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    First I think most of us have different symptoms.So in order to find folks with similar symptoms(maybe my pain twin) I am listing mine in order of intensity or what scares me the most.

    1. not sleeping well, if I fall asleep I never fully feel like I am in deep sleep

    2. cognitive problems, forgetting everything, mood changes, getting easily overwelmed, cannot tolerate stress.

    3.base of the head,neck, shoulder blades pain sometimes it goes down to the arms.

    4. feeling very tired all the time. specially my limbs feel like lead

    5. stomach upset (not frequent)

    What have any of you used to try and get rid of these symptoms, what worked?

    I am now going to this MD who is a holistic doctor as well he wants me to do all these tests and has me take 10mg of cortisol in am, noon, and at 3pm. (to help with symptoms #2)
    also he suggests the zone diet, and take temperature first thing in am. He thinks fm people have low temps. anyone heard of that?

    here are the tests that I am getting done.
    2.mycoplasm- is it true that this must be done in a processing lab close to my home or is it virtually worthless?
    4.3hr glucose test
    5.metabolic profile
    6.toxic metals
    7.alcat-for food allergies
    8.nova panel-don't remember
    9.cortisol 24 hr saliva test

  2. sssupermom

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  3. Kim

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    The thing that worked for me was treating depression. I had and have all the same symptoms and treating depression helped more than anything. I believe the same chemicals are involved. Also swimming in WARM water, walking, stretching. The pain thing is a hard one because too much exercise makes it worse and not enough exercise makes it worse; same with fatigue.
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    I may not be your pain twin and I have most of what you have listed. I used alternatives for years. I switched to traditional medicine a few years ago after an emotional break due to a spine related chronic persistant pain disease.

    1. I use Elavil for sleep and nerve pain. It's a miracle medicine for me.
    2. I can't help with the cognitive stuff and my stress tolerance improved some with anxiety medicine. I take 30 mg of Buspar a day. If you find a way out of the fog, please let me know. I miss my cognitive function more than anything.
    3. The Elavil helped to improve this condition. I still have the pain and it rarly radiates down my arms.
    4. I feel tired too. I need to move to help control my pain condition. Movement seems to be the only thing that helps my energy level a bit. It's a fight for sure.
    5. When my stomach bothers me I alter my diet a bit to include foods that are cooling.

    I have a low body temp and FM. My temp usually runs about 96.4. I am on thyroid medicine for Hashimoto's and my temp is a little more stable these days. I am still having fevers...don't know why.

    I like the zone diet. The whole balance thing seems to a worthy effort. I have followed the zone and I try to eat a diet that is close to the Zone.

    It's great that you are having the tests that you doc has ordered. They will tell you a great deal and your doc will probably be able to help you with symptoms.

    Take care,
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    What about getting a sleep study done also?

    Any chance you are perimenopausal? that can also cause the mood changes and cog problems etc.

    I have been recommended Zone diet also, but I haven't read the book. I do find a low carb, high protein and cooked veggie diet does help a bit.

    2. mycoplasma testing -- hmm...why close to your home??? I had to send my blood on dry ice thousands of miles to a special lab in California. Altogether cost about $400 to check for 4 mycoplasmas. Mine was negative, tho it's possible was false neg.

    3. Definitely check your candida levels and try to avoid refined sugars and alcohol, etc.

    All the rest of the tests sound good to me. I have had most of them.

    good luck.

  6. Mikie

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    The half-life for mycoplasma DNA is 24 hours which means that in 24 hours, half the DNA is too degraded to test reliably and that is why there is such a margin for false negatives. It is next to impossible to get the blood drawn, have it shipped overnight on ice, and have the DNA PCR test done within 24 hours. By the time the test is done, 75% of the DNA can be degraded, more if the ice is not adequate.

    If there is any possibility of traveling to the lab doing the testing, it is worth it go go there.

    Love, Mikie
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    to get the mycoplasma test done close to Chicago? I don't anything to go to waste or to chance.

    Oh I am also doing the physical therapy exercises in the pain free book by pete egosque

    and trigger point therapy workbook by clair davis (whenever I need it) and it helps.
  8. mlw

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    I would also have the doctor check for:

    EB virus (virus that causes mono)
    HHV6 virus (related herpes virus)

    Hope you feel better!
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    You think I could have had mono and herpes? or am I wrong? sorry not sure if one have to have had these virus or not.

