some supplements dr klimas reccomends-

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    (thanks quayman for posting the link to her video presentation. very very interesting.)(and props to jam225 who already posted this list- i am posting it as its own post so that more people will see it)

    she said that because of the illness we burn thru vitamins and minerals faster than normal people. s9 good nutrition/eating is very important. and also she said to take------

    good multivitamin (take one or even two daily)

    b complex

    coq10 (not sure of dose- but she said to take enough of it)

    fish oil - 4 grams a day

    she also said to do exercise/movement- but not too much to make you worse - do little bit then rest. she used example of 5 mins exercise- then 5 mins rest. repeat.

    best wishes to all-

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    Well, if I understand her correctly, she was saying five minutes, then rest.

    Then wait a day and try five minutes, rest five minutes, then five more of exercise, then rest five minutes. Build up.

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    that sounds correct. start slow- build up slowly. it depends on your current level of ability to exercise and not get PEM. some will have to start with only 5 mins a day. others can do several 5 minute periods of exercise a day. (or more- like 10 or 20 minute sessions etc). just depends on the person.

    i used to LOVE to exercise. my cfs has improved so now i can do a bit more- but i may have overdone it.

    i do take coq10 and a multi and bcomplex. i want to try the large amt of fish oil.

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    I am noticing a huge difference if I take two or three one-hour breaks throughout the day. Now the thing is, the break has to be no sensory input and laying down. It isn't a break if you are watching T.V. or picking on the keyboard.

    When I do this rest for an hour, I have trouble getting back up. And it takes thirty minutes to get fully alert. But then I feel a lot better than I would have had I not taken the break. It usually gives me a couple of hours or good energy.

    I noticed Dr. Klimas said we use up nutrients quickly. So I think that it would make sense to take these hour breaks after a meal. That way your body can actually focus on digestion instead of spending energy in activity.

    I guess you could explain to someone that we are like a baby, we have to eat and rest often.

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    For CoQ10, she said to take at least 60mg twice a day.
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    And, when talking about whether we are more likely to get cancer, she suggested anti-oxidants.