Someone cured of cfs/fms - looking for Radio

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    After battling this for so long, I decided to seek out individuals who have been cured of it. Radio has a protocol he followed to get well. He moved to this forum, and looking to continue following his protocol. Hope he shares it here.
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    Hello Saint,

    I have been busy working on my vicious cycle to recovery synopsis. I will be posting my story and research relating to CFIDS/FM soon. I never use the word cured as I feel the CFS monster could come back at anytime. I am looking forward to helping other see recovery / remission is possible.

    I wanted to add...I am not a spammer and I do post a-lot of links. I do this only to help pay if forward and share my many years of research knowledge.
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    I'll look for your story. After struggling so long, a light bulb finally came on, and I thought to look for someone who has been cured - or at least put it in remission. Your story can be the life boat people are searching for.

    I have implemented your protocol - been taking the digestive enzymes & TMG (that has hydrochloric acid in it) and the LRT. In fact, I contacted BodyBio to see if we can get some kind of a group discount. I think you said you used Nutricology also - and they are much cheaper. So, I ordered that. They don't have the same 4:1 oil ratio - or at least didn't state that it did. Do you think it will get into the cell to do the repair of mitochondria?

    I know I asked you a lot, so will try to keep to a minimum. What is your take on Famvir and Valcyte?
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    I feel Lipid Replacement Therapy is an important step and BodyBio is a superior product.

    One of the main problems with the mitochondria in my opinion is lack of blood flow. This is especially true in the Smooth muscles related to fibromyalgia. Controlling viral inflammation is one of many key factors in supporting the mitochondria function. Endothelial dysfunction and autonomic dysfunction are possibly related to this conundrum leading to Small Fiber Neuropathy and Neuro-Immune Disease. There are many contributing factors that can accelerate the inflammatory responses. Methylation support and Diet was a important issue for me.

    See more here : B12/methylation protocol

    Radio: What are the possible contributing factors relating to this blood flow problem?


    We absolutely need long term antiviral immune system support. We also need to investigate all related possible factors in order to have the best long term therapeutic effect.

    A Summary of Leading CFS/ME Protocols:
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    Wiki/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
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    You've obviously done your homework. I have a hard time digesting the technical stuff, and have to go back and re-read it. I bookmarked the link to "A Summary of Leading CFS/ME Protocols", and will also re-read everything again.

    Dr. P said have to stay on antivirals for life - which shocked me. If we can get immune system up-and-running, won't that take over to keep viruses in check? Are you on long-term famvir or Valcyte?

    You mentioned "mast cell activation" - I believe that is related to allergic response, and I have terrible allergies. I began taking Probiota, as that is supposed to help lower histamine. Did you have a lot of allergies?

    You mentioned "lack of blood flow" as impairing mitochondria. Will the antivirals take care of this? My blood tests revealed high fibrin which I believe means the blood is thicker. I tried nattokinase, which is supposed to digest fibrin, but had horrible reaction to. Will this impair blood flow to mitochondria? If so, do you know how to correct it?

    Sorry for asking so much, but I am undergoing surgery and desperate to get my body into fighting shape for this next assault.

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.
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    Radio: Yes and No...

    Viruses can infect the body as a regular virus. When viruses turns into a chronic condition, these regular viruses can change into a second and different infectious called non-cytopathic viruses. When this happens you have two different infections going on in your body. One infection as regular virus and another second infection as a non-cytopathic virus. The regular viruses that can live outside of our cells and can be silence to a certain extent with antivirals. Non-cytopathic viruses that can live inside the cells as an intracellular infections are the main problem, driving the inflammatory response. There are no effective treatment option for Non-cytopathic viral infections at this time.

    My viral protocol: Valtrex , lysine, astragalus extract, selenium and methylation support.

    adio: Yes, I was told as a child that I was allergic to the plant earth. Please review The Low Histamine Chef Diet.

    Radio: Possibly...Please talk to your doctor before you consider blood thinning supplements.

    My blood thinning protocol: Cod liver oil, Vitamin E, Ginkgo biloba, K2 Mk-4 and Nattokinase. I am also support my epithelial cells with low dose alpha lipoic acid, proline and vitamin C.

    Novel antioxidant makes old arteries seem young again, CU-Boulder study finds

    Fish oil is a natural blood thinner than rivals Coumadin - See more at:
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    Over the years, I have researched, and utilized, a lot of different treatments to deal with the various conditions related to my CFIDS/ME and FMS. All of them helped. It wasn't until I did the peptide injections, though, that my symptoms went away. I also never use the "C Word" (Cure).

    Love, Mikie
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    Hey Mikie@,

    I like the idea of using peptide injections. But, the high cost and limited doctors in this field can be very discouraging. I've came to the conclusion that many of the modern day diseases we see today are possibly related to a Sulfate / Collagen deficiencies. Peptides can be a factor in this dysfunctional metabolism. I am now supplementing with collagen hydrolysate. If we can build up the collagen peptide this could be very beneficial.

    Love, Radio :cool:

    What is collagen?

    Fibromyalgia Study
    Connective tissue disease
    The Collagen Connection
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    Hey Mikie,

    All your FM symptoms are gone?
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    All symptoms of CFIDS/ME and FMS are gone. My tender points are gone. I've been sick since 1990 and really sick since 2000, until the other treatments and the peptide injections, so I'll likely never be the same as I was before the mycoplasma infection triggered my CFIDS/ME. I suffer from the same things as my neighbors and friends my age--lower back pain, which I don't think is related to my former illnesses. I've aged almost 25 years since getting sick so it's difficult to tell just how I might have fared had I not gotten these illnesses.

