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    I have fibro and I am fighting a disability case from my job. They want to make sure it was just not the fibro that knocked me out of work. I had an arthoscopy kneee surgery last July and I was able to work and do most anything until then. As I was healing from the surgery I noticed that other things were going on in my body. My muscles were getting sore very easily. I was exteremely fatigued, muscle spasams, twitching, and weaakness. My feet hurt to walk on and my days of being able to exercise had ended.I was very baffled by this. I couldn't go back to work. I had recieved my short term disability now I am fighting for the long term. I have already applied for ssdi and I am on my appeal.
    My main ? is this.I went to see my pain Doc and she put me on a medrol pack. That helps with inflammation. I must tell u that I felt soooo good I couldn't believe it. I told this new rehumy I have and he said that it is something more than fibro. As much as I have read inflammation is not part of fibro. ANyway has anyone else encountered this and maybe someone can tell me what it is. I would appreciate any help.
    Thanks alot Joy
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    One of my pills is Mobic and it is an anti-inflamitory and it helps for short periods of time.

    Maybe you have more than FM going on with it?

    Hope you get it figured out!

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    I have FMS, but I also have co-exisiting conditions that have Inflammation.
    If I can get rid of the Inflammation, that in turn Reduces the Pain I get from FMS.
    FMS, makes Everything Hurt more, you know.

    I also have CMPD, and some of the Trigger Points are caused by Scar tissue, which in turn can become Inflamed.

    I myself cannot take anti-inflammatiores, (sp?) they make me deathly ill.
    Plus I have a Bro. who has Anklylosing Spondilitis, which is Arthrits of the SPine, and he has been on them for years, they mainly Runied his Digestive Tract, and he had surgery's time and again.
    Now they have some newer ones, that do seem to agree with him, but

    When I tried them, nothing helped, except to make me sick.
    and jittery, and my Heart race's.

    It's great that you have found some relief, and I hope it continues to work for you, Luv it, when someone finds something that get's rid of the Pain Load.
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    Hey bruin,
    Thank u for your reply. can u tell me what CMPD is. I have to get a DR. and a good diagnosis so I can get my disability, what a job that is in itself. I have also been diagnosed with smallfiber neuropathy. That is when u have all the symptoms of neuropathy but it doesn't show up on the emg. All I know it is very painful. My feet hit the floor and it is pain. Thank God I don't have diabetis. Anway Thanks again. Joy
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    CMPD is Chronic Myofascial Pain Disorder.
    They used to call it, a Syndrome, but they have tests now that can dx, CMPD.
    If you read Dr. Starlanys website, she has about the best and easiest information to read on CMPD.

    She also has an Article, on the Home page in case anyone hasn't read it yet. ;o)

    Often the 2 Conditions, are mixed togeather by Dr.s and they do need to be Treated differently, in order to Reduce the Pain load.

    If I were asked, which one of the Conditions Hurt me the most, I think it would be a toss-up.
    I have learned that if I can treat my Pain, I can get better sleep, but then I don't sleep much these day's.

    Spend a lot of time in bed, some day's, lol, but I don't sleep as much as the Family thinks I do.