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    On tuesday, i went into my doctor for a supposed UTI. she did a dipstick test, which said, my urine was full of bacteria, on a scale of 1-6, i was at a 5.

    so i have been taking my antibotics like i am supposed to, which are finished after tomorrow.

    anyways, the nurse from my dr's office called and said the urine culture came back as clean, with no bacteria.

    how can 1 test say there is bacteria and another say there isn't? I've been feeling like a mild to moderate pressure feeling down below for over 2 weeks now. i'm going back to the doctor on monday for another exam, but i really don't understand, how 1 test says i have bacteria and another says i don't and i don't understand where the pressure pain is coming from.

    my ultrasound came back, saying my ovaries, kidneys, gallbladder and liver were all good. so, i'm really confused and nervous. please help!
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    Some of the dipstick tests just aren't that reliable. Keep
    pushing your doctor to find out what is causing your

    Ask him/her tons of questions about what and why this
    could be happening.

    I sure hope you find some answers soon and get some

    Best to You!

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    How's your water intake and your dietary habits? In addition to going to the doctor, I'd take a look at your diet and incorporate some of the following:

    MAKE SURE you're drinking atleast 8 glasses of water a day (distilled water is best, filtered water after that, or tap if you have no other choice) - this will help get some toxins out of your system.

    Exercise - even if it's just fast walking each day...circulation is important to get rid of toxins in your system. The body is quite amazing when you nourish, balance and cleanse it.

    EAT LIVE FOOD - make sure you're eating as much LIVE food as this, I mean food that has not been over-cooked or processed, like: raw or steamed vegetables, fruits, long grain brown rice, beans, raw almonds...these are all very good for your body. If you are not adverse to them, cranberries and raspberries are supposed to be very good for the female reproductive system.

    Deep Breathe - the human body has a lymphatic system which is the system that helps move toxins out of our bodies (imperative in order to maintain a healthy body). In order to pump your lymphatic system, a very good exercise called "Lymphasizing" will help - you can go to and check it out under "Exercise"!

    I hope this helps! I know things like this can make you nervous but it's good your asking the types of questions you are and there are definitely things you can do to help your body in whatever is going on. :O)