something else concerning banks to be concerned about

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    I have two CDs that came due today. Didn't want them tied up for 13 mos. anymore and called to change them to 6 month CDs. The teller pulled them up and said...whoops......these have gone dormant. I asked how they could be dormant if they were timed CDs. He said that Calif. is doing everything they can to get OUR $$$$$$$. A new rule is that if there is no activity for 2 years after opening, they don't count interest being added, it will go dormant and be turned over to the state. I now have to go in today to show my drivers license and sign a paper that there is activity! By the way, he told me a lot of states are now doing this, so if you have a timed CD be sure to keep track of it otherwise your trusting a bank may end up having your $$$$ disappear.
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    Isn't that considered theft? What would have happened if you hadn't of earned interest? You wouldn't get it back????
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    He told me the interest would have stopped once it went dormant.........I guess this is called Legal Theft? He said that if it had been caught once the state got the $, interest would have been put back but of course things like this get tied up. I keep this type of info on my calendar to remind myself, but if I was incapacitated how would my family even know about this?
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    I'm trying to spread the word about new banking regulations. Went yesterday to the bank to show my DL and sign a paper that it is still in effect. My husband is having $ pulled out of his 401 (after 70 l/2 you must do this) so it shows activity. I had no additions because I'm past the point to add $. And it turns out this went dormant more than a year ago, I never received notices on it which I was told I should have, so one more year and $ would have been turned over to the state.

    Let your friends know about this concerning any CD they might have. Yes, any account is basically paying nothing. I said I might as well keep it in a sock.