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    When I was ill I was at a golf coarse where an old barn was on the right .I had a dream that there were people hanging other people. I was on a horse watching and trying to help them get away. It was like a sean in a movie I had seen before but it seem so real .I felt like I was in another life . As I walk through the golf coarse I felt like I was drugged BUT I had a real connection to those grounds .I almost felt like there was a real civil war connection.

    My boss took me to an old store and on the floor were two stain glass windows ,in my mind I thought they were out of my grandmothers home.I remember walking around and I think I touched a lion. I remember a long table.

    These are two different places ,but for some reason I felt a real connection.

    Also when my husband and I was going to see some of the battle grounds I saw a barn and had this huge feeling someone I knew was is that barn .

    I always felt like I had feelings about things but I never would tell anyone.This site has given me a place to write somethings I have had in my heart and mind and I don't feel scarred .But I do feel at times my head is full .
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    you know I have feelings like I "ve been in places before also.
    some houses I feel like I"ve been in before.
    when every we would move If I walked into the house and it didn"t feel right I"d not rent them.same thing with homes we have bought,I'd never buy a house unless I felt that my Grandmother would have like that house.
    she was the main influence in my life,a lady of great faith.
    she passed alot of her faith onto her Grandchildren ,because my cousins and I have talked about it. and I"m not the only one who feels her presents.
    It would be neet if you could reseach your ancestors and see if any where in the civil war.
    I started mine a few years ago and found out I have Native amercia in my past so that explained alot of my likings in the past.
    I have a reacurring dream when I"m sick that there"s a Indian brave sitting on a horse in the snow looking at me. for some reason it comforts me.and when I'm real sick my hubby says a hum or chant some kind of a kids say this too,they remember this from when they where little.
    I think it may be my great,great,great Grandfather.on the horse.
    but anyhow it comforts me and when I"m in bad pain it helps me get through. have a good day sixtyslady.