SOMEONE who knows about labs(TSH)please help...

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    ok i guess im on a question frenzy today lol..well i have had two tsh tests within the last year and both of them were ok the first one was about 170 and the second one was about 103(i cant remember he specific numbers) but i was told they are ok and i know that ive read that you can have a normal result and still be hypothyroid...i strongly believe that i am and was wondering if there are other tests that they can do...i do know about the free t-3 and t-4(which noone has ever done)and what is the difference between them and the tsh test and what is more accurate?...i also had one in high school and they said that one was normal too but i dont know the number it was...if someone knows more about his please help.
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    thankyou ..i really liked your pretty much the same thing that i thought when the doc explained to me about what tsh means..i know that i do have a low temp normally and ever since i was 16 i have problems with being tired all the time..i was tested for mono so many times and when i was 17 i did a sleep study thinking that i had narcolepsy..whinh i dont think that they had an accurate test because i only got about 4 hours of sleep and they never did the multiple sleep latency tests.. but oh well..also i cant seem to lose weight no matter what i do..i had a personal trainer and was working out really good 2 years ago and was even running and then my hip would really start hurting me bad and had to stop..which i think were my first signs of this fms..pretty much since then it has been all down hill and now i cant figure out if i really have low thyroid or if its willing to bet that it islow thyroid cause i just dont fit all the stuff about cfs but i donk know..i think im going to go back in and demand proper thyroid testing.
    more replies wanted please so still answer. thankyou all
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    A TSH test, in my opinion, is basically worthless. Docs were/are told this was/is the ONLY test they needed to run. If you showed in the range then you were classified "normal". NOT!! I've lived with thyroid disease going on 16 years now. Was d'xd with Graves in 1987. Had RAI to kill thyroid gland & went severely hypo in 3 weeks. I gained 16 pounds in that 3 weeks too. Took me awhile to get it off.

    The 2 tests that will show if you are low thyroid are Free T4 & Free T3. I'll try to explain this as best I can.....your thyroid puts out a hormone called T4. Some of the T4 is used that day, some stored for later use(weeks later) & some converted via the liver into T3 hormone. Thyroid hormones control a zillion things in our bodies....temperature, short term memory, energy, mood, etc. The list is long. Lack of enough T4 or T3 can & does cause problems. If your T4 & T3 levels show below the middle of the range then you are low thyroid & would benefit from a low dose of T4 & T3. Some of us have a problem converting T4 into T3. My body stopped converting T4 into T3 when I hit the late 30's. I now take T3 along with T4 daily.

    The hardest part of detecting a low thyroid is finding where in the lab ranges that are normal for you. Just being in range is not normal. You can also have a TSH lab range show normal & be severely hypo. Happened to me. Most doctors assume that if you are in the lab ranges then you are normal & don't require treatment. This is so false. The hard part is finding a doctor who will treat you by your symptoms & not just the lab tests. You can find detailed info on thyroid by typing in the name Mary Shoman in your search engine. She has the best thyroid site on the web.


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    bumping again.please more answers.
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    well here i am bumping again again and again..please see my post about candida...looking for me answers there too .