something is going on with my body and it is so strange

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    I don't remember a day when my legs didn't ache. And I had headaches and back pain too. But now in the past few weeks, my left leg keeps feeoing like it is in a spasam all the time. IT will tighten up so hard that I can't waalk very well. And my back is always hurting so badly that to rate the pain is silly no number is right for this kind of pain.
    IT hurts but I can't tell you how it hurts , I have the stabbing pains in my left leg and it goes all the way to my toes and it is painful. This also happens with my right leg too and my back feels like something is really wrong with it but I can't explain it to you I just feel that there is something that is not quite right.
    Am I making any scense? My back hurts so much all day long and it makes my whole body ache with it and i am scared about this pain and how i feel.

    MY back feelslike it is swollen and puffy and it is not normal for it to feel like it does. It hurt in the Lumbar region and when I touch it even to put lotion on I get the worse pains in it that shoot up and down my back.

    The wrist that I shattered is always swollen and puffy too and it aches deeply and to the touch but I get the feeling that something is touching my upper arm too and it itchs too. What am I going to do? What is going on with me?

    MY whole body does not feel the same as it did before I shopped and walked too much. I thought that i was flaring but I have never had all this extra pain and the strange feelings all over my body. I am not feeling like I used to feel.

    I get so emotional all the time, If I over do it and someone is nice to sme and ashes me " What is wrong and can i help you to feel better "? I tell them that I just need to sit down and then the tears start to flow and I am bawling like a baby and it really upsets me.and my daughters to. While we were shopping at the mall and other stores I got so tired that I had to sit down and the pain in my legs , knees. hips & thighs are hurting so badly that moveing is like I am in cement that has gone hard and I can't move very well and I get slower and slower too.

    On this shopping trip a week ago we were in babies R us and i asked the greeter if I could just sit down and rest and she said it was fine and that I looked like I was about to pass out.I could not get up once i sat down and the pain was becomming unbearable and I didn't know what to do as I had taken my pain meds & it ws not time for another dose yet& this greeter kept talking to me and asking what was wrong as I was looking rather pale and like i was in pain,

    MY daughter's MIL answered that I had some back problmes and all of a sudden I was crying like i was a baby. this happend in the next store too and I felt so awful and embarrassed, Here I am just crying because I hurt and I am in front of so many people and I have no reason to be in tears that they can see{unless they have been watching me walk}

    So on the way home I finally took my soma and tryed to rest andnot move to much but the pain was so bad that I wasin tears all the way home and when I got home it was the bath tub that I got in with really hot water to se if the pain would ease. It did for a while but as soon as I moved the pain came back .

    A few days lllater my daughter called and was asking me why did I always cry to stranger in stores? I had no answer except that I was in pain and they offered me some sympathy and compassion too and I lost my control. She siad that her MIL thought that It was just my way of showing that I had been doing too much and when I was asked about how I felt the feelings I had just over whelmed me and I would cry.

    Is didn't embarass her and she thoght that it was sweet that I showed some apperation to the greeters how is i that all I was doing was bawling like a baby? And that is not being greatful for their concern is it? My daughter was embarassed by it and asked me to try not to do it. And I told her I would work on it and I would have to walk a shorter distance. She thought that it was a good idea and sshe said that it was ok if I cryed but it still was embarassing to her but she was not angry about it it was just something that I did when i was to tired and in too much pain and needed to rest.

    I felt better about her not being angry with me for the embarassing part but she loves me adn trys to understand that I have real reasons for the pain and the tears. But she would reather that I did not bawl in front of strangers like that.

    It is now over 2 weeks ago and the pain is just getting worse. There are no storms comming our way but the temp has dropped and so has the pressure. And it all makes me hurt like heck. I am so upset abouthtis and how i act when I get over tired and the crying over the pain and being an embarassement to my family.I want to be able to do things like go shopping with them for christmas and just be able to do things with them walking through our fair adn walking through the mall and wall mart and I can't because of this horrid apin I am having.

    I wonder if this is what it means to have a BAD FLARE? I am hurting like i never have before. I am worried that something is wrong with me why can't I just be normal and not walk like a duck becasue my legs don't straighten. They never are straight and they hurt all the time. I want to know what the probems is and I am so scared aboaut how i am feeling what is going on with me?

    Am I going to get worse? or is this a flare and it will take awhile to get over with?HOw longw ill I be like this with p ain that there is no discription for. I am worried about this problem.
    Am I just abnormal? or is this the Fibro? or the chronic pmeyofacial pain syndorme that is acting up or is it all in my back and it is the place that the pain starts at? I don't know why i feel like I do. MY legs feel numb at time and they feel like if I were to stand I would fall on my face.

