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    LDN is used for reducing pain of certain types, mainly fibromyalgia aching. It works by partially blocking the opiate receptors. When these receptors are partially blocked (by the low dose) the number of receptors increases. After about two weeks the increased number of receptors outweighs the blocking (antagonising) "value" of the LDN. The result of this is reduced pain, as if you were taking morphine (or codeine compounds).

    LDN will not work the same day it is taken, that is a placebo effect.

    One of the best pain killing combinations is the following

    half aspirin + EPA 1 gram + DHA .5-1 gram.

    The aspirin potentiates the cox-2 enzyme inhibition. One of the effects of EPA. Again this anti-inflammatory, analgesic process takes at least one week to have effect.

    It is also helped by taking 5000iu vitamin D3 plus 400mg magnesium ( and preferably 1000mcg vitamin K2 mix) Aslo if taking vitamin D3 at the level of 5000iu daily or more (quite safe) you should also add 10,000iu vitamin A once every two days (or 5000iu daily).

    Zinc carnosine also seems to potentiate the effect. (Not sure why)

    As also stated anatabine is also an effective anti-inflammatory agent best taken along with Vitamin D3 and EPA. If your stomach can stand it curcumin via turmeric 95% also helps the same anti-inflammatory process.
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    Anatabine is the MAIN ingredient in Anatabloc and as I said a few posts back, I had 4 great months on Anatabloc, Jan-April 2013, and then it stopped working as it did....and it's fairly pricey and I've HOPED the price would drop but it has NOT.....if it did I'd go back on whole aura was much less pain and a cheery mental feeling.... This is what I hear from smokers that they get from nicotine, anatabine is a tobacco derivative....

    IAN: Do you know of any Anatabine that can be gotten outside of Anatabloc? jam

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    Hi Jam, I don't think it is possible to buy anatabine at the moment because it is under drug trials and the FDA are awaiting results of those trials. I don't know how the company that produces anatabloc get away with it. I would think that eventually it will be modified and become a prescription medicine. Who knows.