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    I just need to vent a little. Lately I have been having some new scary symptoms. Maybe they are scary because I keep thinking maybe something more serious is going on. I have been having spots and light patterns in my vision. I will see a big yellow or light green blob in my vision. It cames and goes. Also my legs have been going completely numb on me. I have been falling. Stairs have became a chalange for me which isn't good...I live in a three story house. I have been having mouth ulcers off and on and they hurt like heck sometimes.

    I am not sure what to do. I keep thinking maybe all along I have had MS. My dr would not do a MRI earlier. Maybe I can get him to do one now. I am working with in the military medical system overseas so I can not just change dr's. I already changed this time last year.

    I would like to know what the medical people here think of these symptoms. Should I Puch to get an MRI??

    So confused and hurting. Me and my husband had a marriage cousleing appointment today...we showed up only to be told they can't see us there. How frustrating. This illness has caused a few problems in our marriage on top of other things and we would like to get some help working it out. But it is so hard over here. You would think they would want to help familys stay together.

    I also am trying to still work full-time (that is where I am at right now). The work part is fine but is doing all the extra stuff at home. I have became such a slob and I hate it. I grew up in an extremly dirty home and I never want to live like that but sometimes I feel that is the way it is going. I do try but some times it is just so dang hard.

    Sorry that this is so long.....I just have so many thoughts running through my head.

    Thanks for listening (reading),

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    Hi Nichole,

    I can't give you any medical advice. Sorry about that. I know you must be scared.

    Please don't worry about your dirty house. You are doing a great job to be able to work full time. I am home all day, and my house is NOT clean. Sometimes I think the board of health would condemn it! Tell your dh and children (if you have them) to get off their butts and help you. Just do the minimum what you need to get by. Maybe if money is not a problem (as it is with me) you could hire the Minute Maids once or twice to bail you out.

    I don't like having a dirty house either. My mother kept a very clean home, and so did I before I got sick. But no one helps me so what can I do? I just do what I can, a little at a time. I found reducing clutter helps. Just get rid of things you don't use. If you have less, it's easier. Some agencies will come out and pick stuff up and cart it away for you.

    When I have a flare up I use paper plates and cups. I know the environmental people will come down on me for that one! But it helps. Not having the dirty dishes sitting there. I get my paper goods at BJ's (warehouse store) and just keep a big supply of them. I try to do a laundry every day so it doesn't pile up. I don't worry too much about the dusting or vacuuming. If I feel up to it I do it and if I don't, I ask the kids.

    Take care of yourself,
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    ***BUMPING in hopes of getting some input***
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    Any new symptoms should be checked out, even if others also suffer from these symptoms. It's better to be safe than sorry.

    Example: Most of us have some type of chest pain. One of our members thought that was what she had and suffered congestive heart failure. Fortunately, she survived and came here to warn others.

    Love, Mikie
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    I agree with Mikie. Your symptoms should be checked out. All new symptoms but especially yours. I would ask again about the MRI. Good luck and keep us posted. -Karen
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    Well, Today I had just gotten home from work. And I lost control of my bladder...God, I can't believe it happened. I actually wet myself. I had no idea I need to go to the bathroom. It just happened. It really scares me. I had a test for a UTI a few weeks ago and it isn't that.

    Going to be calling the dr tomorrow. Maybe I can see him tomorrow and talk to him about getting that MRI...maybe that would put my mind at ease if anything.

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    Hi, Nichole:

    Sounds like perhaps you have some sort of problem with your lumbar spine with the numbness in your legs and loss of bladder control. I have lumbar spinal stenosis and have had a numb right leg for long before I had an x-ray and then an MRI that confirmed the spinal stenosis. I can have loss of bladder control if I am up and around for too long.

    If I were you, I would ask the DR for at least an x-ray of the lumbar spine. That and a neurology test on your legs could lead the DR to a lumbar spine problem-that's how my DR found out. I then had an MRI to confirm, and am now on disability for that and several other problems.

    Hope all goes well, loonie :-}
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    I just called and got an appointment with my dr in about an hour. I came into work today but not sure how long I will be able to stay over here. My left arm is really numb. I am scared about what is going on. My pain meds aren't helping. I am going to see if he can give me something stronger then Ultrum to use for today.

    I hope he helps me and not brushes me off.


    PS. I had back X-rays and my lumbar spain is fine. My tail bone I do have stenosis in though.. We shell see what he is going to do.,
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    I had my appointment. He is sending me to get an MRI. He said he is worried about it being MS. That is so scary. I am also going to see a Urologist. I will not know when the MRI will be till tomorrow. I can't sechdule it till then. He called one of the Neurologists at the big hospital near here and he reqaminded I get the MRI. My dr wanted to send me straight over there.

    I had a lot of problems getting my point across to my dr. My speach is not that great for some reason. Mixing words up. not being able to find the right words. But he understood. I almost cried in his office but I didn't. I need to keep it together for the rest of the day. Then half a day tomorrow and then I am off work for the weekend and then I Can rest. I work as a recpienst/admin person so the speach really bothers me.

    Well...I will stop dumping all this now.


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    I am so glad that he finally paid attention. So sorry it took so long and so many symptoms, but I'm glad you are finally going to get some answers. I know this is scary. Will be praying. Please keep us posted. -Karen