something else that can cause pain

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  1. victoria

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    It's called
    Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM)
    one of a group of muscle diseases that involve inflammation of the muscles or associated tissues; apparently both an inflammatory and a degenerative muscle disease

    Google it, it's a type of muscular dystrophy that can often show up after age 50... thought to be partially genetic (in some) and in others they have no idea. Gee, where have I head that before?

    Don't think there's a solution either, but, not sure if there's anything available to slow it down.

    I've been mostly absent from the board(s) what with moving/getting resettled etc, but gonna be around more now

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    Thanks for posting. I had a quick read and although it doesn't fit with my symptoms, it sounds similar to a lot of posts I've seen on this board! Worth looking into.
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    Sooooo good to have you back. Thanks for posting this. There are so many conditions which can mimic ours and there are so many misdiagnosed patients that it's good to know about these other things which we may, or may not, have. How many people are treated for the wrong illness for years before it is discovered, if it is even ever disconvered. I wish there were more definitive tests and treatments for what ails us. We are basically on our own to find good docs and become our own advocates. The better informed we are, the better the chance we will find treatments which help us.

    Again, good to have you back.

    Adios, mi amiga!

    Love, Mikie
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    I agree, Picklington & Mikie. And, Nice to meet you too, Leah!

    It is so hard to have to be in an advocacy position for ourselves without getting written off as being hypochondriacs.

    I had not heard of it before either. It seems like new things are always becoming apparent, or maybe the real point is , publicized.

    Somewhere I had started a post of possible other or simultaneous diagnoses that should be considered, but the search feature doesn't work too well here (or at least not for me). Eventually hopefully I can find it and boost it back up. It's amazing how many things can confound/add to/or be "the" reason.


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