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    I don't have my HMO any longer because I am moving to Tennesse and I will try to get Tenn Care there. I have been to SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many doctors and had so many tests done and THEY CAN'T FIND A THING WRONG WITH ME!!!!

    BUT I am always so tired... I know I have FM I have had it for a few years!!! I am 25.. But I have to know whats wrong with me besides that!!! I am Dizzy ALLLLLLLLL the time.. I went and had my ears checked and they found some infection there and put me on Backtrim!! I am sure I spelled that wrong!!

    ANYHOW Its been 5 days and i still feel like HELL!!! I am always in pain and I am very S-E-N-S-I-T-I-V-E
    sensitive to all kinds of MEDS!!! I get sick so easy!! I am always afraid I am dying or I have something deadly and I just can't live like that!!!! I live in fear every day!!!

    I have been Checked OVER AND OVER AND OVER Again and still nothing!!! I know I have Labrinthitis I spelled that wrong!!I am sorry.. I am sure anyone who knows about it or has heard of it knows what I am trying to spell!!.. I Hope!!! Well I know I have that also!! DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS???

    I don't know what to do about it!! Sometimes I get so dizzy I can't breath!! I feel sometimes like I am having a hard time breathing for no reason??? I have had my chest and lungs looked at a few times and besides the normal from an EX-smoker They say I look great!!! :( Some Doctors say you can't feel as bad as you say you do and look as good as you do!!!! I AM LIKE OMG SOMEONE HELP ME!!!! I am on 200 MG of Zoloft because I have made myself so ill over thinking I am dying!!

    I know a lot of my breathing problems could be from me being so stressed!!!... But Being dizzy ALLLL The time I can't live like that and the Doctors say its my ears and I should get better!! Has anyone else had this dizzy problems befor and is there hope for me to get better??? I have had it for about 5 years off and on it started April 99 and was real bad for that year! Than I got it off and on after that! Never befor that, but now the past 6 months I have had it VERY VERY BAD AGAIN and I am so afraid!!!

    Has anyone had these problems with there ears?? AND WILL I EVER feel at least some what like me again do you think?? Ever sence I have been on Backtrim my meds for my ears.. my ears pop all the time and I feel sick and dizzy!!

    Does anyone know if with this kind of problem it gets worse befor it gets better?? I am so sorry to have writen so much but I am really truly afraid here!! I am always tired, sick and scard. If anyone could give me any advise I would be so HAPPY!!! I even posted on the message board on and all the doctors said there is... Well Diana this sounds like something that you will just have to live with!!! Untill we find a cure!!!

    I just cried I was so upset!!! I can't live with this!! I can handle the pain from FM and being drained all the time but not Dizziness all the time!!! Someone please give me hope!! Does anyone know of any light meds made for people who are sensitive to them?? Anything to help?? Can an Ear infection make me feel all this??? I have never felt this bad and no pain in my ears but I do have an infection in both of them! And they r being treated!! So I guess after I have writen all this I would just like to know!!

    Does anyone think there is hope for me?? Thank you so very much for taking time to read this it means a lot to me!!


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    Hi, you can get that dizzy from an ear infection. I once was in the hospital with a girl that had an inner ear infection and she stood up and fell over,so be careful. The medicine that you are taking can make you sick to your stomach so eat something when you take it.As for the other stuff,I don't think that you have to just live with it but you do need to find a doctor that deals with fibromyalgia.thats not going to be easy but keep trying.You might ask the ofc when you call and see if they treat people with fibromyalgia.Then you won't be spinning your wheels for nothing.I've been there where they say well you don't look sick,it's maddening but keep trying and you'll find one that can help you. On the home page here they have a Doctor referral you could go there and put in your state and you may get one in your area.It's worth checking out.Please take all your medicine even though it makes you sick and keep an eye on the ear infection thing because it can get very bad. I wish I could say something more encouraging.I'm so sorry your having such a hard time of things. You'll find alot of support here if you don't then post on the fibromyalgia board. just click on message board and it will take you to several and then just click on fibromyalgia.I hope things get better for you soon. God bless Danisue
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    I am so sorry to hear how you feel.. I also have Fibro and that in itself can make you feel pretty darn bad.. As far as your dizziness: I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but you do get ear infections that would cause you to be dizzy, BUT have you ever thought that some of your dizziness is coming from your stress over all of this..
    I personally suffered for years with dizziness off and on due to my stress/anxiety/depression problem, and it continued until the "shrink" found the right medicine to help me the most with my anxiety..Did your PCP prescribe your Zoloft, or did a good phsyhiatrist.. Your medication along could cause SOME of your dizziness..
    You have to hang in there the best you can, & find the right dr. to help you.. Also please visit the fibro board, they always have good suggestions of what to try next...
    I'm really sorry, that you are feeling so bad..
    Take Care.............Donna
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    Have you ruled out panic attacks and are you seeing a therapist for your concern.
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    I have had Fm since I was 14..I am now (well in 6 days)53.
    I was first diagnosed in 1997! I work with a Dr. that is knowledgeable about Fibro, read all I can on the subject, Ialso work with a Chiropractor, massage therepist, Phyciatrist(I am prone to panic attacks and depression and I'm involved in a support group for people with chronic pain.(my Pain Pals!) And I have a close relationship with my Lord. Without all of theses and a nutritionist I would not be able to walk! So...find yourself the best you can..check out Fibro links on the web, get books on the subject. I can not take Zoloft..I react to it..with halutionations! It is not for everyone. And yes, when I have had ear infections ..I get dizzy. I can also get dizzy from check all these inner ear infection will cause dizzyness, so will Zoloft!
    Be careful, be safe...and not to discourage you...there is no cure as of yet for FM only repreve. Some days are good, some days aren't ...and yes you need to learn to live with it and stop fighting it. Acceptance is the key, understanding the dis-ease is educate yourself on the dis-ease. And find a good DR.
    God Bless,
    patthebrat :)
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    I;m not real familiar with your other illnesses and drugs but I'm trying to wean off of Zoloft because of it's horrible side effects and the withdrawals are worse that the s/effects! Zoloft is a terrible drug to get hooked into for any lenght of time. I've been on it for 4 years and CAN NOT get off of it. I have severe nausea, dizziness, brain zaps, so many more.....
    Try to get off the zoloft, with a drs. help, and see how it effects you. I pray that one day, I will be a normal person again. Pray thru things and turn to God for help.
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    Welcome to the board. So sorry your having such a hard time. Looking forward to getting to know you.

    As far as the dizziness, it could be from your meds but it also just might be the FM. I`m dizzy all the time from it. Its pretty common for us. I feel so ill, I feel like I`m dying sometimes too. I know I`m not, but it makes you wander when you hurt so bad and feel so bad. Hang around and I think you`ll get a lot of comfort and knowledge from this board.

    Take care,