Somebody pleas explain how you feel when you have a flare

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  1. teller7

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    Somebody pleas explain to me how you feel when you get a flare up with FM/CFS. I'm so confused and depressed I can hardly stand it. I've been having spells really bad. I've been explaining how I feel then, but I want to hear from someone else and see if it's the same with me. I'm about to give up. On everything.
  2. Bellesmom

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    Hi - I feel as tho I've been in a "flare" since coming down with this syndrome nearly 3 years ago. I have been casually diagnosed with FMS first and then CFIDS. So I am waiting to go to another doctor and see what he/she might say.

    I am always greatly fatigued, I have had a headache since onset of symptoms (it is helped somewhat by Vioxx altho others on this board will say that Vioxx does not help them), I have pain everywhere in my body but it evolves - moves around and changes. My feet started to hurt last July, which was almost 2 years into my "journey" and I can barely walk most days. Have to stay in bed 20 to 22 hours a day. Can't drive most of the time, don't leave the house. Have sensitive eyes, become aggravated more easily than one should. Oddly enough I am not depressed. I spent a lot of my "other life" depressed but since the onset of this syndrome I have not really been depressed. I do get down and cry occasionally but I am really trying to let go and trust the Lord about it all.

    My legs hurt - sometimes at night I cannot get comfortable no matter what position I get in and it's not getting better. I have a hard time concentrating so don't read much anymore. I do watch TV - but you can close your eyes and listen so that's a good thing. It's hard for me to sit up or stand up very long. Thank God I don't have children at home as many on this board do. I cannot see how they do it. They are my heroes!! for sure.

    Well - all that and much, much more is my constant flare. I think some on this board actually have times inbetween when they get a break from some of their symptoms. I actually look forward to the sun (in the Pacific Northwest we don't seem to get much - at least it feels like it) because it means I can sit on patio and the light actually makes me feel better inside. I get the winter blues.

    I don't want to give up because I believe something better has to be ahead. When I found this message board at first I wasn't gonna participate because I didn't want to be part of a pity party. But you know what? I would not know what to do without all the folks here. When my computer was broken in December and part of January I missed everyone so much. This is a lifeline for me and many others.

    I care and so does everyone here. Tell us what your symptoms are - if you did before I can't remember, there are so many posts the few times I show up.

    Hope you get a lot of replies and that it helps you somewhat.

    I care
  3. danisue22

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    sometimes you can sleep all night and wake up feeling as if you did'nt. your head can be in a fog and even though you look as though you understand what others have said to you ,you really don't have a feet burn all the time and hurt to walk on them ,sensitive eyes ,cant handle bright lights.or to much noise or activity .I have RA also so I'm not sure how much is The Ra and how much is the fibromyalgia.Fatique is bad and I don't sleep well. If I sleep 4 hour at a time thats really good. I get depressed ,but not sure which comes 1st the flare or the depression, the Meds and the pain pills keep me going from day today. I hope this has hepled you and please don't give up ,you wiil find alot of support and people that care about what happens to you. welcome aboard and I hope your feeling better soon. God bless Danisue
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  4. bejo

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    I just came out of a flare last Friday.In this one I had a headache for a couple of days,then super depressed for about 2 more days,then I felt exhausted for a few days.This one was a short flare and my main symptoms can differ in each flare.I don't have as much pain as a lot of people but have a lot of trouble with depression and fatigue.Sometimes I have a lot of trouble with fibrofog,sometimes it isn't as bad.If I didn't take meds to help me sleep it would take 2 or 3 hours of laying in bed before I could go to sleep.I have the sleep problem all the time.I try to lay down at least once a day because of my fatigue,but I seldom can sleep in daytime.But even a few minutes of laying down helps me.Has your Dr. given you any meds for fibro? If not,then talk to him(her) about them.There are times when I feel like giving up too,but having this site has helped me a lot,because everyone here understands how each other feels.Just having a place to talk or cry or vent helps so much.Keep us posted on how you are feeling.Sending you ((((hugs)))) to let you know I care. bejo
  5. Bellesmom

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    Just bumping up

    KDBBEV New Member

    When I have a flare my whole body goes under attack. Every muscle, every bone hurts. It all hurts, aches, burns etc. I am exhausted and always tired.
    I finally went to the doc and got something for pain.
    This last one lasted three weeks and now I have a few days where the pain is a 3-4 instead of a 9-10.

