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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kellbear, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. kellbear

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    I have been afraid to post this for the past 10 days because I wasnt sure if my spell of "feeling a tad better" was in my head. Typically if I tell anyone I am feeling better after a few days, I go right back to feeling like crap the next day. I have been supplementing for about a month. I take things like B12, Coral Calcium, Q10, Magnesium, Selenium, A good Mineral/Multi combo, etc. I started taking them all at once. Didnt want to be patient to find out which ones work but I havent felt like bottom of the sewer bad these past 10 days. I have been more alert at work. Less wobbly and my fog isnt as bad. I have to stick on a strict diet. I noticed that I had a bad eating day yesterday and I am paying for it today, but not as bad as before I started my supplementing. I just added Olive Leaf too which I will be excited to see how that does. I am 100% believing that my diet is helping the most.
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    Always glad to hear when someone has found something which help him or her to feel better.

    Love, Mikie
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    What have you changed in your diet, out of curiosity? Are you avoiding certain foods? Are you adding certain foods?

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    that can't eat sugars and starches/carbs? I am and just wondering what your doing? Great post!!! Glad something is working...Love Pammy
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    So, far, my sinuses have gotten much less congested, my energy levels are increasing and my neurological problems are better..Haven't had any migraines as of late, either, which is astonishing to me as this is March Madness for my allergies..although, today we are snowbound, and may get up to 3 feet of snow, which does seem to help my allergies..

    I am, like you, hesitant to talk about it, because I have found things that have worked for short periods of time, and then, stopped helping...but, I hope this time I am treating the causation of the problems for a change..and I hope to lick this DD one of these days..But if anyone asked me, at this point, what has been the most effective treatment, it would have to be OLE>> TO GOOD HEALTH! AMELIA
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    Don't want to say that I don't eat all sugars- just avoid them and if I do want something sweet I eat it with something else and not on an empty tummy.

    I eat 75% raw fruits and veggies a day (more veggies). My cooked food consists of fish, whole wheat bread, brown rice, or other things like that. I dont eat anything man made such as things with preservatives or chemicals. Try to avoid anything with an ingrediant that ends with "ose" NO WHITE BREAD or bleached flour products. Your food loses over 85% of its vitamins when it is cooked and you can forget the digestive enzymes in cooked foods. I do limit my dairy but do enjoy real whole fat yogurt 3 times a week, a good source of those enzymes. I am trying to lose weight which is challenging enough, but I cannot have any "lite" or fat free products because they are supplemented with preservatives I believe that I am chemical sensative as well. I had to quit smoking 7 weeks ago because I realized that couldnt be helping plus smoking eliminates your ability to absorb vitamins. I am not an expert and this hasnt helped totally. I don't want to be complete vegatarian or vegan like some regimens for CFIDS suggest you do. I still want to enjoy my life LOL, but if it comes down to me having to go all the way vegetarian then I will.
    No red meat. I eat chicken on occassion and Cold Water fish all the time.
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    Great post, sounds to me like you have it sussed. Well done.

    And to have given up smoking is brillient stuff.

    I`m sure you will continue to make progress now with maybe the odd set back, so fingers crossed.

    love Pat.

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    Hi Kellbear:

    You have described my new regimen almost exactly. I have been doing the exact same thing for about two months and it definitely has helped - a lot. However, like you, I still have bad days, in fact many some times and they bring me to despair - - they are the pit of hell (*although, come to think of it, being in a prisoner of war camp would be worse, heh, heh*)

    You are right Kellbear, the protocol you describe DOES help. I have also just recently started taking glutathione injections. I'm not sure if they're doing anything.