Someone cured of cfs/fms - looking for Radio

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    saint1, I never did any shots to relieve FMS....I'm doing Prolo now for knee OA mess and all worse since the hip replacement misery.....the surgery area has messed with my knee too.

    If you are talking about Prolo injections, not just any MD does them, it's specialized and I do know a former neighbor here who went thru Prolo for FMS she dealt with, she moved so I don't know how she is doing.

    I've done no shots for FMS..... Can you take Ibuprofen, it works best for me and I take other pain supps as well, and I do use DGL to help stomach protection.
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    Yes - in an earlier post you said you got some kind of collagen hydrosylate shots or something & that is what stopped your fibro. If they weren't shots, what were they? Will the powder form work as well?

    Ibuprofen doesn't work for me.

    I fully identify with your misery from a surgeon's instruments. I am trying an "earthing mat" which my husband says is just another gimmick. I'm just desperate to feel better. Bad way today.
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    I am going to ask my doc to do an h-pylori test - just in case. I know what you say is true: nothing set in stone - I'm just in need of relief. Had to detox off morphine to take LDN & my neck went into unbearable spasms. Haven't tried ice yet. Took cyclobenzebrene, but don't have many left. Not allowed to take pain meds with LDN. I'm on 3rd day & no relief - is that normal?

    What is your take on Anness's theory that we are low in pancreatic enzymes from drinking pasteurized milk etc? She sounds knowledgeable to me, but there are plenty of people who drink pasteurized milk who don't get these disorders.

    If you think the root cause is the liver, please - tell me what one can do to get liver right? I am really in a bad way.
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    Told my husband yesterday I was going to go to the hospital, and he said "they're not going to do anything for you there, and you know it". He's right. And my daughter is a BSN and yelled at me to stay out of hospitals. That's why I'm here. I know the doctors don't have the answers.
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    Radio - I did the heavy metal detox twice with Alpha Lipoic Acid - following Andy Cutler's protocol. I don't know if it has to be done repeatedly or not. I don't think heavy metals could still be in me.

    I do the methlyation protocol -active B vitamins, B12 sublingually, intrinsic factor, tmg. (I just read tmg works better than SAM-e)

    I'm taking the choline for LRT.

    I tried taking sulfur again for sulfation and I was surprised: no headache. I read that headaches after taking MSM means you are detoxing.

    I'm doing the famvir/ celebrex for viruses.

    I was afraid of taking glutathione at first, but I bought it anyway & am trying today: the liposomal. I read that Fredd on other board took it & it damaged him, so it scared me to death. But I am so weary I want to get well.

    I ordered the collagen hydrosylate.

    How do you quiet a hyper-reactive immune system?

    Wish all this was in an organized format, as it drains me to try to read through posts.
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    What is the bottom line that Annesse advises people to do? Is it drink raw, unpasteurized milk for the missing pancreatic enzymes?

    She gave so much info that I had hard time sorting out the cure.
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    No, I never took collagen shots, I bought the Hydrosylate about 3 months ago on the suggestion of a friend, I do believe with aging collagen is LOST in our bodies....I felt a good lift immediately and so continue with it daily, 2T a day in my drinks including my coffee...follow directions on green canister.

    I did mention over the last couple years about Mesotherapy injections for pain including Fibro....My rheumy does this work....

    There is a lot of scattered info here, and my feeling is get a good integrative MD and get comprehensive labs on everything they can do for you. Or a naturopath MD, but I prefer integrative MD if you can find one in your area.....

    Going to the hospital is the last place to go, for more drugs????? And more disease....jam
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    I have been taking higher doses of MSM thru the day for years.....for pain...Heard about this thru a person on another health calms pain. I never get headaches.....and I'm SURE due to grape seed extract.
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    I use no dairy milk and don't feel a need to go to raw.....I use organic Coconut Milk for my milks including creamer.....we have a lot of posts here on Coconut Oil/Milks......
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    Got you mixed up with Mikie who got shots.
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    I use coconut milk too
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    I tried clicking on your name to PM and it didn't work. Is that the way to pm on here? I'll try desktop computer when I get up. In the meantime, I called a gastroenterologist yesterday to ask for the SIBO and h-pylori test. He is the best dr. in our area, and they didn't know what SIBO was. I explained it & she said they would take a sample of my stomach (where they put you to sleep & put tube down throat.) I said "you just have to do the hydrogen breath test" and she said "oh, we do them". So do you think the hydrogen breath test is accurate enough?