    I can't sit anymore the apin is getting owrse and it is hurting in my back so much thatI am in tears. Sorry for being such a whiner about all the pain I have Sorry that i am not so very happy.But I do wiish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy NEw year with out as much pain and that you all will have happiness and joy in your lives as you have given me much joy and acceptance and I thank you all . So Merry Christams to you all .
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS TO ALL}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    Love you all,
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    Rosemarie, I wish I could do anything at all to help you. Please don't think you are, or apologize for talking about your pain.

    PLEASE, stay down in a warm bed...I would rather you not shop with your family than to go through this horrible hurting again.

    I think you need another exam with either your doctor or a new one. You don't seem to be getting the meds you need, or they are not working as well as they did before.

    Please, yourself by staying down...and taking your meds that you have..I hope you don't live alone..I didn't read your heartfelt prayers are with you...for easement of the pain and sadness it it bringing.

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    WE only went the shoppping one day as it was far to much, I have only helped christams shopp in really small dose's only shopping for a about a hour at the most. And then I come home. since the pain has gotten worse my husband and daughters have shopped with him and although I would like to be with them it is better this way as I would only be too slow and cause my self to have more pain than I need right now.

    My daughter is home from her nanny job in Ct. so she hsa bee shopping with her dad adn loveing spending the time with him. I would love to be there with them and to have time with her and maybe I will before she leaves on the

    I have my husband do all the shopping for us during the week and weekends as I don't have a car to drive.

    I just saayw my doctor and I was fine then but since them I have been doing the shopping and he is out of town, and our town only has 1 pain doctor and our ER is not up to date on how to contol pain so as soon as they read my chart adn see that I am taking MSConntin and MSIR they boot me out and tell me to take my own meds. The only time I get aything from them is when I have had surgery or shattered my wrist.
    And I am not ready to be embarasssed by them again. When i shattered my left wrist, I was given 500 mics of fentynal a short acting narcotic pain med during the four hours I was there and then they have me versed so try to make me relax as they tryed to set the arm and I was WIDE awake.

    The problem was not that night but the next night as I came back in as my fingers were blue & the ER doc took the sitcky adhiseive stuff that was the splint and ripped if off with NO support for my shattered wrist, I bawled and begged for pain meds and he told me that it was not that bad, and had I been his patient I would nover been given that much pain meds. AS the nurse called me back to the ER rooms she announced to all in the waiting room and ER staff that I was the same patient who was there the night before and I was the ONE who had been given 500 MIC'S OF fentynal and NO OnE HAD EVER HAD THAT MUCH PAIN MEDS BEFORE. I was so smbarassed by her announcement in front of eveyone in the waiting room and in the ER the doctors , nurse"s and all the staff and patients.So I wil not go back to the ER unless I am out ot it and can't swear at them to get it right and to believe in the fact that i have chronic pain in my back h ips, thihgs, knees, wrist, And all over. Just accept me as I am and not make fun of me for taking so many narcotic pain meds the make me feel as if I am a drug addict. AS I am NOT, they have humilieated me once to often for me to go back to them. I cna't take it anymore, I know why I hurt and they reaaasons are real not fake adn I don't take anymore pain mends than my doctor has writtten for me. So if this pain gets worse I will call the doctor on MOnday and see if he can help me.

    Maybe give me another script that is a bit stronger and maybe a pain patch or a lidocaine patch too. I Just know that I am in enough pain now. AS I said my daughters do not belive that I hrut as I do adn they feel that I am ADDICTED to the narcoitc pain meds my doctor gives to me adn that he is over presscribeing narcitc pain pills for me. And he is not. I am not addicted to my meds.This pain has just gotten out of control for me and I need to find something to ease this pain for me. And I will thank you for you concern.
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    you are in such bad pain, maybe your Dr can give you something a little stronger to get through this flare.
    When I am in such bad pain I get into bed with the electric blanket turned on, it helps me relax. Maybe you should consider going shopping with a wheelchair? Hope you feel better soon. HUGS to you
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    But we were shpping inthe Newgate mall in odgen Utah which is a huge mall and there are no carts or wheel chairs for the whole mall use. Some of the smaller stores have wheel chairs too but you can't take them out in to the mall. So I was stuck adn had no way to get any help of ride and I loked for a manager;s office to find out if they had a cart to asist ne wt this but I couldnot find one. So I am just up a creek with this pain. And my tdoctor is out of town and there is not other one so I can't get him to prescribe some ting stronger for me at this time. I am up a creek with out a paddle.

    thanks for you concern I will talk to my doctor on monday and get something else to ease this PAIN.

