Some thing is wrong with me and I can't undersntand what it hapening

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. rosemarie

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    aFter spending the afternoon and part of the evening ina car goooooing to and comming home from Layton, AS AI sat in my daughters car my right leg started to throb , when I touched teh spot I htought was the worst , just the gentlest touch made me feel like htere should be a HUGE brusies on my leg but there is not any thing there.

    My back hurts really bad tonight as wel. I have DDD, two disc's taht are buldging adn pinching nerves, which sends sharp pain shooting down my legs and into my hips then down my butt cheeks then into my legs that throb so badly.

    I know that nerves can cause pain and cause more pain that is so deep inside of my bones, down to the marrow. I tried to find the sorce of each pain but when I gently touched each tender spot another appeared and soon the pain was all over my pelvic region, and into my legs so deep insdie of them, I dont' remember ever havng pain like this before, When I touched each spot it hurt so much,I don't have the words to say what i want to say and explain what this pain feels like.

    I feel like some thing is not right,. I feel like each bone is beign boroken and I am walking on shattered bones. Teh nerve pain is so deep and so bad that it takes over my legs, how I Move them, how I sit. MY badk hurts from disc's that are pinching nerves and I know that they send messages through out each leg and each nerve insdie each leg, muscle. I have tried to take a hot bath but I cna't get teh wather hot enough to reach deep insdie each aching bone, It is gets any hotter I would burn my self.

    I laid on teh bed and touched my pelvic region and when I touched teh sore spots the pain took my breath away it was so sharp and more painful than I have words for. The same thing happend to my legs and wrist this pain is different thaan the achey fibro pain that I live with daily. I can't explain it well and don't have the right words to explain how bad how deep inside each bone is.

    I some times feel like I am wlaking on broken bones that each foot has been broken adn each nerve is raw. This pain is so bad that I want to scream and yell how much I hurt. How can I standd it much longer when I don't know why iI am having this horriable pain . Sorry that I can't get teh right words to shard with you what this fees like. NOthing I do ease's this apin no water is hot enough to go deep insdie of each obne and reach the pain that is deep inside.

    Please let me know if you have pain like this , I don't know of any one who has been thru this never ending pain, Tahnksf or letting me vent and share how i feel.
    Sorry for all the ecomplaing I am doing. I am so londely and miss my husband so much,
    Thanks for listeneninnnnnng to me vent
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    I am so sorry you are suffering so very much. I can relate to your pain, although I've not experienced exactly what you are experiencing now.

    Perhaps it could be Allodynia or Myofascial Pain? Regardless, I think you should talk to your doctor about the level of pain you are suffering.

    Sending you healing vibes, hope you find some relief soon.
  3. rosemarie

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    I do have Myofascial pain but was not thinking clearly at the time I was posting. I called the doctor's office today and was told that there was not much or any thing they could do for me. My rehumy is not willing to up my pain meds after reducing them earlier this year. So I am up a creek when I have nights like last night.

    I also was all alone and I seem to really notice the pain when my hubby is not home for a week, he will be home late "Friday night.

    I can't stand not having him at home every night.I have two daughters who both have spent teh last year with out a husband and both had babies. My youngest daughter's husband has been home just over a month, he was still in the states but was due to leave for Afganistain just days after she had her baby girl. It was so hard for her as she has two older children. Braxton is 6 and Kari is 4 and now Maddison is 1 yr. But she did it with out much help from family , we called her often and she came to visit alot but she relied on her self and did a great job of being both MOmmhy and daddy,
    My middle daughter had her baby and her husband left for Iraq a month after she had the baby and he flew in today and will be at home tonight. She has a baby boy who is going to be getting to know his daddy better Spencer is a year old. His mommy and daddy talkedalot with a vidieo cam so the baby got to see his daddy and talk to him.

    My husband has only been gone a week and I struggle with it. I am so proud of my girls and how they did raising babies alone for a year.

    Back to the pain it finally eased up a bit late last night but today we are expecting a storm and you know how it makes us feel. Just what I need cold , wind and rain turning to snow. YIPPY for me.
    Thanks for the support you all give to me.

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