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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by iceman, May 20, 2003.

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    ok its like this I hardly get sick like catch colds and stuff, don't have diareah, no mouth sores or at least not like oral thrush, have apetite that goes up and down, depending on my mood, no fever's ever, no swollen glands, excessive smoking does cause my troat to hurt some time, am not sensitive to touch, blur vision (sometimes but then again I am a computer nerd and don't wear glasses), not very weak cause I lift weights, have had sex 5 times in my life span, no one I know has an std. It has been more that 3 months since I last had sex and I tested negative to HIV and most other STD at a private doctor, yet I am so paranoid that I have AIDS could someone please help boost my courage by explaining to me if I show symthoms of AIDS or HIV or I am just being paranoid, o also I have never been sick for a period longer that 3-4 days. All cuts on my body also do heal. I would really appreciate you help. Thanks
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    Why do you feel you have contracted the virus hiv, if your test came back negative, get rechecked in another 3months and then you can rest assured your fine. I dont think you realize how devasting this dis ease is and you would thank your lucky stars your not infected. My advice to you is quit smoking and get a life..........
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    Hi Iceman ,If you don't believe the test results why would you believe what anyone on this board would tell you. I think you need a doctor that deals with your paranoid symtoms. I don't think we can help you. Sorry Danisue