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    Hi, Porchies, I love to imagine "what if" kinds of mind games. What would I do if I won a big LOTTO? Who would I love to have dinner with if I could invite anyone, living or dead? Well, we were discussing the movie, "Somewhere In Time," and it got me to thinking--if time travel were possible, to what era, or event in history, would I like to travel? I'm not ready to reveal my answer; I'll have to think about it but that's the idea.

    I'm very interested in what my fellow Porchies come up with.

    Love, Mikie
  2. sunflowergirl

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    that's very easy to answer.........I would love to help people directly/anonymously......kinda like that old TV program, the Millionaire. Years ago I was driving in our area and saw a poor man with a huge purple birthmark all over his face. I don't think I could fathom the rejection from others that he must go thru. I would greatly love to help people like him......or maybe those struggling with a walker who could have their lives changed just with a motorized wheelchair. I could go on and on and on but that's what I would want to do with $ won.

    It makes me ill physically when I hear about people like the Kardashians whose lives are wrapped up in their own pleasures
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    Hi Mikie

    Intriguing question. I think I would like to visit the 19th century. To me, it is the beginning
    of the modern era. Great advances in medicine, manufacturing, transportation, communications, and, of course, the settlement of the American West.

    I would time travel as a disembodied spirit; observing but not participating. Imagine going
    back to Washington DC in Lincoln's time. I have read that you could walk right up to the
    White House and be admitted to visit Mr. Lincoln. There was no secret service at the time.
    Just a soldier stationed at the front door. But still, I find it hard to believe that he had time
    to chat with many people.

    Anyway, I doubt we could have had comfortable chat with old Abe. Our manners, speech,
    and 20th century concepts would probably have puzzled him considerably. Washington itself
    would have looked very strange to us. The capitol dome wasn't finished. Ditto the Washington monument. The memorials for Jefferson and Lincoln are entirely 20th century.

    We could have taken in a play at Ford's theater. We might have seen the great actor Junius
    Booth or his famous actor sons Edwin and John Wilkes. And I would like to have been at
    Gettysburg for the dedication of the cemetery. The crowd was estimated at 15,000 to
    20,000. How many of them could hear Lincoln?

    Something to think about while drifting off to sleep.

  4. joanierav

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    i would love to go back to my era, the 50's, beattles, elvis, the clothes, the music. i loved it. with the lottery , i know exactly what i would do. ive thought of it often. i would fly all over to the best doctors, try to get this sick body better. then hire a chef, because i do love to eat well. and im so sick of cooking. then give the rest away. first my two children, and relatives, then my single friends, then my married friends. then my church. and everyone else that has been good to me over the years.

    and after watching pride and predjudice on tv a zillion times, i might want to go back to that period. so romantic. but i would hate wearing all those clothes. the less the better for me.

    good topic . mikie

    love, joanie
  5. Mikie

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    One morning about 40 years ago, a doe had come down to our street in Boulder, CO. We lived right by the foothills. It was so beautiful in the early morning that I cried. It made me sad that such a beautiful creature had to fear cars and other dangers of modern life. I called animal services to get the doe safely away before the morning commute. She wasn't afraid of me and we looked at one another. It made me wish I could go back, as Rock mentioned, as a disembodied spirit, before anything or anyone had disturbed nature. How beautiful it must have been.

    I may come up with something more exciting if I think more about this but I distinctly remember that morning and how strong my desire had been to leave modern life behind me for just a quick visit.

    Thanks for all your thoughtful responses.

    Love, Mikie