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    CNN had a great article (below) about identity theft.

    One part of it that I love, have used, towards the bottom, is "Catalog Choice" for free. I found that Direct Marketing seems to have no effect on many places and they still send out junk mail even though you have signed up for no junk mail.

    Catalog Choice for free (not Mailstop Shield on the right side that you have to buy) seems to work great. I've been using Catalog Choice and it works for even for St. Jude and other solicitation places, and for the places where you must call them using a toll number or write them in order to opt out of getting mail from them. Catalog Choice has the direct route to opt you out of getting mail from them and keeps a record for you--all for free.

    And when I put in a company, it comes up with it each time and seems to have a fantastic database of all these companies that they contact for you.

    If you are getting someone's else's mail with your address (which happened to me), it's simple to use for that. I am getting so much catalog mail from someone who mistakenly put their new address as mine about 4 or 5 months ago. Now I am swamped with holiday catalogs for this person and because it is bulk mail, the post office can't forward them to the original person they were intended for. But Catalog Choice comes to the rescue because you can put the other person's name in the area asking how the mail is addressed, then you click the area that says "they do not live at this household."

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