bag of gasoline additives running into the carburetor when the transmission is broken. Yes, the engine will run differently (and not necessarily better) but your car is still not going anywhere! Forget about adding more additives to the carburetor, just pay attention to the transmission. Your body is the same way. Medicine has been trying to treat autoimmune symptoms through the flow of fuel path when the problem
    is in the flow of work pathway.

    Any first year engineering student knows this!
    So, increase your energy and detoxify and you'll run better with less pain.

    Be aware that people suffering from autoimmune disorders may have intestinal tract problems, so increasing absorption is a critical piece. All the supplements in the world can't help if they are not properly absorbed.

    Glucose in your body is like gas in your car:
    FUEL gets converted into movement

    Your car: Gas fuel is used to spark ignition to create piston movement.

    Your Body: Food is converted into glucose. Special pathways move the glucose sugar into the energy powerhouse (mitochondria). The powerhouse is like the spark plug and converts the glucose fuel into ATP energy. Glucose is like gas that fuels the explosions that push the pistons up and down. Glucose is often used as a measure of bodily function, especially in diabetes.

    But, as any engineer will tell you, just because the gas is getting to the engine does not mean the car will move.

    The pistons have to send the energy through a flywheel to the transmission and finally to the wheels. It is this flow of energy that actually moves the car. In the body this flow of energy is called ATP and if anything interferes with this flow of ATP you will physically slow down. Just like when your car A/C is on, your car has less pick-up, and you will too, if something is draining your ATP.

    Energy flow is the flow of work in your car

    In the car the pistons go up and down and the flywheel converts it into rotary motion. The transmission moves this power, or flow of work to the wheels which move the car. The more energy the faster the car goes.

    ATP Energy flow is the flow of work in your body-
    and autoimmune disorders develop when there isn't enough to detoxify and rebuild.

    In the body, ATP:

    moves substances into and out of the cell
    moves muscles
    opens and closes channels
    produces signals that stimulate hormones
    detoxifies the body
    teams up with sulfate to become a sulfate donor for renewal and repair.

    The Body needs ATP to Repair and Renew the same parts the deteriorate and cause pain in autoimmune disorders:
    Chondroitin sulfate: cartilage, bone, skin, cornea, arteries
    Dermatan sulfate: skin, blood vessels, heart
    Heparan sulfate: lungs, arteries, basement membranes
    Heparin: lung, liver, skin, mast cell granules
    Keratan Sulfate: cartilage, cornea, vertebral discs
    Each of us is an individual, and the sicker one is, the more energy one needs. Illness robs our bodies of ATP. Finding an optimum level of rhea extract, or one of the other extracts, takes some experimentation. Rhea Extract is made from meat and is considered a food as a dietary supplement.
    Why is the Rhea so Special?
    The rhea is a type of ostrich native to South America. This high energy skittish bird can run 40 miles per hour with no hesitation, darting from side to side like a slalom skier.
    In order to perform this Herculean feat the bird must have an incredible store of available energy ready to be tapped at any time. The energy the Rhea uses to fuel its high speed antics is called ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate). Our bodies use the same ATP as vital energy!

    ATP doesn't just fuel the body, it gives the body the energy to combat stress or to detoxify, and that can be a problem if we don't make enough ATP to meet our body's needs.

    ATP Boost overview

    To Order

    How it was discovered

    Where you can find evidence of an ATP Deficiency
    Sore joints (Arthritis)
    Muscle wasting (Lupus, Dermatomyositis)
    Fatigue (Chronic Fatigue Syndromes)
    Membrane Breakdown (Crohn's, IBD, Kidney Protein Loss, Asthma)
    Hypersensitivity (Allergies)
    Skin problems (Psoriasis)
    Autoimmune disorders
    ATP's Many Roles
    The body cannot produce an unlimited supply of ATP; it is limited by several factors including:
    nutrition (hydrogenated fats, fast food, low vitamin intake)
    stress (job, family, noise, weather)
    environmental toxins (air pollution, water, cleaning and lawn chemicals, petroleum products, certain medications)
    ATP is like money in your checkbook: there are so many things that you have to pay and so little extra money to just have fun. That is what is happening in autoimmune disorders--you are bouncing ATP checks at your body bank.

    In order to repair each particular part of the body that is affected, the body needs ample ATP and a sulfate donor to complete the normal breakdown and repair cycle.

    In autoimmune disorders, the body doesn't have enough ATP and the sulfate donor to keep up with repair due to competition from another ATP user, stress factors, which are like the "budget busters" in your life. (ATP'S MANY ROLES) You know budget busters: auto repairs, broken water heaters, surprise dental surgery. Well, the body also has them and we call them stress and environmental toxins worsened by poor nutrition!

    Environmental Toxins, Stress, and Your ATP Energy Level
    You know those high energy types: thin, lithe, muscular? They have incredible stores of ATP energy available for them. A healthy diet, exercise, and sunshine enable the body to combat stress and toxins. However, even with the best intentions, some of us may be more sensitive to environmental toxins.
    The body makes a choice: die of the poison or run slightly impaired but without the poison.
    Or, if our lifestyle is sedentary we don't have the large stores of energy that active people have in their muscles.
    Or, our diets are deficient in the very foods that supply us with nutrients to make ATP without stressing our body to digest: grains, fruits, and vegetables.
    All these things add up to a drain on our available ATP energy, so the body compromises and we end up with pain; allergies; sore joints and muscles; asthma; Crohn's; or Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Colitis.
    What about vitamins and other supplements?

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    There is enough good reading on that site to keep you busy for couple days. I have hesitated to mention this site because she sells supplements, so many would be suspicious. I have used her ATP Boost and the oil. I had already been using AMINOTATE (Amino acid formulation) from Tyson and I found it very similiar, although not the exact Amino Acid combination. The point of my posting is to get you to read through the VAST amount of info on that site, and challenge your views, and maybe your doctors views on TOXINS and specifically Autoimmune Disease.I am not trying to boost her sales of here products and I haven't ordered from her in probably 2 years. Just wanted to share some valuable information, especially since many are showing interest in Amino Acids since MikeReynolds joined us.
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    Thanks for posting this Elliespad, good info here.

    I tried D-Ribose to increase my ATP and for 3 weeks I had increased energy levels, but it stopped having an effect after that time and I realised that the underlying problems needed to be sorted first.

    The new regime that I've started is addressing these, then I am going back to sort the ATP problem with D-Ribose again and will see this time if the benefits it gave me are longer lasting.

    Thanks once again

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