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    Please someone out there help me!! I am at the end of my rope and not sure what to do at this point. For the past several years, I have had the most severe pain in my lower back. If someone touches me on either side, I want to die. I have slowly incurred severe knee and elbow pain, headaches and just feel like total crap. I finally changed doctors last year because it seemed like no matter what I told him, he chalked it up to my anxiety and depression. (Which I do have and it is only worse now) I have now had an MRI, normal, Xrays, nprmal and several blood tests, which for the most part were normal but my sed rate test always comes back really elevated as well as the C-Reactive protien test. When I got my paperwork from my old doctor to give to my new, I saw that he had noted FM in there as a possible diagnosis. He never treated me for this or told me but it was in his notes. In the past two months, I went to my new family doctor which took a sed rate test that came back "highly elevated" and he diagnosed me with polymyalgi Rheumatica. I did research in that and it sounded nothing like my symptoms so I asked him to go to a Rheuamatologist. Same tests done, all came back normal except for the sed rate and CRP. She said she cannot help me. I am SO FRUSTRATED!! She will not even discuss FM with me. My husband thinks I am just nuts and I feel like I am going nuts. It takes everything I can to get out of bed everyday. I am SO tired, I hurt SO bad. I am on Cymbalta (highest dose) and Elavil and neither help. No one listens to me. I cannot take this anymore. Any suggestions and has anyone else been through this and if so, what did you do? Thanks!
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    First, try to find a doctor who "believes" and will treat your pain. And are you eating healthy or regular SAD (standard American diet)? Start eating lots of veggies. If you hate them, boil them together in chicken broth. The more colors you have, the better it will taste. Make a big pot of soup, even put it through the blender to make it more palatable. Use plenty of onions, garlic and different colored peppers. This will last you a few days. Have some like 4 times a day, just a little. You're much better off eating several small meals than 3 large ones. Red meat is hard to digest, stick to chicken and fish if you can, small amounts and don't eat alot of fat. Try not to use any butter or margarine at all. I probably just ruined breakfast! Sorry!

    Start looking at diet posts by using the search or you can look at my profile and look at the diet ones. Things like wheat and dairy most of us have developed intolerances to since we've been ill. You may gain some energy just by giving them up. That's where veggies come in handy. If you're eating them, you're not eating wheat in the form of bread, cookies, crackers, basically anthing that comes in a box; or dairy, either, like cheese, milk, yogurt and ice cream and anything with milk in it.

    These things wreak havoc on the digestive system of most people with cfs or fibro. My doctor was a digestive disease specialist and he wasn't even familiar with food intolerance which is different than a food allergy. So don't try to get tested for it, there are no tests. You just have to give them up and see if you improve. And don't automatically try soy milk as many people have a problem with it, too. You can try to add them in later when you're feeling better.

    I started major improvements with diet change and getting easily absorbable vitamin and mineral supplements from the health food store; don't rely on something like Centrum, with these you get what you pay for and if you're in really bad shape, your body is having a hard time absorbing and assimilating nutrients and a cheap one will pass right through you.

    Teitelbaum's Daily Energy Enfusion is a really good one that I use. He is a doctor that had cfs himself in med school and he developed this formula. It's a powder that you can take throughout the day. I use 1/4 scoop 4-5 times a day and it has really saved me.

    Well, that's my 2 cents for now. You'll get other people's 2 cents and pretty soon you'll have a buck worth of things to try!

    And look at prickle's stuff for pain.

    good luck to you

  3. cct

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    I am going to take a guess that "sivart" is "travis" spelled backwards? Yes - No? Am I right or am I wrong?

    Anyway, where are you? (Your "profile" is blank - - see the upper right hand corner of this page, above the message board and below the tabs - - for "edit profile". Click on "edit profile" and then type in your information in the areas provided.)

    If you post a question/message that you are looking for a good fibro doctor in your area, someone from this message board will probably be able to provide you with a good-doctor referral.

    Most of us, CFS and FM, have experienced many of the same results with the old-school medical doctors. I have been to more than 40 health care practitioners myself. Only 4 of those professionals were of any help at all.

