Some more product ideas!

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    Chillow Pillows
    Yoga for Fibromyalgia DVD
    Apps for relaxation, sleep, pain (instead of CD's -the CD could be turned into an app) so people can listen on their phones or tablets (who has CD players beds these days?! :) )
    A variety of Homedics Products (ie I use a shiatsu massager for my neck and it is excellent)
    Products to help around the home - ie easier to use (electric?) tin opener, things to open bottles with easily, ergonomic eating utensils
    Heating pads
    Ice Packs (I recommend Koolpak -they freeze very quickly and last hours) - can also be heated
    Canna juice (It is being made fresh and shipped directly to the customer - frozen)
    The Fibromyalgia Handbook (Dr Harris McIlwain)
    Tot's Tale About the Clever Colour System (yours truly)
    Mobility Aids - but funky ones!!! (my friend has a great set of walking sticks that hold her arms out and so she isn't putting pressure on her wrist - in yellow!), Also know of people online who offer 'bling' walking sticks etc

    A radio show with guests occassionally - discussing the benefits of x (from ProHealth), provide discount code, ask to them to join the forum etc.

    There's more...but I thought I would save some for another time! :)