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    Hi, I know a few people here have been on the Suzanne Somers eating program. I started it a little over a month ago and I really started losing weight at first and then it slowed down (expected) . . . I'm not really overweight, but have insulin resistance and wanted to see how my blood work would look after using this program. My glucose levels weren't terrible before, but now they are in the normal range and my triglycerides which were pretty bad before are also in the normal range . . . I am very pleased with that! Also, I started feeling slightly more energy . . . I know the high protein, very low carbs and not eating all the non-fat products is a much healthier way of eating. Its amazing once you get sick and start researching how wrong most people eat! I was never too bad, but did like to eat a lot of pasta and I ate some low-fat products. It seems like most people eat way too many carbs, processed foods with no vitamins/minerals/enzymes, too much sugar, too much caffeine, too much alcohol, too much aspartame, MSG, etc. and not enough good fat. Not to mention all of the other "bad" things we come into contact with . . . chemicals, toxins, EMF's, etc.

    I was wondering how others are doing on the Somercizing plan. I went off a little for the holiday, but back on today. Dinners are really easy for me because I do a protein and either 2 veggies, or 1 veggie & a salad. Breakfast I either eat protein or a no-sugar cereal. I get a little stuck for lunch sometimes. Would love to hear ideas for lunches! Also, I was a little disappointed in her latest book because so many recipes have Somersweet in them . . . with my severe hypersensitivity I don't really want to use it.

    Have a great day! Love, Terri
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    way to go!! i'm quite impressed that you've been able to stick to the somercise plan!! i bought her most recent book but felt a little bit overwhelmed. i don't do well with eggs or too much protein so i failed miserably the first few days. lunch has always been a tough one for me.
    how about cottage cheese, or turkey and cheese roll ups? i lent my mom my book, or i'd check it for you and give you some ideas. during the cold months, stews and soups would work, but it's harder to be creative in the warm weather-how much salad can one possibly eat.

    hang in there!! and keep me posted- maybe i'll join you!!
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    It is kind of tough because a lot of the "normal" meals people eat . . . sandwiches, pizza, etc. etc. all combine proteins and carbs. I have been doing salads and sometimes adding cheese & meat for a chef's salad . . . the only thing is it is time consuming/tiring cutting everything up. If I had more energy it wouldn't be a problem. Soups are good in the colder months if you don't use pasta, rice or potatoes or beans in them . . . no carbs! When you said roll ups did you mean just meat and cheese? I have done that a few times with a hard boiled egg or some tuna salad with green salad sometimes. The pizza in her new book is suprisingly good (crust is made with egg, parmesan cheese & cream cheese) . . . didn't think it would "hold up" to slicing and serving, but it did. Make that for dinner sometimes . . . but actually that would be good for several lunches as well. Sandwiches in rolled up lettuce leaves for some reason aren't that appealing to me . . . I guess I will try. I have been making "taco salads" for dinner sometimes with ground beef/spices/green chiles on top of salad greens, chopped tomatoes, onions & cheddar cheese. I made the dressing with salsa & a little mayo. I can't use bottled dressings due to the MSG content in most of them :)