  7. Susan07

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    For years I have felt like I had a constant flu bug. Pain all over, occasional stabbing head pains, feet hurt all the time.

    In my last flare, two weeks ago, my chest hurt all the way through and I ending up in the ER - all tests showed nothing is wrong with my heart, thank goodness! The pain became so bad during this flare due to chest pain and EXTREME sensitivity to odors that I had to have my husband pick me up from work. I was crying there was so much pain all over, not just chest but lower back felt like it was breaking in two, calves felt very tight, hands were in pain (hurt to grasp steering wheel), headache and extreme nausea.

    I am starting to feel a little better, the odor sensitivity has lessened and my chest has calmed down some. I started taking vicodin and flexeril which seem to be helping me sleep a little more, which is what we all need.

    Hope you feel better soon.
  8. clueless

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    I have had that question on my mind also because I am like Bellesmom, my pain is a constant thing. The full impact of this hit me immediately after a surgery. I had had tiredness, painful burning feet etc. but it was nothing compared with what I ended up with after the surgery. It has just gotten progressively worse. It encompasses my entire body + without oxycontin,klonopin, neurontin and lortabs I think I would lose my mind. I am glad and happy for anyone who has a period of time when they have no pain or low pain unless they have a flare. I hope if you have flares they are short and not too painful. My best t you
  9. Darcyfarrow

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    Just like someone else said, I feel like I've got the flu. I ache, have extra fatique, and experience this sort of disconnected feeling like my senses have the flu too and everything is a little turned sideways. I certainly don't want to talk to anyone. My flairs usually last 24 to 48 hours because I don't hestitate to medicate.

    One thing about my Fibro and pain meds or any meds which mute the pain is that they actually activate or at least speed recovery. The worse I feel, the tenser and more depressed I feel, so the worse I feel.

    Oh, but everyone's different. If you are at the point where you seem to be about understanding your syndrome, you might want to get some basic info. with a good book or internet
    information. Good luck

  10. baby-bear

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    Flares are the worst!!! Lets see...throw in a low, dull headache that never stops.... or waxes and wanes...body aches all over, joints ache and burn, feet hurt, it hurts to move all over. Stiff...very stiff all over. Fatigue from the farm!!! Can't stand up long, have to sit down the minute you stand up. Wobbly legs from fatigue like they are just going to bend into. No strength. Your strength is zapped!!! Brain fog...can't reason with anything and memory is shot. If my hubby tells me something..I forget what he said minutes later and he has to repeat it. This gets to him. But he is still understanding. Can't focus on anything, can't do a good job at work. If it weren't for my pain pills I would not have a job. Could not hold onto a job!!! Hope this helps...Pammy
  11. debbym

    debbym New Member

    I feel like someone beat me. Can not hold my arms above my head for any length of time. Can't sit or stand very long. Sleep with no relief. My skin burns and aches. My head hurts. I can't remember what I said two minutes ago.

    When it gets really bad, like after surgery, I can't get up or down without help. It hurts to hold a glass of water to get a drink. I try not to scream when I move. Trying to think how to talk in complete sentences is a pain.
    Thank God that only lasted three days. Out of the two I'll take the one where you only feel like you have been beaten all over.

    Everyone seems to have similar and different symtoms. It never is the same for everybody.

    I'm grateful for everyday I can get up and do some housework. When I feel good enough to go fishing I'm in heaven.