    It is very frustrating!

    That is why this message board exists. We are trying to help each other out because our doctors, families, friends, govenments, etc., etc., etc., have not been able to provide us with all the care and answers that we need.

    You have found a good group of friends on this message board.

    Keep posting questions . . . someone will answer. Keep doing research (you can "Search" for "Title and Content" using the search option in the upper left corner of this page, above the message board and below the tabs)which will help you find some answers. And look to see if there are any Support Groups in your area (last purple tab on the right of this page).

  4. suzyQ44

    suzyQ44 New Member

    Hi, I just found this site tonight. As a normal thing for me I don't sleep anymore like I used to so because Of having Fibromyalgia that's what the Dr,s told me 1 1/2 yrs ago. I am 44 and so young at heart there is so much I want to do but just can't hardly do it anymore. My Dr's had me on almost 400 mg of anti depresion Med,a day I was feeling really bad. I couldnt get them to try anything different. \For me this was not working I was feeling worse than I had been.Oh yes they put me through every kind of test I think there was and all came back normal. It took them a year to finally give what I was feeling a name. I first starting hurting in my knee then it went to my hip and back on the right side then went to the left and know I hurt evey where I have headaches almost eveyday I stay so sore well it is just awlful. There are no support groups around here I have been feeling so empty not having anyone to talk to that can understand how i feel so I know what you are feeling. But I have to say my husband is the greatest he tries to help me as much as he can & that really does help. I don't know alot about Fibro, because my Dr's have'nt told me that much what information I have found out has been here on the internet I signed in here to chat to read and to learn everything I can and to be helpful if possilable. When I read your message it put tears in my eyes because i have and do know where you are coming from and how you feel. Right now I just take everyday as it is given to me I am not on any Med's the depression Med, was'nt helping me . ( It may help others I don't know). I still have so many questions about all this myself. Hang in there and Take care. SuzyQ44.
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    I've had lower back pain off & on for years. I'm in the middle of an excruciating episode right now.

    The only thing that has helped me is a really "good" chiropractor. Mine is linked to both my sacrum being misaligned, and the muscle beside it. One time it'll be on the left; another on the right.

    I know the severity it can get. I use many of the above poster's helpers as well.......arnica gel, alternate ice & heat, magnets, homeopathic BHI "back".

    Mine has always been linked to past accidents that have come back to haunt me if I twist, bend, the way I sleep, getting in & out of a car; riding in a car, or basically do anything just triggers it.

    Last night I took valerian root tincture, along with a baby tylenol suppository (don't take this one often) after my adjustment. I also get massaged nightly.

    Right now, I have a back brace on & an ice pack stuck inside it, so I'm having some relief.

    Oh, sometimes acupuncture can give you some temporary relief as well.

    Good luck in finding your tools............carole
  6. nightngale

    nightngale New Member

    First, you need to find a good new Doctor. A rheumatologist would be a good start. I am shocked that with the elevated sed rate they will not treat you! That could indicate several illnesses. Try googling. When I walked into my rheumatologists office several years ago with a list of possible self diagnosis, he said I had fibro. And immediately asked if sleep or pain were issues. Tried a muscle relaxer first, but I couldn't handle it. Then he put me on Tramadol, a pain releiver that does not wipe me out. I also recently just found a new psych. doc to get my anxiety under control. My old ones just kept rxing meds after meds now I am just on klonopin and xanax but at the right dose to help. Please do not give up. Where do you live? I will try to fing a good doctor site there may be one on this site, but I hop between several sites. You are in pain and you deserve help. I had to search for 10 years to find good docs and still having problems....there are some that really care.

