Some ideas for pacing, etc.

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    Having had this thing forever, I know the pain of trying to pace yourself ---- something I found impossible until I had no choice. If I had any energy, I would pop right up and push til I died, and stayed "dead."
    Eventually I began to go slower and slower ---it just kind of crept up on me. I quaified for a personal care provider, a woman who does my shopping and housework, helps me with showers, etc. I fought that, but it's made all the difference. I just have to say, "yeah, that's what it takes." I still try to help_ her! Partly because I really don't want to be helpless. I want to do wat I really can --no more than that; and partly because I Used to be the one helping! I was a certified nurses aide!
    So I guess what my secret is, and why I don't suffer so much with the strugle to do things, is that I stopped struggling! I just let it go, mostly.
    My suggestions are:
    1. If you can, hire help or delagate resposibility. See if you quailify for aides through medicaid, medicare, social services. If your family doesn't get it (delagateing), will your church? Another very good source is Volunteers of America. They moved my bed and set up my computer, among other things.
    2. Don't go to bed. That's depressing. Get yourself some real comfy lounge clothes, and lie on the sofa. Just a little mind game.
    3. If you have a little bit of time and a little energy, use it on things you enjoy. What ever you like to do, even if it's just veging in front of the TV. Read a little, garden a little, play on the computer a little, go for a walk around the block or ride around it in your wheelchair.
    Remember, your life isn't what it used to be, but it still is your life.

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