someone please clear up my confusion on this virus x whatever...

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    I haven't read up on all this x virus stuff, because I've only been diagnosed with FM.
    I read the posts linked to the "OMG" one, and one person said something about it's "little Aids"!

    I don't understand what that means. Does that mean people with CFS also have the Aids virus????

    Sorry, I'm not educated on this new virus info, but when I browse through all the posts and see that it really scares me.
    Someone please set me straight on all this!
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    bumping for answers
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    Hi Loto

    The new info out is that in CFS and some fm pts they have found the xmrv marker which is the same one in prostate cancer.

    We dont have the aids virus but some think this is almost the same. Everything is still thoughts. Some are saying to not donate blood and dont be a donor. I have been told having this dd is like having endstage aids.

    go on youtube they have some great videos. also prohealths posted articles on this.

    hope this helps
  4. loto

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    Someone said CFS is like having end stage aids??? Is that the stage before death?
    Now I realize how everyone with CFS is very anxious about this new development, and are anxious for a treatment that will cure it.
    That does help my confusion some,

  5. loto

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    Thank you so much for explaining all of this to me.
    And, you explained it in a way my fibro-fogged brain comprehends it!

    I guess I just became a little freaked about the "little Aids" wording, and worried about possibly infecting my family with something, as I do have some symptoms of CFS, however have never been diagnosed with it because it's similar in a lot of ways to FM symptoms. And, my family doctor just hasn't been concerned much with diagnosing me as he has with treating my symptoms and such.

    Thanks again for educating me! Now I understand more the posts I see on the board here.

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    They say that we FEEL as bad as a person does with end stage Aids and other devestating diseases.
    But from what My Dr has explained to me, it's not like Aids at all( except maybe the retroviral thing)but not all retroviruses are created equal, they all do something a little different than the next one.
    While Aids seems to rapidly destroy the Immune system, ours seems to be upregulated till it kinda fizzles out,slowly. It's not aids, but its Dang close as far as suffering!!
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    Some of this is still theory, some is confirmed:

    Similarity to HIV:
    XMRV is a retrovirus meaning it inserts its own genetic material into your DNA
    XMRV attacks immune system cells
    XMRV is infectious, active in the blood in some who have it
    XMRV is thought to cause a depletion of immune system cells to the point that your body's defenses against viruses you have in your body from childhood infection and new infections are not effective, therefore giving you symptoms as though you are fighting viruses. It is because, the XMRV, according to theory, means you are but with a very depleted immune system. Therefore, symptoms can be as severe as AIDS. Also, the theory is, the weakened immune system makes the person susceptible to cancers.
    XMRV stays in your body for life since it becomes part of your DNA

    Difference from HIV:
    XMRV seems to go into dormant stages and active stages. There are triggers that turn on XMRV. HIV is actively replicating and infecting all the time.
    XMRV does not deplete the immune system in the same way as HIV. Also, when a person ends up in AIDS (which means their T Cells have fallen below a certain level) and they get co-infections, death will come usually within a year without treatment. XMRV is more of a chronic long-term constant battle with the immune system.
    XMRV does not replicate as much as HIV which means a vaccine will likely come soon. HIV mutates often because it replicates so much.

    And, I think a clarification is in order. The three retroviruses mentioned: HIV, XMRV and HTLV-1 are not the only retroviruses. They are the only ones that are infectious in humans which are also thought to cause disease. Now, humans have other retroviruses. But they are benign, which means whatever damage they used to do to us, they no longer do to us. They are passed on generation to generation and have just become part of the human genetic code, just sitting there.

    Also, there are retroviruses that infect different animals.

  8. gasolo

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    I believe XRMV is an RNA virus that becomes transcribed by reverse transcriptase to become DNA, which can then be inserted into its host DNA.

  9. FibroFay

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    Thank you for your clear explanation. It really helps me understand.