    Peace and Good luck. Keep us updated!
  7. survivor13

    survivor13 New Member

    hey there

    Tried clicking on your profile and it does nt say where you are from,which country you live in depends on the amount of treatment available to you,sounds daft but true,The States seem to far more advanced than our Doctors here in England but we have got a few good ones. Please post reply with where you are it might help us to help you. I also agree with the general advice listed above that your first order of business is to change your doctor to ne who understands and can deal with Fibromyalgia because until you do you willbe banging your head against the wall my friend.
    Hope to see your reply soon and keep ya chin up as positive thought ad function is a really big help with our problems even though at times it seems an impossible thing to acheive.
    hope you feel better soon and keep posting, we all help each other on here and its a mine of information even for the likes of me who have been researching and coping with this nightmare of a condition for over 20 years!!
  8. chloeuk

    chloeuk New Member

    Has anyone mentioned psoratic arthritis to you? This can cause all of the symptoms you list and is something they consider when your sed rate is dont have to have psoriasis to have the arthritis. Have you had any x-rays done of the areas you talk about? I dont know if this will help but I had very high crp and sed rate for at least 2 years prior to this illness and it has only come down since I have flared and been diagnosed with fms...drs do put alot of things down to depression, I have had the same problem myself, but I know my own body and mind and knew that it wasnt that.One other thing that you could look at is vitamin can affect depression, my depression wasnt being helped by my usual ant depressants and then drs realised from blood test that I was defiecient and I started injections and my meds then started working. Hope this gives you a few ideas..I know quite a bit about the psoratic arthritis as thats what drs thought I had as I did have severe psoriasis as well as painful joints etc.
  9. Mwitherite

    Mwitherite New Member

    I am new to this board as well and it has been the best thing I could've ever found. I found this board on Wednesday and saw my head doctor on Friday. I too have had that barrage of blood tests and X-rays and CT Scan and MRI.
    We have ruled out Arthritis and Rhuemitory Arthritis and Lupus, Thyroid desease. FRUSTRATION IS CAUSING YOUR STRESS AND STRESS CAN CAUSE MORE PAIN. Read as many of these posts that interest you. breath, try to relax a little and if you don't think your doctor believes you then find another. I went thru 15 Doctors in twelve years. I am on Cymbalta as well but I just had my doctor reduce it to 30mg because I was losing easy words and unable to complete sentances without using the uhh and like pauses.
    She told me that she believes I am in Pain and put that in my chart. Since she is my head doctor and not my regular doctor this struggle continues (but they are working together in the same office to find out what the heck is wrong with Me) I will be seeing my regular doctor again on monday and am pretty sure she will b checking the "tender points" and finally agree with my head doctor.
    ALSO - make sure your new doctor gets a complete history as possible from every doctor that you can remember the names.. The Doc knowing your history is SO SO imptant, plus you wont have to start all over with the testing.
    IT IS NOT IN YOUR HEAD, or it would have gone away eventually.

    I believe you.

    Best reguards,
    - M
  10. michele3322

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    I'm new here and so glad I found this board! I have suffered for over 3 yrs now.I swear if one more dr had told me they couldn;t help me or pushed anthor anti deppscent down my throut I was going to hurl.Yes I'm deppresed but none of the meds seem to help,I found a really good dr that cares and all she trys everything to help.I have a great husband but most of my freinds really don't get it,and that is really painful,I do feel alone most of the time. Hang in there get a good dr and know it is not in your head!!!
  11. Lendy5

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    Hi and welcome to the boards sivart! I agree with the others please find another Doctor as soon as possible.

    Don't waste your time and money on doctors that won't listen. I searched for years for a doctor and got called drug seeker and hypochodriac. All of my test have come back normal as well and finally last year I found a doctor that believed me and that fibro really existed. He is a D.O. (Doctor of Ostheopathy) and really cares about my pain and is willing to try anything.

    I would recommend you calling around to family doctors, D.O.'s, Rheumatologists, Physciatrist and Neurologist and ask to speak with the receptionist and explain your situation. Inform he/she that you suspect you have fibro and need a doctor that will HELP immediately. Trust me this will help save alot of time in searching and wasting your money.

    You have come to the best website that supports this illness and there is so much to learn about fibro here. You will always receive support and I am positive you will make many friends.

    Don't lose hope and there are some helpful articles you might want to consider printing for your husband to read.
    Type in the search bar "The Spoon Theory", Letter to Normals, My Name is Fibromyalgia and maybe your husband will try to start listening.

    Good Luck to you and please keep us posted as you feel up to it. Could you let us know what state you are in?

    Hugs to You,

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