    Thankks Rosemaire
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    that SO totally sucks!!!I 've had some bad ones too. It can be a living hell. I've started seeing a pschologist abd she is so wonderful with helping me through this. She validates me and my pain. There are days I really feel for Job, that poor man MUST have had fibro, chronic fatigue and lupus! There are times I wish I could just go to the hospital and have them give me nice soothing morphine drip so i could sleep a little.

    I know it's hard but pray pray pray! And try to remind your self that it WILL pass.

    When I get "that way", well to be honest I am now trying to do it everyday, it's just hard to force myself when 'ITS' bad . . . . . but I put on a relaxation CD, water running, soft music no vocals and I just sit really still, with space heater pointed at my back if necessary and just be still. I focus on the notes of the music of the sounds around me. After a while my mind is able to drift. I've also started on Zoloft which helps me I think more then anything . . . . it is so flippen hard to NOT focus on the pain, it can, for me, become all encompasing (my spelling ain't so gret today , smile)

    Get the electric blanket like your other friend just said, sit still, don't feel guilt, don't feel you have to explain. You've obviously shown/taught compassion to your kids. They will remember from where this came.

    love, prayers for your pain,

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    First of all....isn't your office or E.R. visits personal? Isn't it being discussed that this a patient doctor violation?

    Call...if you can, if you feel to emotional......write them and tell them that you came for help and that you were discussed and put down for coming in for help. Send it to someone in charge of the hospital you went to. It is uncalled for and not very professional.

    I've had a couple of times that I broke down and cried in a doctors office, because I just plain hurt so much that I could not explain myself, I just felt defeated. It is a awful feeling, Just could not think and worn out by pain!

    Go only to stores with electric scooters. Make a complaint by calling or writting any store that does not have these and tell them that you can not shop in their store as you can not stay on your feet and shop. Lets get more places to have assistance for us!

    My rheumy that I found a few months ago gave me shots in my worse areas to help with pain. Also sleep meds. He said his approach is to try and break the pain cycle and to get sleep that makes us relax and rest better.

    Even if you are not 100% better, if you feel better, you will not feel as defeated and can smile more and enjoy more.

    I also recently got a Cuddle Ewe through this shipping right now and comes with a "free pillow". I have tried many things before this. The Cuddle Ewe is expensive, but so far really worth it. I have friend that got one the same time I did. She reports some of the best sleep she has ever had. I do not need to get up during the night, or rarely do, before I was up and down and hurting.

    All of above has really helped me. I will be looking for what others has to say also. You are going through a bad time. Try to look for your blessings and consider what I wrote. You are going through a flare I think......
    Blessings...good luck
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    When my back starts really hurting I lay on an ice bag,its like a sheet(for Camping).Then I take meds.Try to rest.
    I burst into tears easily also,shopping is so hard,and I think it makes me more likely to cry,because I hurt and dragging along,the energy is just sucked out of my body.
    I think I would call my Dr and see what he thinks about your new pain.Maybe,its something he can fix.
    We all our praying for you,please take care.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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    Feel the same way!!!!!!!!!!!! The leg pain is constant and worse that I have ever had. Also the fatigue is now overwhelming me. I have been up for two hours and feel like I haven't slept in years!!!!!!!!!!! Hot bath and bed early this evening!!!!!!!!!!!! My legs cramp all way down and feels like ankles and knees broken (xray showed they were fine).
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    Flares can last for a few minutes and it can also last for a few months. I had one that lasted 18 months once, and recently I had one that lasted 10 days. And all I did was cry, too. I read somewhere, maybe here, that crying is good because it helps get rid of some stress.

    I had been taking lasix for swelling when the 10 day flare started so I stopped taking it and drank some of those sports drinks that have minerals in them and I started feeling better - or at least my legs did.

    I once took Mirapex for leg pain and it took away all of the pain. Unfortunately the side effects got me so now I take Requip. I don't have RLS, but Requip also helps with the pain. If you've ruled everything else out, you might want to try one of these drugs.

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    I didn't see your original post, but if you fell and heard, or felt, something pop, then I would, almost without reservations, say that you popped a disc in your lumbar region of your back. This pain can be very excruciating and unrelenting. I do hope you get it checked out; perhaps a good chiropractor is who you need to see. They have been very helpful to me and my wife over the years, and I can assure you that I was saved from serious back surgery by chiropractic treatment. PS - look for one who is experienced in and uses the Cox methods and the Activator methods. Do hope you get some relief; I certainly feel for you. Hope your Christmas was bearable and happy. And your New Year is much better.