'Some illnesses can be ignored'

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    Glenda Price jeers at M.E./CFS sufferers in the Clovis news Journal: (comments can be left online)

    "Irecently learned that many others suspect, like I do, that pharmaceutical companies have people who spend their time studying the human body in search of aberrations. When they find those anomalies, we suspect, they invent medical-sounding names for them. After that, they figure out some drug that supposedly can make it all better and sell said drug to consumers — always, of course, with the admonition, “Ask your doctor if this is right for you.”

    Then the advertising campaign, we believe, kicks into gear. Free samples are provided to doctors. Television and newspapers are inundated with advertisements outlining the terrible consequences of this “malady” if left untreated, and bragging on the “medicine” they’re selling.

    So I’ve been thinking….what would my cowboy dad say if his top hand showed up at the barn one morning and said, “I don’t think I can help clean corrals today. I didn’t get any sleep last night because of my ‘restless leg syndrome.’”

    I’m thinking Dad would say, “Get those restless legs in that first corral and get busy.” I’m also thinking if it happened again the next day, the cowboy would be told to pick up his pay and take his weird legs to town.

    What about the cowboy who says he can’t ride to the back side of the east pasture because he has “overactive bladder” and can’t get too far away from the house and a restroom. Let’s just think about that one a minute.

    While we’re thinking, let’s picture a professional bull rider beginning to get set in the chute who suddenly lets go his bull rope, climbs over the chute and heads outta there to the bathroom. Does the arena director give him a “time out” because of his … overactive bladder? I don’t think so.

    One of my favorite newly coined medical maladies is “chronic fatigue syndrome.” I’m fairly sure I suffer from that one most of the time, so I probably should purchase some of those so-called energy drinks. I read the fine print on one the other day. It contains about the same amount of caffeine as a whole pot of coffee. I figure if I drank that I’d for sure develop “overactive bladder” soon thereafter. Then I’d need to take the medicine for that, which would have another side effect. They would have me right where they want me.

    My parents grew up during the Great Depression. They’re gone now, but I can easily imagine their reaction to all this. I remember my dad telling me about a family near starvation in the western New Mexico back country. He killed a deer, dressed it and hung it from a tree behind those people’s house one day just before dawn.

    He later heard that father had told the man who ran the post office/general store about a mysterious guardian angel coming to his family’s rescue.

    You can bet that family had no restless legs, overactive bladder or chronic fatigue syndromes.

    You also can bet those pharmaceutical companies couldn’t get away with this if we all “got a life.”


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    This journalist knows absolutely nothing re: CFS-thinks that it's a "newly coined" disease that can be treated with an energy drink. Please go to that website and educate her.
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    i think you missed the point of why this article was posted.
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    then I really laughed at yuppie flu! Sometimes things come back to haunt you. I laugh at nothing now!
    I came down with it approx 6 months after that!!
    The journalist might find herself like this one day and we will see what she says then.
    Not that I would wish it on my worst enemy.
    I am just saying what happen to me might happen to her.
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    I never laughed. But I remember two months before I got sick, I saw a book about CFS in the bookstore. But I just ignored it because it didn't affect my life at that time. And then Oprah did a show with AIDS and Cancer patients who were talking about how tired they got. And I was actually working out while watching it. I remember thinking that I really didn't understand what they meant when they said they got too tired to do anything. Like I felt sorry for them, but I couldn't relate at all. I hadn't yet experienced severe fatigue at that time. But I always remember that day. I was lifting weights, working out and watching that show. You really do have to be like us to understand the level of fatigue and debilitation.
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    I am pretty sure that raising 4 kids and caring for a hubby, a dog a bird and working long hard hours at being the bussiness adm. at a tax/law university is haveing a life and it did not prevent me from getting all the bad dics and arthiritis and the fibro. not to mention other health issuess! I hope the author of the newsletter does not have to go through what we all are! By the way, even for someone that didn't work, or have kids,dog,a bird, it does'nt mean they had no life..[did i read the wrong message]
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    I have a thought ..

    Yes back in the Day .. things where sure Different .....

    like our foods.

    you used to get organic food that was all there was .. there where no package meals like today . full of bad stuff.

    now all our food is processed with all kinds of bad stuff. like MSG for one ...

    I know first hand the kinds of things this stuff can do to you ... lots of people have physiological Allergic reactions to it. . if it can make a person hear things , see things cause sever anxiety and even scitsafrenia ( I got this info from a psychologist that was treating a relative she also had the same side side affects )

    and that's just one additive to our food, what are the possible side affects of the rest of the additives. ?

    back in the day . if you had a loaf of bread for two weeks it would mold.. now how many breads do you know that do that .. ..not many they have so many additives in them .. what does that do to our bodies.

    makes you say HUMMMMM

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