    Don't do like I have done for so long. Like waiting till you can't take it anymore before calling your doctor.

    I also recommend getting a massage. It helps so much.

  12. darlamk

    darlamk New Member

    when I am having a flare I feel like a different person. The first thing noticed is extremem fatigue - it takes so much effort to get out of bed. I am normally quite stiff & slow in the AM but it is always worse during a flare. sometimes I have to slide down the stairs slowly on my butt since walking down the stairs is too painfull in my legs,knees & hips. I feel really foggy and it is difficult to concentrate on anything. I have pain that varies in intensity and location. Lately I have felt like my skin is burning on my fingertips (it hurts to try to put the back on my earrings) That is something new for me after 13 yrs. I always have swelling generally and especially on my face and arms/hands. It is difficult to bend my fingers as well as painful.I have to admit because I am feeling so tired & having pain, everything in my life looks negative to me. I am short fused with my family members and feel like I am just spinning my wheels and never accomplish much. I remember telling someone that it is like I just sit & stare and don't get anything done. I do not work now so that is a relief that I don't have to try to go in to a job. When I am having a good day it is so wonderful. I feel like a veil has been lifted and that I have some energy. I celebrate those days & try to accomplish some things at home as well as errands,etc. But that is when I tend to overdo it & that gets me into trouble.
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  13. kakirk928

    kakirk928 New Member

    the time I had the flu right after my fall exams freshman year of college when I couldn't lift my head off the pillow. I usually will run a slight temperature (100-101), get swollen glands, headache, the general achie-breakies all over, severe pain in my shoulders & hips, & can barely lift my limbs (especially hard to use my hands to grip). I know when I'm coming out of it when I begin to get slightly bored enough to read a book or watch bad daytime TV. I have been lucky and my worst flare-up in the past 9 months was only bad for 4 days although 3 weeks later, I'm still fatigue much faster than before.

    I hope this information is helpful to you. -k2
  14. woppini

    woppini New Member

    2 words, "walking death" sums it up for me
  15. truthseeker67

    truthseeker67 New Member

    I tend to wax and wane either gradually like I am coming down with the flu or it can abruptly hit me at night especially if I lifted weights and I am flaring.

    *fatigue increases
    *deep or sharp joint/tendon/nerve/muscle pain all over
    *tightning of muscles
    *anxiousness alternating with depression(Zoloft has helped incredibly)
    *disrupted sleep
    *fluctuation in appetite
    *occasional muscle twitches or cramps
    *slight puffiness in hands and feet
    *occasional tingling in extremities
    *occasional sore throat and sore lymph nodes under arms
    *some headaches or sinus problems
    *sensitivity to odors, light, excessive noise
    *nausea or acidic feeling
    *moments of fog or lack of concentration
    *shallow breathing
    *some dizziness or lightheaded
    *on worse flare may break out with cold sores or feel like starting yeast infection

    Well...the 2 worst & most common are the fatigue and the pain. Hope this helps you discern your symptoms. By the by, the night is the worst followed by the morning as a close second. I find it helpful to alternate rest, stretching, exercise, and hot/cold packs daily.

    Peace, strength, comfort, & hope.........Truthseeker
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  16. Harmony

    Harmony New Member

    I am always in pain and have fatigue, but have gotten to where I know when I am in a "flare". My pain and fatigue is a lot worse. The burning pain that travels all over is very intense. When I am in a flare I am unable to go anywhere or do anything so I just stay home to try to recuperate.
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  17. mapessd

    mapessd New Member

    Well lets just say " take your everyday pain and times it by 100 thats my flare time .
    And if i'm lucky it won't hang on more that 2 week thats the norm. lenght for me but has gone on as long as 4 wks
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  18. rbtheidmanhabs

    rbtheidmanhabs New Member

    When I have a flare up I hurt all over.I am so tired that I don't feel like moving at all.It just feels like all the life has lifted from my body.