    I explained it to my husband, and he said "why go through all that, why don't you just treat it?" So I followed the protocol you linked me to at Dr. Myhill: I took a lot of buffered vitamin C to sterilize upper intestine. However, wasn't sure how much to take, and took too much and cleaned me out. So I immediately took BioKult & Culterelle. I also read that enteric-coated peppermint kills SIBO - just don't know if it does it as well as the antibiotic that they prescribe for it. It's cheap, so I ordered some, as it also has benefits for liver & gallbladder, & Dr. Pridgen said usually have to get gallbladder out, as the virus destroys nerves or something in the gallbladder. I do NOT want my gallbladder out. My neighbor told me her husband & son both had gallbladders out and have unpleasant side effects from.

    Did you go on antibiotics for h-pylori or SIBO or did you use natural products?

    LDN still not working - neck pain bad. I did test positive for candida, so maybe thinking I still have leaky gut. I've been taking Collixen, vitamin A, and zinc to try to heal if I have it. I asked dr. to test me for it, but he said the test is complicated. So I'm shooting in the dark on this. Try to pm you on desktop to get your thoughts on all this.
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    How much MSM do you take? Can you tell me how much grapeseed extract & pycnogenol you take?
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    My normal routine on MSM is: 2tsp in 8 oz distilled or spring water first thing in morning, to this I add a squirt of ACV and a squirt of cran or tart cherry juice and a dab of stevia. Then take 1 tsp MSM later in day with none of the other stuff and then 2 tsp in the water close to bedtime. so about 5 tsp MSM give or take during a day. I squeeze fresh lemon in my drinks and also ph drops to keep water drink alkaline....water is basically acidic. THat is why so many people now sell high ph waters, they are all over health food stores and other stores....

    Grape Seed Ex is my MAIN go to now, I keep Pycn on hand but take it now and then....normally for me 200mg grape seed ex two times per day...gotta take enough for bodyweight....the more weight the more grape seed ex as I understand it all. On Pycnogenol it normally comes in 50mg and 100mg caps and I buy 100mg caps and take one now and then.....the Pycn "saved" me back in 1995 from my prior lifetime of allergies/sinus stuff.... At this point almost 19 yrs later, grape seed ex does it for me. jam
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    Thanks for sharing that. What is ACV?
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    Apple Cider Vinegar, I've taken "some" off and on for years, buy only organic brands....The Bragg book claims ACV addresses so many issues, so, I take about t tsp give or take every day. jam
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    I thought apple cider vinegar was supposed to be bad if you had any type of "candida" - which they've found in people with fibromyalgia. Radio gave me a good link today - I'll try to pass it on to you. What is Anatabloc?
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    I don't have the candida issue, I'm big on keeping away from breads, cookies, pasteries, starches (rice/pasta) and eat very very little sugary stuff.... My tongue is always a nice pink. Do not take ACV if that has a concern for you. I take it mostly for joint pain (arthritis)....and it does help keep ph levels up., as do lemons and limes...I use lemons in everything...

    Antabloc is a inflammation modulator and I took it for 4 months Jan-April 2013 and and I felt great on it.... Then itn stopped working, I often feel the need to go back on it even if helps some, but it's rather pricey....I do have a post here on Anatabloc and I may look for it and bump it up.....It's only available at a couple locations....Many who still take it (for yrs) love their results.....
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    Out of curosity, I just read a BUNCH of MSM reviews on allows personal experiences to be posted....the reason I take higher doses is due to a fellow on an RA health board talk about his higher dosing for help relieve rheumatoid pain....this was a good 5+ yrs ago . I also use MSM in my homemade toothpaste and add it to my topical joint creams I make up.
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    Oh, SAMe never worked for me, took a low dose about 10 yrs ago or more and then a couple yrs ago tried a higher dose and no help.

    I gave LDN a good 6 months and it never worked, worked 1 day, the first day I took it....and that was a very low dose .5mng as I recall. Ended up with more muscle/joint pain and horrible constipation at one point. jam