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    I don't grasp that article. DHEA is a hormone, I believe. My fibro doc said I had "almost no adrenal function". He put me on low dose natural cortisol - 5 mg I believe - every morning. Every night I have to take 100 mg of Pregnenolone.

    I thought "sulfate" was it's own substance?

    I was going to take the epsom salts internally (bag said only for a week) because I take magnesium anyway, so thought that way I would be getting sulfate as well, as we seem to need that. I wonder if there's another form to take it in, by capsule, that won't cause headache.

    I'm not one who can sit and soak my feet - I just don't have the energy to go to the trouble. The price of the Kirkman cream you recommended came down, so I might order that. I had ordered "magnesium oil" from vitacost, but I guess you need the sulfate form? I think this form is magnesium chloride.

    Began low-dose naltrexone last night. Got extremely ill about 1/2 hour after taking; but I think it's because the famvir & celebrex & antihistamines have ripped my stomach up. I KNOW fibromyalgia is related to gut health. As soon as I develop digestive issues, my fibromyalgia goes through the roof. I just "proved" it again last night: spasms in neck hurt so bad I couldn't sleep. Had hard time getting out of bed & had to take painkiller.

    I came across info while researching yesterday, that may be of benefit to you: read that Alpha Lipoic Acid helps "endothelial function". I know you were looking to improve that. If you're concerned about it, maybe you can try taking a lower dose. Pure Encaps has 100 mg. I'd feel safer sticking to Andy Cutler's protocol.
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    Jamin - Did people recover from the muscle/ tendon damage from taking antibiotics? If so, how?

    I am too familiar with fluoride - dentist gave to my kids & I had a horrific time trying to remineralize their teeth after damage. I was able to do it after reading everything I could get my hands on.

    Can you please tell me how you cured your allergies?? thx
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    Radio: DHEA is sulfated...DHEA and DHEA-S: An Introduction to Their Function

    Yes, Alpha Lipoic Acid helps endothelial function. See mere here: Alpha-lipoic acid improves vascular endothelial function

    Dysbiosis Related Toxins 101

    Dysbiosis can be the underlying cause for many of the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Dysbiosis can lead to a overproduction of toxins such as D-lactic acide, Hydrogen sulfide, Acetaldehyde and Endotoxins. These toxins can impair the brain causing fatigue and mitochondrial impairment. Bacteria and yeast overgrowth can also produce hydrogen sulfide (H2S) that can bind to the mitochondrial enzyme cytochrome c oxidase, part of the respiratory electron transport chain. This can also impair oxidative phosphorylation and ATP production. Hydrogen sulfide is a neurotoxin and metabolic poison and can cause fatigue, muscle pain and dyscognition. These imbalances can produce tryptophanase which can degrade tryptophan that is the main building block for serotonin and ultimately melatonin. Tryptophan depletion leads to melatonin deficiency which in turn leads to sleep disturbances, mitochondrial impairment and oxidative stress and muscle fatigue. Finally these toxic over-growths can also produces D-lactic acid which is a neurotoxin as well as a enzyme inhibitor / metabolic poison in abnormal amounts. Also, HSV-1 has been found as a possible contributing factor in this gastrointestinal dysfunction as well. See more info here: Intestinal Dysbiosis and the Causes of Disease

    The next question: What causes Dysbiosis?
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    Huh! I wholeheartedly agree. It's all about the Almighty Dollar.
    I was damaged by a dr. while undergoing surgery, and could never hold him accountable. It is a rigged system. Insurance companies who represent these drs. are shrewd and powerful.

    What do you think cured your allergies - the pycnogenol or grape seed extract - or both?
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    Have you ever thought about 'stem cell' replacement in knee? My husband has 2 bad knees & was told he needed a double knee replacement. I have him getting hyaluronic acid injections in knees. He talked to a guy who did the stem cells in his knees, but it failed. However, that may not be true for everybody.
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    Very disappointed LDN didn't work for you - I read a lot of good things about it. I have pain from fibromyalgia, and pain in the incision where they cut my stomach open to attempt to repair the nerves that the jerk urogynecolist damaged. The system is so rotten crooked. Our lawyer said he would have to pay a dr. $80,000 to come in from the west coast because "no dr. lon the east coast will testify against another dr." Please write a letter to the editor. We are being robbed blind. I can't even describe the agony...
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    Is that a pun or did you anticipate my next question?
    Will the digestive enzymes and tmg stop the dysbiosis?

    Also - do you take DHEA or DHEAS? Are you recommending it?
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    Hello, saint1,

    I am asking the question: What causes Dysbiosis?

    I have my opinion of the possible causes that can lead to gut dysfunction. But, I want to see other forum member's thoughts are on this topic?

    Digestive enzymes, bile acids, hydrochloric acid and bitters can help. But, First we need to identify which overgrowth we have? Such as: Candida Yeast Overgrowth or Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

    There actually many different protocols we can try depending on which gut dysfunction as been identify. Also, there are other related gut problems such as: H-pylori, gastritis, leaky gut and IBS etc, that need to be considered as well.

