someone videotaping out front it was private investgator for my ltd comp

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    i posted earlier about rude phone call last friday from ltd and another post that i go to ime tomorrow for ltd. Today i looked out the window and someone sitting in there car video taping. ( right out in the road) My husband called the police and they talked to the person. said they were a private investagator. I saw them out there again later driving by taping again. Not trying to hard to not be seen! It really upset me, i dont like being watched. They didnt get much havent been out of the house, been feeling so bad. Most days i am bed bound so not worried about that. Now for sure will tape dr appt tomorrow my ime paid for by ltd. I guess they are trying hard to get rid of me! I have read many posts on here that this happens but it stills upsets me.
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    Well now that they know you know they know you know they are watching you... seems like they'd go away.

    Yes, videotaping is exactly what we did when my DH had to see the ltd co's doctor. When we told the office that's what we were going to do ahead of time, he at first refused/cancelled, but then rescheduled as it really made him look bad actually (as in, what did he have to hide anyway?!). So I filmed his entire exam/app't from start to finish. No problems with that doctor as a result.

    We also had to do that when they requested a home visit - in fact we insisted it be held at our att'ys office and that it be videotaped (both I and a cameraman they hired were filming!). After that 2nd time, they never bothered him again. We did this because the first time the ltd co rep came to our home to talk to my DH, he totally lied about what was said.

    I really just wanted to let you know, they might be upset if they see that you are going to do this if you haven't already let them know. Really, they shouldn't be, as it protects the doctor as well as you.

    It's my belief that videotaping is much better than just audio, as a video shows the actual exam, demeanor/body language of the doctor and you, and how he performs the exam. Altho audio of course is better than nothing.

    If I were you I'd insist on my right to videotape your exam, even if it means you have to reschedule if the doctor is upset because you didn't let them know ahead of time. Especially given the fact that they have been filming you...

    Hope things work out... my DH was a psychologist for 20 years, and saw how too many doctors twisted what patients said and also how many doctors' pre-formed opinions & attitudes towards those who are disabled skewed their professional opinions...

    good luck, let us know what happens.

    all the best,