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    I put these on the bold thread at the top of this board, but they are resources that some may not know about:


    A good place to find out if you are eligible for various state/government assistance is IF YOU DON'T QUALIFY THIS YEAR--KEEP TRYING EVERY YEAR perhaps in March. As the living costs keep rising, the amount to qualify should be decreasing so you may find you don't qualify this year, but could qualify next year.


    Area Agency on Aging is a little known agency that helps Seniors BUT ALSO HELPS THE DISABLED. Depending on funds and your situation, they may be able to help with respite care, family caregiver support, and in-home services. Call your local Area Agency on Aging and ask to be connected to a social worker who can advise you on services available.

    The Area Agency on Aging is part of a national network of organizations established to respond to the needs of older adults and disabled. As a private non-profit corporation, the Area Agency on Aging plans, coordinates, develops and delivers services for seniors (60 years and older), persons of any age who are HIV positive, adults (18-59 years) WITH DISABILITIES and long-term care needs, and family caregivers of older adults.