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    Hello. A herb lady told me some things that are really not good for people with cfs. One thing is dont eat anything white! Such as sugar,salt,white bread,white rice,flour, etc. Another no pop! And no caffeine. our bodies react diffrently to sugar and caffeine. But the worse thing for it is stress!!!! Stay away from all negative things... again, our bodies react diffrently to stress, so it could setback our recovery.I know its easier said than done!!! Hope this info helps someone!!! Peace..>>ZOe :)
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    In order to stay away from stress, I'd have to quit my job, leave my relationship, move to a different state, AND win the lottery. All are equally likely to happen, lol. As far as staying away from white foods, I doubt I will. While I respect Chinese medicine greatly and would follow the advice of a traditional Chinese medical practitioner should I consult one, until I do there are white foods that will remain in my diet.

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    Hi Zoe,

    Great advice. I have stayed away from white flour and white sugar for many years. With some exceptions once in awhile. I do notice a difference and feel much worse when i do eat it. As far as the caffeine goes...well i am still working on that one! Cut it out of my diet one year for months and as soon as i cheated i couldn't stop! I don't know if its possible to be a women and stay away from chocholate forever!!

    Working on the stress thing also! A friend told me to try visualization techniques and to make relaxation tapes. She gave me the name of some good books the other day. When i find where i wrote them down i will pass them along to everyone.

    Thanks for the info,
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    is impossible to avoid. Happiness is even a form of stress. There is negative and positive stress, butit's still stress. We'd have to be unconcious not to have any!