Something I am doing is helping...wanted to share....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by intensemom, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. intensemom

    intensemom New Member

    HI! I am feeling a lot better..little pain, no fatigue. It has happened over the last few weeks and in the past week I have been going and going and going for the first time in years. I am actually feeling like my old self!

    Here are some new things I have tried in the past 2-3 mos.

    1.) cut pop from my diet...especially diet pop and artifical sweeteners

    2.) added digestive enzymes during and between seems that adding them in between meals relieves pain.

    3.) kutapresson injections(compounded) Brand name is Nexivir

    4.) biofeedback therapy from Naturopath

    I pray this info. helps someone. I know I am not cured...but I am able to live again right now!

  2. kirschbaum26

    kirschbaum26 New Member

    Dear Tracy:

    So glad to hear you have had such great results. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  3. minkanyrose

    minkanyrose New Member

    Good to hear you fell better. Thank you for sharing with us. not cured but you sound bubbly.
  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thanks Tracy,
    Any encouraging information is helpful to all. Especially
    glad that you are doing so well as being a Mother is so
    demanding yet wonderful. Maybe now you will have the ener-
    -gy for both the joys and resposiblities of Parenthood!
    I'm very happy for you and your family.

    "Tabby" is prettiful!! Send me a Kitten sometime if poss-
    -ible. I've had some great Cats. I even had the opport-
    to actually to pick one out one time! They usually just
    "showed" up on my doorstep.

    Notre Dame had a big win yesterday! Saw them beat UC
    Berkely in the '60's! N.D. is my team! Keep feeding
    those line backers!

    Take care, OK?

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  5. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    I cut out all caffeine pop and artificial sweeteners a few month ago. I have noticed that the lumps all over my body are starting to go down and my skin is feeling less tight .

    I was a very heavy pop drinker like three a day or more and even though I am still feeling better from that ,I do not have relief from my CFS/FM.

    I'm really glad this is working for you . Continued good health. Maybe as my lumps go away Ill get more relief too.
  6. Summit

    Summit New Member

    I just finished reading an article that said it was helpful to avoid anything (pop) with aspartame in it. also, to take pro-biotics (reestablishes the good gut enzymes) Also, it advised to avoid refined sugar, caffiene (how am I spose to live without my coffee??)LOL I am not familiar with the Nexuvir/kutapresion could u explain those? Thanks for your post

    ANNXYZ New Member

    be " eating" the complexes in the blood that cause inflammation and pain. I have heard that they can help with arthritis too .

    It's great to hear someone finding improvement!
    Keep it up .
  8. JenniferAnn539

    JenniferAnn539 New Member


    How long have you been taking kutapressin?

    What amount do you inject and how often?

  9. dleaning

    dleaning New Member

    So glad you are feeling better. Hope it continues for you!!!


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