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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, May 8, 2012.

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    I have noticed that when I sit for a while my right leg will go numb. It starts in my foot and then goes all the way up to my hip. I is really funny to wach my foot when I am trying to get it to move and it does not then finally it slowly wiggles, it takes about 5 minutes to get it to work again . I have to admit it feels so strange to try to make your ankle move and wiggle and it just sits there not moving.

    It does not happen often, in fact the last time it did I had gotten out of the bath tub and was sitting on the edge of the tub drying my hair when I noticed that my foot was tingleing and then it was not working at all. I rubbed it and moved it my self and tryied to get it to work right. It did but it tool a few minutes to act normal.

    I have not said any thing to my rehumy as he does nothing about the rest of my fibro, spinal, arthritis related health problems. I Noticed that when I lean on my left wrist it too will go numb and it will tingle and burn up my arm and in to my shoulder. So I just don't lean on it and move it more often.

    I do the same with the foot, I know what my bone doctor would tell me that I have some pinched nerves and he would want to give me steriods for it, either injections or pills and both don't work for me.

    The injections just make the pain worse and it never goes back to where it was before the injections. When I have taken steriods by mouth I get sick, my stomache hurts, I feel so strange just not like my self, I ache more and I shake and my panic attacks get worse.

    I have other symptoms or side effects that most people don't get and some that my doctors have not heard of. So what am I to do? I don't want to take pills that make me sick and feel worse than the symptoms I am having.

    I won't ever do the injections again yes they were that bad. I have had both hylarouic acid injections and cortisone and they both cuased me more pain than any relief I may have gotten, although I don't think I ever felt better only worse.

    I may tell my doctor some day but not now. I really don't like him and don't like it that he really could care less about me as a person /patient, he is just interested in one thing me getting my knee's replaced, as if that will cure every pain I have and I won't need pain meds again. Yes of course that would happen NOT!

    I struggle with fibro, end-stage oesteo-arthritis in both knee's and left wrist, chronic meyofacial pain syndrome, bulging discs L4-L5, L5-S1, spinal stenosis, ddd , panic attacks, asthma and beign over weight and last but not least I will get strange reactions to medicaitons some no one has ever heard of, I am not normal when it comes to which meds I can or can't take. Why add to my suffering to take some thing that may or may not work most, likely not work.

    I just wanted to tell some one what was happening to me. This numbness does not happen daily and it is not painful so I just keep moving my foot and trying to not sit and pinch the nerves in my back. If and when it starts to ache or hurt me I will talk to my orthopedic doctor and get his advise.
    Just needed to vent abit.
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    It is always something new going on. I stopped going to the doctor with new things a Long time ago. They always says the same thing. It's fibro deal with it.

    The nerve in my left leg is sitting on my hip bone,it will give me trouble if I sit in the wrong position. The pain will go down my leg. When I get up to walk it takes a minute or two to walk. My right leg goes numb too at different times. The same thing happens with my arms. I try to keep busy so I can keep flexible. I try not to sit more than 30minutes.

    I went to a new rhemuy a year ago. He was only interested in giving me pills. I never got them.

    It is so nice to be able to come here and have the support. We need that so much.
    Have a great day. Gail(little)

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