Some things that have helped me so far

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    I first want to say that you all are amazing and I have learned so much from each one of you. I am on here all of the time asking questions or venting my frustrations. Here is what has helped me the most so far in dealing with my CFS..Maybe it will help someone else!

    1. Finding a place where people understand my illness and accept me. I am currently getting treatment at the FFC in Philadelphia.

    2. Boosting my immunity with Proboost, Maitake mushroom and TF. I plan on adding plenty of other supplements but this has helped the most. Currently I am working on my hormones by taking T3 and pregnelone. I think they are helping with my energy but this is a work in progress!

    3. Lunesta and melatonin. I am still trying to perfect my dose but I definitely feel better when I sleep well the night before. If my sleep is off one night it takes me a week to feel better. I try to go to bed and wake up the same time every day. Again, I am still working on this!

    4. Diet changes. I started the LEAP diet (food sensitivities test) last month. The most important thing I learned was to incorporate more fruits (limited), vegetables and protein into my diet. I still love my sugar but now I indulge in dessert three times a week instead of everyday all day!! If I want something sweet I have cashew butter and honey on toast, salted pecans with molasses or raisins. These all have sugar but a much healthier choice then all of the processed sweets I was eating! I give into organic ice cream once a week:)

    5. I still have my ups and downs dealing with my illness and plenty of sadness for what I fell I lost. After a major “down” week I realized that I need to learn new limitations and set new goals for myself. I may never work full time again but I can now learn to be a great cook! I also posted positive messages around my room. I pray at night and thank God that he is helping me heal. I feel that I am and although the process it super slow I believe my body can heal itself. When I get my fever cycles and I lie in bed straight for 9 days I remind myself that this is temporary and a good day will come along soon. If I am having even a slightly good day now I go outside or take a drive over to the local bookstore. Basically I force myself to out even for 1/2 hr.

    6. Weekly Massages!!!!! This is my treat to myself for all of my hard work. I started getting them last week and I noticed a difference in my energy level, pain and general outlook. I am going to an excellent massage therapist that understands my body's limitations.

    7. Therapy once a week. I was a little reluctant but when I found myself crying all of the time I knew I needed help. I am doing this for myself and I really think it has helped me focus on my strengths not my weaknesses.

    8. Accupuncture. Well all I can say is that I am in the process of booking my appts. but I had two needles the other day and 2 hrs. later I felt pretty good. The woman was just showing me what it was like but she really made me feel safe. She has also helped a number of other people with CFS with acupuncture, moxa and Chinese herbs. She really thinks she can help me and so I need to keep the positive flow going. I like to think she is right. I will keep you updated on my treatment.

    9. Meditate with a lavender eye pillow and a soothing CD from 5-6 everyday.

    I just want to say that I am still only functioning at 50% and new symptoms pop up every week but I think I am taking better care of my needs and my body's. Hopefully my muscles and mind are now relaxed with all of these treatments so that it can begin to cure itself. I know we all look for a cure or a state of remission and I have come to terms that I may never reach that place but I can control how I feel and what I do. My fever cycles drive me crazy and I have no control over them so I decided to search out other resources like acupuncture, therapy and massage to work on the other areas of this illness. I firmly believe that the mind and body are linked and have some sort of connection to my problems.

    Thank you again for all of the support during my rough patches. I am glad we are all here to carry each other through them.

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    What an excellent post. You said all the right things in just the right way.

    I think anything we can do to help ourselves heal our mind and body are beneficial.

    Thanks for writing it out in a clear way we can understand.

    I wish you all the best with your healing.


    P.S. I find accupuncture and herbs by a qualified person to be very helpful with specific problems.

    For those who want a less expensive option, check into local schools for both masssage and for accupuncture. They offer reasonable rates and good teachers oversee the sessions.
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    What a terrific positive post! I enjoyed reading it and felt better myself. It is a good reminder to all that there is a lot that we can do to help ourselves.

    I'm quite sure that you will reap benefits from all that you are doing to help yourself. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

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    Great post. You have a wonderful attitude about all this. You're are doing so many great things for your health. You WILL keep getting better! Keep in mind that as you heal your body naturally like you are, the body revisits some old symptoms. But they are usually short lived.

    I too get the fevers alot and it drives me crazy. We probably have viruses that are not being killed off and they keep revisiting us. The key to killing the viruses though is getting your core body temp. up. My morning temp is 96.5 most days. Way too low, but I'm working on it.

    Keep up the good work.

    hugs to you,

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    I just wanted to bump this. I will write more about my ffc progress and some of the things that are stil working for me when I come back next week.

    Wish me luck on my first semi vacation since I have been sick!
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    I'm still dreaming over the lavender pillow and rest...
    that sounds wonderful.