Someone help with Lyme Blot Results...

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  1. Manwithfibro

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    My Lyme doctor says yes, but I just don't know...

    Bands Positive are 31,38,39,41++,58+++

  2. Nanie46

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    Take a look at the Western blot information near the bottom of page 7 of this paper by Dr B, a Lyme expert:

    And also read this info about testing by another Lyme Dr:

    According to Dr B you meet his criteria because you have Band 41 plus at least one lyme specific have 31 and 39.

    According to Dr C you meet his criteria because you have Bands 31, 39 and 58 which are significant in his opinion.

    Band 31 can cross react with viruses.

    A 30/31 kDa epitope test from Igenex can rule that out, but I read that it is not really needed if you have other lyme specific bands.

    A lyme diagnosis is a clinical diagnosis, based on history, symptoms, exam and testing.

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    sorry 2 break it 2 u but, they are positive for lyme, hope u find a knowledgeable doctor.
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    to find a lyme literate doctor. Lyme net is one of the best places to find a referral... also many states now have state organizations that can help you discretely find Lyme Literate MDs.

    Please also read the research I just posted yesterday:

    It might be helpful to also show this and other research to your doctor if s/he seems at all interested.

    Good luck, so sorry and yet it's good to know there IS something showing instead of the usual nothing that many experience.

  5. Manwithfibro

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    My LLMD says yes for sure as he is also backing it with ART muscle testing.
    My Primary says I have nothing to lose by going the LT antibiotic route but both agree I have to get less toxic to do it.
    The Infectious Disease people say Chronic Lyme doesn't exist despite this test.

    I obviously must have had exposure or nothing would be showing on this WB test, correct?

  6. Nanie46

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    Yes, that is right!

    You have had exposure to the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi....lyme.

    Please do not believe the Infectious Disease Dr's who say chronic lyme does not exist.

    What would they like to call Lyme disease that was never diagnosed or treated???

    Sorry, I can't remember if you have joined

    They have wonderful lyme boards...Medical Questions, General Support, Seeking a Doctor, etc.

    There are lots of intelligent people there on fast moving boards.

    You should be able to get info on's Medical Questions board about how to become less toxic before starting antibiotics.

    Go to on flash discussion....sign up for on Medical Questions on "search" to search for certain topics/words.

    Click on Post a new Topic to create a post, asking your own questions.

    To move from one board to another, click on Forum Home or Questions and Discussion.

    You can start by cleaning up your diet if you haven't already. No sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, and go gluten free. Avoid processed foods.

    Start taking high quality probiotics. There are several good ones. I take "Ultimate Flora Critical Care" 50 Billion active cultures per capsule.

    Look at Dr Burrascano's recommendations for "Daily Regimen" ( supplements, etc) starting on page 28 of this paper:

    Fatigue that gets worse with exercise can be an indication of Babesia infection, a common coinfection of Lyme.

    Has your Dr evaluated you and tested you for that? Testing can be inaccurate. A long course of Mepron, Zithromax and Artimisia is usually used.

    Info about Babesia, Bartonella etc is on pages 22-27 of the above paper.

    Have you tried detox baths?

    Some people benefit from on lymenet's Medical Questions board if you search detox baths or epsom salts and hydrogen peroxide baths.

    It is likely that you have more than one tick borne infection. Ticks carry a slew of infections...not just lyme.

    Hope to see you on where I am Dekrator48.

  7. gapsych

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    I would recommend an getting a second opinion by an infectious disease doctor.

    LLMD's tend to overdiagnose Lyme.

    Lyme does exist but a fairly short treatment, sometimes several rounds with antibiotics should do the trick. If Lyme has been untreated, it can do lots of harm to the body. At that point, I believe antibiotics may be used along with other medications but again should not be needed for long term.

    Most doctor's do not recognize chronic lyme as a real medical diagnosis.

    Long term antibiotic use can actually give you a rebound effect. The longer you take them, the harder it is to get off them because they are also an inflammatory inhibitor. That may be one reason the antibiotics make people feel better and not killing of tick born infections.

    Any real problems may be masked by taking these antibiotics for long term treatment.

    Add that to the fact that you can become resistent to antibiotics and what it does to your stomach, treatment needs to be carefully watched.

    There's no reliable scientific research that shows long term use of antibiotics is beneficial in Lyme disease.

    You also can't go by just the symptoms as the list of symptoms that are supposedly found in Lyme Disease, could also fit a lot of other conditions.

    It's a tricky area of medicine.

    Take care.

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  8. Nanie46

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    Please read this important information:

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