    I want to add that liver, gallbladder insufficiency can be problem as we need bile acid and HCL hydrochloric acid to help maintain good gut function. Pancreatic enzymes are also very important part maintaining gut/organ homeostasis.

    I feel this would be a good test to consider before DHEA support. I supplement with Sulfate only as my DHEA levels are normal.
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    Hello saint1,

    I am asking the question: What causes Dysbiosis? (No pun intended)

    I have my opinion of the possible causes that can lead to gut dysfunction. But, I want to see other forum member's thoughts are on this topic?

    Digestive enzymes, bile acids, hydrochloric acid and bitters can help. But, First we need to identify which overgrowth we have such as: Candida Yeast Overgrowth or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. There are many different protocols you can try depending on your gut dysfunction. Also, there are other related gut problems such as: H-pylori, leaky gut and IBS etc, that need to be considered.

    I feel this would be a good test to consider before DHEA support.

    I have normal DHEA levels.
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    That was an excellent referral to Anness's posts. I am going to try the unpasteurized raw products she recommends. However, you stated: Digestive enzymes, bile acids, hydrochloric acid and bitters can help. But she said that digestive enzymes are proteins in themselves, and we can react to them. She does, however, recommend HCL (I hope I got it right).

    So at a crossroads - do I take the digestive enzymes or not? Should I just go with the HCL??

    I did order the collagen hydosylate. I am so down and desperate right now. My neck is aching so bad & tired. I am so desperate for relief.
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    Jamin - My dr. won't do the shots you said relieved your fms. I ordered kosher collagen hydrolysate. Will that do the same thing? I'm desperate for relief. thx
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    There is no right or wrong answers here. It's all relative to each person's individual dysfunctions. If you have gastritis HCL would be a bad idea. If you have h-pylori or thyroid issues and low stomach acid. I will consider HCL..Nothing is set in stone. I feel the elephant in the room and the root cause of gut dysfunction is the liver.

    Have you try icing your neck?

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    Yes - in an earlier post you said you got some kind of collagen hydrosylate shots or something & that is what stopped your fibro. If they weren't shots, what were they? Will the powder form work as well?

    Ibuprofen doesn't work for me.

    I fully identify with your misery from a surgeon's instruments. I am trying an "earthing mat" which my husband says is just another gimmick. I'm just desperate to feel better. Bad way today.
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    I am going to ask my doc to do an h-pylori test - just in case. I know what you say is true: nothing set in stone - I'm just in need of relief. Had to detox off morphine to take LDN & my neck went into unbearable spasms. Haven't tried ice yet. Took cyclobenzebrene, but don't have many left. Not allowed to take pain meds with LDN. I'm on 3rd day & no relief - is that normal?

    What is your take on Anness's theory that we are low in pancreatic enzymes from drinking pasteurized milk etc? She sounds knowledgeable to me, but there are plenty of people who drink pasteurized milk who don't get these disorders.

    If you think the root cause is the liver, please - tell me what one can do to get liver right? I am really in a bad way.
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    Told my husband yesterday I was going to go to the hospital, and he said "they're not going to do anything for you there, and you know it". He's right. And my daughter is a BSN and yelled at me to stay out of hospitals. That's why I'm here. I know the doctors don't have the answers.
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    Radio: Anness's research makes some good points SUCH AS : The immune system connection to a protease insufficiencies / DNase-1 possible causative factor.

    I like what RichVank had to said on this topic...

    Radio: I support both view points. I feel heavy metal can bind to DNA adducts causing partial block in many key metabolic enzymes. DNase-1 is only the tip of a hug iceberg of many related causative factors to consider. Such as: Heavy toxicity, low stomach acid, methylation issues, b12 deficiency, folate, SAM-e, choline, sulfate insufficiencies. We also need to add collagen, amino acids deficiencies to this never ending list as well.

    Also, the herpes virus, chronic infections and glutathione depletion are hug factors in my opinion. I feel late stage fibromyalgia can develop into many unidentified autoimmune diseases down the road.

    Please review this thread i posted on this topic...

    The body can not heal unless we deal with the hyper-reactive immune system first.
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    Radio - I did the heavy metal detox twice with Alpha Lipoic Acid - following Andy Cutler's protocol. I don't know if it has to be done repeatedly or not. I don't think heavy metals could still be in me.

    I do the methlyation protocol -active B vitamins, B12 sublingually, intrinsic factor, tmg. (I just read tmg works better than SAM-e)

    I'm taking the choline for LRT.

    I tried taking sulfur again for sulfation and I was surprised: no headache. I read that headaches after taking MSM means you are detoxing.

    I'm doing the famvir/ celebrex for viruses.

    I was afraid of taking glutathione at first, but I bought it anyway & am trying today: the liposomal. I read that Fredd on other board took it & it damaged him, so it scared me to death. But I am so weary I want to get well.

    I ordered the collagen hydrosylate.

    How do you quiet a hyper-reactive immune system?

    Wish all this was in an organized format, as it drains me to try to read through posts.
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    What is the bottom line that Annesse advises people to do? Is it drink raw, unpasteurized milk for the missing pancreatic enzymes?

    She gave so much info that I had hard time sorting out the cure.
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    Got you mixed up with Mikie who got shots.