    Before the peptide injections, I did the Guai treatment for my FMS and it was very successful. Only problem is that it's so restrictive regarding what one can use in one's daily regimen. Also, it's very slow and if one tries to increase the dose to hurry things up, it causes painful FMS flares. Still, at the time, it was about the only thing available. It got me out of bed and off of morphine.

    Transfer factors, antibiotics, antivirals, and heparin all helped but with the peptide injections, it's a one-treatment deal over the course of a year. Biggest drawback is that ins. doesn't cover it so it was all out of pocket.

    Love, Mikie
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    Radio: Thanks for the quick response. I really appreciate the opportunity to converse with some who has recovered from CFS/FM. I am still battling FM and have it some what under-control with my protocols and restricted diet. I am trying to understand how peptide injections work?

    Here is my simplified synopsis of the possible root cause of FM and many chronic illnesses we see today. (This is my opinion, open for interpretation)

    Genetic polymorphism defects:
    MTR/MTRR/MTHFR needed for Methylation and B-12 metabolism could be the mian factor in the vicious cycle of chronic disease we see today. Folate, methionine, SAME-e are needed to make Choline. Choline is required to Co-factor for sphingolipid, sphingomyelin which is needed to make myelin sheath and B-12 / B-6 are Co-factor in this metabolism. The thyroid is also very important for myelination as well. This could be the main contributing factor in Small Fiber Neuropathy relating to FM. Also, choline is needed to protect the liver from fatty build up and repair the mitochondria. I feel weak liver detoxification can also help drive the chronic viral inflammation as well.
    Methylation B-12 / Glutathione insufficiencies make us susceptible to heavy metal toxicity. Heavy metals and other toxins can bind to DNA Adducts causing a partial block in key metabolic enzymes. This opens the door to infections and many other contributing factors that lead to chronic illnesses we see today. Please see more here : Risk Factors and Causes of Neuropathy or Nerve Damage

    Possible contributing factors related to these insufficiencies:

    • Heavy Metal Toxicity -Blocks Key- Metabolic enzymes
    • Dysbiosis Related Toxins / HCL, Bile Acids Insufficiency / H-pylori / Gastritis
    • Mitochondrial Dysfunction / Weak calcium-sodium‑potassium ATPase function
    • Chronic Infection / Viruses and Non-cytopathic Viruses / TH1 / TH2 Imbalances
    • Kidney Function Insufficiency / Sulfate Recycling Insufficiency
    • Liver Detoxification Imbalances/ Fatty - Liver
    • Micro-circulation Damage / Hypercoagulable Dysfunction
    • Hyper-reactive immune system / Leaky gut
    • Thyroid Dysfunction / Intracellular mineral deficiencies

    There are other possible contributing factors such as: lyme disease, mold toxicity, environmental toxins and haemochromatosis.

    "In my opinion" This how the viruses take over the body. Poor genetics, environmental toxins, heavy metal toxicity and metabolic imbalances are at the root cause of this illness. Also, Hypochlorhydria, Bile Acids Insufficiency, H-pylori infection and gastritis can be a problems as well.

    I also wanted to post this pdf I found today relating to this topic. Dr. Klinghardt has been doing some great clinical work over the years. Please review this link.

    Fibromyalgia Syndrome and Heavy Metal Toxicity
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    Flat on back all day yesterday. Think the famvir must be killing virus.

    If there isn't a way found yet to kill viruses inside of the cell, then how do you deal with it? Is there a liposomal product that might work?
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    Mikie - Can you tell me where you got "peptide injections" and what they are?

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    Radio - what is your take on chlorella to detox liver? I also bought yerba bentonite clay, and try to do the cholestyramine once a day. Came across one study that said bentonite clay worked only a little. So much info to process. Did you take liver detox supplements?
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    Rado - I emailed Andy Cutler and he specifically stated that alpha lipoic acid should never be taken except on a 3-4 hour around the clock dosing schedule. He also said never take the R-ALA form.

    This concerns me because so many supplements contain ALA.

    He gave me permission to quote
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    Hello Saint,

    Radio: I don't have all the answers I wish I did. Maybe, peptide injections are the answer we have been looking for?

    Cytopathic effect is a challenging issue. These viruses that live inside the cells are possibly related to many autoimmune condition we see today. There is no easy way to treat this problem and many may need pharmaceutical intervention. Also, Methylation support maybe be needed. I have found that if I eat a super clean anti-inflammatory diet helps control viral inflammation. There are many anti-inflammatory herbs that can help and improving blood flow is key. Green tea extract (decaffeinated) and cod liver oil had been very beneficial to me as well. Healing gut dysfunction is critically important part of regulating the inflammatory response.

    You should not rely upon any information found on this thread to determine dietary changes, a medical diagnosis or course of treatment. Readers should perform their own research and make decisions in partnership with their own health care providers.
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    I am not that well studied in chelation therapy. I have reviewed Andy Cutler's work in the past and his protocol looks interesting. I have seen a lot of criticism regarding chlorella as it can move mercury around in the body. I am working on putting together a safe mercury detox plan for my self. I feel we need to heal body and open up other detoxification pathways before chelation can be considered. I have supplemented with Milk Thistle to improve detoxification in the passed and it does help. I am a fan of bentonite clay as I know Dr Amy Yasko uses this in her protocol. I have utilize infrared therapy in the passed as well. I really like what Dr. Christopher Shade is doing with this topic of chelating the gut and opening up phase 2-3 pathways.

    See more here:

    You should not rely upon any information found on this thread to determine dietary changes, a medical diagnosis or course of treatment. Readers should perform their own research and make decisions in partnership with their own health care providers.
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