Some times we should just listen.

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    Hello I am new here. My name is Ami and my doctors just recently told me the pain that I have been complaining of since I was six is most likely fibromyalgia (still undiagnosed but that's what they are trying to treat me for). Talk about a shock to me. For a moment all I could do was cry, I mean my doctors just told me I will be in pain forever I am 24 and have my whole life ahead of me. However, it was also a wake up call. A beautiful woman I once met through another friend of mine drove me crazy with her mothering, telling me that I had to tell my doctors everything even if it doesn't seem like a big deal to me. I mean who really thinks about how often they go to the bathroom in one day or how that ice cold water someone douses you with bites at your flesh. I (being the all knowing immature idiot I was) didn't pay attention and didn't tell my doctors the little things. I was an awful person trying to prove I was normal and everything was fine I was cruel to those nearest and dearest to me. Anyway, back on the topic. It wasn't until my mom went with me to one such appointment and prodding me to tell the doctor EVERY thing. Once through I realized I had some 30 odd problems that weren't "normal". Now on muscle relaxers, pain killers, antidepressants and anxiety medication I am doing better and have found that people aren't so bad and that my life is what I make of it not what the past was. The robaxin, and hydrocodone are not very effective. I am still in a great deal of pain but it is better then it was. The doctors are still working on finding a medicine to help me sleep better and I should have new medicines on their way soon. The point I was trying to get to is listen to the ones that care about you, they know what their talking about. The woman that gave my the advice to tell my doc everything also has fibromyalgia among other things and I guess she either saw it in me or had just been in my position not thinking about the little things and didn't want a friend to suffer as long as she had. May god bless her and you all.
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    Isn't it amazing how smart we get as we get older? Those people who really love you will try to look out for you when they know you might not have enough information to look out for yourself. Sometimes that's a double-edged sword, but sometimes it gets us to where we need to be.

    Be patient with the medications. Finding the right combination can take a while, but it can also improve your quality of living considerably.

    I hope that things continue looking up for you!
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    Silvaranna ,
    welcome to the board . you have come to the right place, there are so many caring people here, who do understand what you are going through with the medical issues.
    this board had been a God Send for me.
    I am so sorry you are having to live this life, you so young. and to have always had pain to deal with God this gets old and extremely hard at times.. I know..
    you have a very good point.. but you know when we are young , we all tend not to listen. and we all go through some sort of teen age thing.. trust me mine was awful.. my mom and I could not even be in the same room much less talk.. and me listen LOL.. I laugh now because we are best friends now. and have been for many many years...
    my own daughter went through a stage of not listening to me.. yet we have managed to stay very close and once again are best friends.. I can talk to her about anything and she the same .
    My daughter is 19 now with an 8 month baby... since she was about 12 years old .. we have had her in and out of the Doctors office .. Chronic pain . Chronic fatigue... it has taken as you said years to figure out just some of what's going on... matter of fact she just changed her diet trying desperately to figure out what upsets her tummy so much .. she took all dairy out .. turns out she is lactose intolerant . and we believe she has Fibro.. her current doc . can't DX this.. but she talked to my Doc one day and was told she prob has it also. from her symptoms and trigger points.. so . we will see..

    sorry this is so long.. wow .. rambling I guess.. anyway.. I just wanted to welcome you , you can get a lot of good info here. and lots of support.. look forward to talking with you ..

    Take care my dear... Soft Huggles.
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    Hi and Welcome!!
    I'm sorry you have to be here, but so glad you found this site. It is really wonderful for support, resources and realizing you are not alone in anything you are feeling.

    It's a hard pill to swallow when someone tells you that you'll be in pain forever. Just know that I've had Fibro for a long time as well (only recently diagnosed within the last couple of years), but I did some have good years in there - my pain wasn't always so severe. There is always the chance that you'll have some good days mixed in with some not so good days. Keep remembering that. I to this day, still remind myself of that - for some reason it helps me when I think about things, about my future, about things I still want to do.

    Take one day at a time.

    You are so right in listening to people when they sometimes know better than we do. It's pretty normal (and you're not awful!) for trying to act fine, normal, like there was nothing wrong. I actually went through years without even mentioning to half of my Dr.s - or I would only in passing, because I thought how I was feeling was "just the way I was". It's also quite normal to not want to admit anything could be wrong in the beginning.

    Sounds like you have a wonderful family and friend who loves you very much - and who you love as well.

    As mentioned above - finding the right combo of meds is something we all go through. It's pretty much trial and error. It sounds like your Dr. is very helpful, which is another thing that will help you so much!

    Take good care of YOU. You sound like you have a great head on your shoulders! I hope that with your insight, experiences etc. that you will post not only more about yourself, but also answer posts from others as well. We all learn so much from each other. I'm sure you have a lot to share.

    Great to have you here!


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