something GREAT I learned: you are NOT your body

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  1. ellikers

    ellikers New Member

    Sounds funny huh? But a great conversation I had with a healer really resounded with me and I wanted to share it with you all.

    We are not our illnesses or our bodies. We are our SOULS. Our bodies are sick and have various complaints and are frustrating, sensitive and all the rest.

    We, our souls, did not do anything to have these bodies and these issues and challenges. It's not our fault, our souls and who we are as a person is not inherently sick. We, our souls, are our spirits, psyches, our dreams and desires and thoughts ... we are not the physical problems our bodies have.

    <b>So try this trick (it's helped me a lot):

    Instead of saying/thinking "I have _______ (CIFDS, FM, etc)" say/think "My body has _______"

    Instead of saying/thinking "I'm feeling (exhausted, painful, panicky)" say/think "My body is feeling (exhausted, painful, panicky, etc)"</b>

    This might sound small or insignificant but I swear it's helped me a lot. I don't think I feel as frustrated by current health challenges I have because I keep reminding myself "it's not me, this is my body and it's freaking out or having a problem" it also helps battle the "I must be a hypocondriac" fears or blame we get.

    I think this is great way to mentally take care of ourselves and not become overburdened by stresses and pain, and also to stop thought patterns that can get us stuck.

    Take it or leave it.
  2. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    I love what you are saying ! we are not our illness , as you said that is our body .

    Hope today is a good day

    Soft hugglies
  3. vannafeelbettr

    vannafeelbettr New Member

    I think it is so great.... all the venues you took to heal yourself. I can tell i'd love to hang out with you (positive energy)! LOL . I'm a very 'excitedly hopeful' person when I feel like i've discovered something, and I think I get on others nerves a lot when they don't know where I'm coming from. I just what to help everyone.

    I like when you said take it or leave it!!

    Keep up the good work... and thanks for sharing with us.
  4. Bxteacher

    Bxteacher Member

    As I have Leukemia, FM & a variety of other health issues , I took a cue from Patty LaBelle when she was diagnosed with Diabtetes...I say: I have Leukemia, FM, but THEY DON'T HAVE ME!

    Thanks for the share.

  5. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi Ellikers,

    Thanks for your joyful post! I totally agree with your perspective on us not being our bodies. I would extend that perspective further to say we are not our emotions, we are not our minds, and we are not our subconscious minds. Which leaves us with the viewpoint of Soul, which experiences all of the above. I too think this is important as it pertains to how we view our health circumstances.

    I came across a spiritual technique many years ago which has helped me immeasurably in maintaining this higher viewpoint as I go through my day (and my life). In short, I learned about <a href=">Singing HU</a>. This technique is different from meditation which generally tries to calm the mind (which is good). Singing HU takes things a step further and brings a balance, harmony and resonance to all our lower bodies. And opens our hearts in the process.

    Thought I’d pass it along in case you had any interest. BTW, shortly after I started to sing HU regularly, my fairly longstanding irregular heartbeat all of a sudden became regular again. So there really is no limit to what this easy to practice spiritual exercise can do.

    All the Best, Wayne
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  6. colorfulcolorado

    colorfulcolorado New Member

    Were can you find SingHu information. Is there a book, is it on-line or what? Sounds interesting.
    I agree with this being a different post and I like it. I never thought of all these things before, I'm not in a positive state at this time(or stage) in my life, I'm still just a little angry! But I really need to get over my self!
    It's like I'm still trying to understand how to deal with family (husband included) this DD and co-workers etc. I wish I could just go away for awhile to some really relaxing place and get to know me all over again.
    Because I do feel that this DD has controlled me for awhile now. If you knew me (the real me) I wouldn't have put up this for 5 minutes! So, I guess I've fallen into a BIG rut! I really need to get out of it. Anyway, thanks for listening!
    Take care!
  7. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi CC,

    Probably the best way to learn about HU is to do a google search. The following link will take you to some search results:

    <a href=">Singing HU</a>

    Just a few comments about the Song of HU: We are currently living in the worlds of duality, and thus have experiences (physical, emotional and mental) that swing from positive to negative and back again. This is all part of the education of Soul in these worlds.

    OM is a mantra which is often used for meditation or upliftment. It is the Sound Current emanating from the top of the worlds of duality (positive and negative). Chanting or singing this sound can bring a certain refinement into our lives and our experiences.

    The HU Song originates within the pure positive worlds, above the worlds of duality. So by singing this song, we begin to balance out our experiences in the worlds of duality. If done regularly, it begins to bring a greater calm and harmony into our lives. It is also a key to creativity and opening ourselves to more love in our life.

    RE: "I wish I could just go away for awhile to some really relaxing place and get to know me all over again."

    I think taking a few minutes a day to sing HU can possibly help you find that really relaxing place, within yourself. Perhaps it will even lead you to a more relaxing environment in this physical world as well.

    So much more I could write. If you do a little research on this and have any questions, I'd be happy to try to answer them the best I can. Best to you if you decide to pursue this for yourself. Singing HU regularly makes for a continuing spiritual adventure for me.

    Regards, Wayne
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  8. ellikers

    ellikers New Member

    Wow, that's amazing. Thanks for sharing about singing Hu! I am interested! I'll check back later for some fun online research (I love doing that) about it when i get a chance.

    :) Thanks for sharing!!

    - - -

    I love the practice in yoga that my teacher would have us try from time to time when we were all lying on the floor clearing our minds in corpse pose ...

    She would ask us "who are you? who are you beyond your titles and roles in life ... what is your essence, taking away your job title, your role in your family, all of those things ... what is left? What makes you YOU?"

    It's a trippy experience to try and do that. And really clear your mind and see what it feels like to mentally let go of those titles and get a feeling for what you are at your center.
  9. Bluebottle

    Bluebottle New Member

    Thank you, I really like that & now keep telling it to myself.
  10. ellikers

    ellikers New Member

    bumping because I sure need to remember this right now.

    I got a message from a friend and in the conversation he asked how i was doing saying "I hope that you are doing well, and no longer ailing ( i know how you can be)" and it's like UGH! DO NOT JUST THINK OF ME AS SOMEONE AILING!

    I know he doesn't and that most people in my life don't but it's still hard to be reminded that yes, I have a temperamental body. I might not have full blown CFIDS but it's still very reactive and it's NOT MY FAULT.

    Sigh. I needed to vent.

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