    EB virus (virus that causes mono)
    HHV6 virus (related herpes virus)

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    Those tests look about right.....
    But, where is the complete thyroid profile with free T3? low temperature is indicative of the hypothryoid that most of us have.
    Also, where is hair analysis for heavy metals, and stool analysis to see if you can absorb nutrition from your food?

    Check out Dr. Joseph Mercola, M.D.'s website to see if his clinic has PCR test facilities. He is in Napierville,and is the only one close enough I can think of. I'll bet his office would know where you can go, even if they don't do it.

    Many of us find that we have to go more extreme on high protein and low carb than the Zone Diet is. You can try it out and see. I love the Metabolic Typing Diet, which you can learn about at Dr.Mercolas' website also. You need to buy the book to find out what Metabolic type you are and what sort of diet is ideal for you.


    P.S. Forgot to ask you how the cortisone has helped with the mood problems you have?? I cannot get either of the holistic docs I've seen to prescribe it, so am taking DHEA and pregnenolone to try and make more myself. The DHEA is definitely improving my mood.

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    Hi Klutzo,
    He marked on the test for the complete thyroid profile with free T3 but then scratched it don't know why maybe he will do it later.

    He wants me to check for low temperature first he said to record it every am for about a month.

    Also wants me to get rid of the amalgalms before he does more heavy metals analysis but....

    He does have the hair analysis for heavy metals checked but I am not sure if I want to do that. is it worth it?

    He did not mentin anything about stool analysis.

    sooo overwhelming...I wish there was something for the fog...did you guys read about the study with the CFS and that nucca chiropractic...very positive....but I am not sure yet.

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    Yes, I would do the hair analysis, and I'll tell you why in one big, fat word = MONEY!
    A hair analysis costs about $85.
    My doc was also pushing me to get rid of my amalgams and crowns before she saw the hair results. It would have cost close to $10,000 to re-do all that dental work.
    My hair test showed very low mercury levels....almost non-existant,and she stopped insisting on filling removal. Hair only shows the last 3 mos. of exposure.
    Of course, the doc now wants a urine challenge test to be sure I don't have mercury stored in my tissues, so I guess you might just go for the urine test right off the bat. I am at home today and tomorrow collecting a pre-challenge 24 hr. urine test, and then tomorrow morning I take the chelation drug and collect it for another 24 hrs. to see what metals come out of me.
    However, the hair test is what showed me that I have mineral imbalances. For example, I have way too much calcium compared to Magnesium, and this is why I have to pee all the time. That was worth knowing, since I was taking a lot of calcium supplements to try and prevent osteoporosis.
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    Klutzo-I've only been taking the cortisol for 4 days but not change-nothing. maybe it takes a while to work.

    Ralph I had that done. and the amalgalms were not an issue with me. so maybe I don't have to do the hair analysis? also, what do you think about nucca chiropractic?
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    Ralph - When there is a huge difference between two studies on the same thing, I always want to know who paid for the studies? I wonder if the makers of the replacement products for dental fillings may have paid for that first MS study? People are not objective and statistics can be manipulated to show just about anything. Cynical, aren't I!

    Supermom - there are many other metals that can posion you besides mercury. Were you tested for all of them? There was a whole page of them on my test results, as well as the valuable mineral levels I mentioned. Of course you do not have to do this test, or any other test, but I would do it if you can afford it.

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    Klutzo-gonna go ahead and do the hair test. my hubby is gonna kill me I have done so many tests! but I hope this is it and I finally find some relief.

    Ralph-on the study I asked you was about the nucca chiropractic not the amalgalms(gonna go ahead and take those out anyway) what you think??? about the nucca chiropractic is it true? in your opinion
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    sounds really good, I hope my case is easy to treat too. Is this the first time they have tested your thyroid? I had mine tested but it did not cause any interest in the MDs. of course sometimes they don't even call if there is something wrong
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    Sounds like you've hit the jackpot with this doctor. I do hope he will also do an ASI though, because if you have adrenal fatigue, and you take Armour without treating that first, your adrenals will get worse. Look up posts by Madwolf for info on this.
    I had to start on only 30 mgs. of Armour,then went to 45 mgs., but am now up to 60 mgs. and simply cannot believe how much better I feel. I am actually happy when I wake up in the morning!
    Did he discuss replacing your estrogen with progesterone drops? If not, please ask him about this. If you do some research, you will find that progesterone works as well or better than estrogen without the bad effects, and without a uterus you have no worries in using it.
    I am a big believer that removing a uterus can cause many women to double in size. I have seen it happen to many others besides myself.
    Please keep us posted on your progress. You go girl!