Someone cured of cfs/fms - looking for Radio

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    I use coconut milk too
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    I think your protocol looks good. If you want to PM ME...I will try to help you more if i can.
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    I tried clicking on your name to PM and it didn't work. Is that the way to pm on here? I'll try desktop computer when I get up. In the meantime, I called a gastroenterologist yesterday to ask for the SIBO and h-pylori test. He is the best dr. in our area, and they didn't know what SIBO was. I explained it & she said they would take a sample of my stomach (where they put you to sleep & put tube down throat.) I said "you just have to do the hydrogen breath test" and she said "oh, we do them". So do you think the hydrogen breath test is accurate enough?

    I explained it to my husband, and he said "why go through all that, why don't you just treat it?" So I followed the protocol you linked me to at Dr. Myhill: I took a lot of buffered vitamin C to sterilize upper intestine. However, wasn't sure how much to take, and took too much and cleaned me out. So I immediately took BioKult & Culterelle. I also read that enteric-coated peppermint kills SIBO - just don't know if it does it as well as the antibiotic that they prescribe for it. It's cheap, so I ordered some, as it also has benefits for liver & gallbladder, & Dr. Pridgen said usually have to get gallbladder out, as the virus destroys nerves or something in the gallbladder. I do NOT want my gallbladder out. My neighbor told me her husband & son both had gallbladders out and have unpleasant side effects from.

    Did you go on antibiotics for h-pylori or SIBO or did you use natural products?

    LDN still not working - neck pain bad. I did test positive for candida, so maybe thinking I still have leaky gut. I've been taking Collixen, vitamin A, and zinc to try to heal if I have it. I asked dr. to test me for it, but he said the test is complicated. So I'm shooting in the dark on this. Try to pm you on desktop to get your thoughts on all this.
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    How much MSM do you take? Can you tell me how much grapeseed extract & pycnogenol you take?
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    Thanks for sharing that. What is ACV?
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    I thought apple cider vinegar was supposed to be bad if you had any type of "candida" - which they've found in people with fibromyalgia. Radio gave me a good link today - I'll try to pass it on to you. What is Anatabloc?
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    LDN is used for reducing pain of certain types, mainly fibromyalgia aching. It works by partially blocking the opiate receptors. When these receptors are partially blocked (by the low dose) the number of receptors increases. After about two weeks the increased number of receptors outweighs the blocking (antagonising) "value" of the LDN. The result of this is reduced pain, as if you were taking morphine (or codeine compounds).

    LDN will not work the same day it is taken, that is a placebo effect.

    One of the best pain killing combinations is the following

    half aspirin + EPA 1 gram + DHA .5-1 gram.

    The aspirin potentiates the cox-2 enzyme inhibition. One of the effects of EPA. Again this anti-inflammatory, analgesic process takes at least one week to have effect.

    It is also helped by taking 5000iu vitamin D3 plus 400mg magnesium ( and preferably 1000mcg vitamin K2 mix) Aslo if taking vitamin D3 at the level of 5000iu daily or more (quite safe) you should also add 10,000iu vitamin A once every two days (or 5000iu daily).

    Zinc carnosine also seems to potentiate the effect. (Not sure why)

    As also stated anatabine is also an effective anti-inflammatory agent best taken along with Vitamin D3 and EPA. If your stomach can stand it curcumin via turmeric 95% also helps the same anti-inflammatory process.
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    Fish oil / Anti-inflammatory foods:

    I have try many things over the years. I like cod liver oil as it's a great blood thinner and a good source of vitamin A.

    When supplementing with fish oils- it's very important to consider taking antioxidants. Fish oils can create oxidation damage in the body. See more here: When it comes to fish oil, more is not better - Chris Kresser

    This is my list of antioxidants I take everyday.

    • (Vitamin E , C , Astaxanthin, Green tea)

    What is the best Anti-inflammatory for FM?

    We need to Juice!
    This is my natural anti-flammatory juice mix I drink everyday.

    • Juice: Carrots, Celery, Ginger root: 50/50 and 1 inch of fresh ginger: 2-3xday I also...add in lemons and collagen hydrolysate to this mix as well..

    Why do I like ginger root?

    Ginger root had anti-inflammatory phenols called gingerols and shogaols and anti-inflammatory enzyme called zingibain. Ginger root also has anti-microbial, antiviral properties as well.

    • Ginger root extracts inhibit the growth of H. pylori in vitro and inhibited HSV
    • Ginger root great for liver detoxification
    • Ginger root has compounds called sesquiterpenes that can help fight rhinoviruses

    I drink this juice mix everyday. Diet is also key and needs to be addressed for anti-inflammatory therapy to be beneficial.

    See more info here:
    Ginger - The World's Healthiest Foods

    Radio: What about Anti-inflammatory food?

    The herpes virus changes everything as far as what foods are healthy and what food are not. The key to my diet was limiting arginine foods and supporting my slow liver function. See more here: The Truth About Arginine, Lysine and Herpes Simplex Virus?

    Fish has a better balance of arginine/lysine ratio and seem to be ok. I feel we could possible have antibodies attacking our body's related to the herpes virus and b12 methylation insufficiencies.

    Gluten, dairy and histamines can also be a problem: See more about anti-inflammatory foods here:
    The Low Histamine Chef

    Radio: Is there a myelin deficiency connection?

    • Viral infections need to hide and become latent in myelin. If we have myelin damage cause buy chronic methylation/ B12 insufficiencies. This can open the door for molecular mimicry, hyper-reactive immune and chronic viral inflammation. I feel this is the main factor in the chronic inflammation and restricting blood flow starving the mitochondria in FM.

    See more info Here:

    Also, ice therapy can also help controls inflammation as well.

    Radio: You should not rely upon any information found on this thread to determine dietary changes, a medical diagnosis or course of treatment. Readers should perform their own research and make decisions in partnership with their own health care providers.
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    Hi Jam, I don't think it is possible to buy anatabine at the moment because it is under drug trials and the FDA are awaiting results of those trials. I don't know how the company that produces anatabloc get away with it. I would think that eventually it will be modified and become a prescription medicine. Who knows.
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