something for the "psychosomatic" wackos

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    I say it's time we turned the tables on judges, relatives, health care persons who offer the "it's all in your head" opinion. Next time somebody makes the mistake of telling me about how some experts believe that our problems could all be solved with a visit to a shrink, I will ask them politely,
    "And what scientific evidence do you base this theory upon? How many articles are there in the medical literature that substantiate this claim? If there has been no statement to that effect from the APA or any other respected medical authority, why do you persist in this little fantasy of yours?"

    YES. Put THEM on the defensive for a change. And then I will add,
    "Have the 5 million people diagnosed with CFIDS all got incompetent doctors who don't have your wisdom? If CFIDS were only a psychosomatic illusion that could be removed by psychiatry, why hasn't any psychiatrist published results of his/her psychological 'cure?' With 5,000,000 people only a bit of therapy away from being normal, wouldn't at least a couple of psychiatrists stepped forward to accept a nice wad of money from these 5 million patients? If you know more about this matter than the NIH, CDC and Surgeon General, why haven't you capitalised on it and become the 'CFIDS Cure King/Queen?' If not that, why haven't you made the medical profession aware of your miracle cure? How do you feel knowing you have the secret to relief for 5 million suffering people and yet are doing NOTHING to help?" LOL

    I REFUSE to ever be put on the defensive again by small-minded, backward-thinking bigots! (end of tirade lol!)

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    He says none of us need shrinks or meds! I think he needs a shrink and several meds!

    I would get so mad trying to say all the things I am thinking when I talk to those people that I would just start crying and have to walk away. I'm afraid that would reinforce their belief that it is an emotional problem.

    They can't seem to understand that I am emotional because of the disease, not sick because I'm emotional!!


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