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  1. sssupermom

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    How to reduce .....

    the brain fog? someone please tell me of a way to do this it seems my symptoms alternate themselves between the brain fog/moodines, and the sleeplessness/pain. I hate both but I feel like I am losing my mind.HELP!!

  2. griswoldgirl

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    slowing down to really think about what you are doing
    I write everything on a calender or I forget
    Learn to laugh at yourself
    Let your close friends and family finish your sentences

    I am an ultrasound technologist and sometimes I will be presenting a case to my doctors and I know the anatomy I am looking at and it is embarrassing because it will not come to me. I have been out of work since sept due to ACL reconstruction and 2 other surgeries on my knee. When you add pain killers to the head-it gets worse.

    I cannot remember what I say from minute to minute sometimes.

    I know it is frustrating. I cannot find the right words when talking or I mix them up. I will be driving and get lost somewhere I have been a dozen times before--

    I have been dealing with it for nearly 10 years so I just try and keep a sense of humor about it.

    hang in there, get enough restful sleep--that is the big one and remember if you are taking any pain meds or other medications that it adds to it.

  3. healing

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    but I don't know what can "fix" it. All I can do is keep reducing my stress level, which seems to help. To do that, I keep my life simple -- try to live in routines and not be so active that I'm totally fatigued. Fatigue makes it much worse. Also, if I can keep the inflammation under control, it seems to help the fog. Sorry I can't be of more help with this. I agree that a sense of humor helps most.
  4. sssupermom

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    sense of humor will be great but with me going to school full time it is terrible. I do agree that keeping life with low stress might help but midterms are coming and I can't help you say b6?
  5. mjrmunch

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    i have been plagued with the "fog" for over two years. sometimes i think i am really going crazy. i have finally gotten some relief using effexor xr. i take 75mg/day and it took about two weeks to kick in. i feel like i have much more clarity in my thinking and i can actually construct a sentence that makes sense now! i still have some fogginess...i definitely am not as sharp as i once was, and i can't remember everything...but i definitely have seen a great improvement overall.
    i hope this helps!
  6. lmn

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    Brain fog certainly does s@*k! First of all, I really do laugh at myself....otherwise I'd probably cry.
    Second, I have found that magnesium and malic acid have helped tremendously with my brain fog. I buy the ProEnergy sold here and I swear it helps me a lot!!
    Best of luck,
  7. pamela

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    was due to diet and meds. I had to quit the sugar and carbs and meds I was on and take only vitamins and magnesium w/ malic acid. When I did that I was a whole lot better. The other post mentioned meds that you might be on and that certainly is something to check into. It helped me. Good luck..(((Hugs))) Pamela