Something is wrong with my eye lid

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jun 4, 2012.

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    I woke up tMonday morning feeling normal but later in the day I noticed that my eye hurt and when I checked it out the lower lid was swollen and slightly red. It hurts when I blink and the swelling is not going away.

    I called my GP 's office who said to put warm packs on the eye every hour for 20 minutes which I did but still haev swollen lower right eye lid, it is not bright red and my eye ball is not blood shot or has any drainage.

    So I am baffaled as to what is going on with my right eye.I was told by doctor's staff if eye is not better in aam to call again and come in and get checked out. So if it is still as swollen it will be the doctor I see.]
    It hurt so bad all afternoon and early evening evey blink was more pain sharp tender pain that felt like I had some thing that didn't belong in my eye's as it really burned. Now it is not so bad but the swelling is still going up in the upper eye lid close to my eye brows, most of the swelling is stilll right at above my eye lash's . It does not hurt to touch it but I try not to do that and when I do , I wash my hands so not to contaminaite the other eye or any one else's.

    I think it is a cellulitis in the eye lid, caused by some unknown stuff. I am a bit worried about it and really wish I had had it checked out yesterday. But I can't turn back time so I will be seeing the doctor in the am. I don't have any drainage from the swollen eye lid. It still hurts and bruns and stings when I blink. It feels like some tihng is in the muscle as it hurts when I sqeeze my eye's shut.
    Why is it that I always get the strange illness's happen to me? I have not scratched my eye or my eye would be inflamed , just the lower eye lid is quite swollen and it is going up.

    Wish I knew what was going on with my body. It is bad enough that I am flaring from playing with my grandkids on Sunday, I picked up my granddaughter who weighs 26 lbs at 19 months. So I was really fatiqued and still am but can't sleep now.

    All afternoon adn early evening I was so droozy that it was a struggle to keep my eye;s open and now that I should be sleepy I am WIDE awake. I am so tired and want to sleep.

    My right eye lid is not qutie as painful now but it stil is slighlty red adn really swollen right at the eye lash line and above. Some thing is not right with my eye. I want to know what is going on. I have heard that celluititis can be quite bad if not treated. So I am worried about this unknown swelling eye lid.

    Why me? I have not done any thing to my eye's or have gotten some thing in my eye's. so what is causeing this swelling in my eye lid.
    MOre questions and no answers.
  2. Spacey

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    Have you ever had a sty. Look up sty on your eye and see if it sounds like you. Spacey
  3. rosemarie

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    I went to the doctor today about this eye that is causing me so much pain, it is not a sty, celliuitis, or infection. It is an allergic reaction to some unknown thing that got in my eye. There is nothing really I can do for it except for mosit warm packs for comfort and antihystimenes . I am greatful that it is not serious or infectious, as it started on Monday, I was concerned that if this was pink eye I could have exposed my grandkids to it. Thankfully it is not.

    I thought it was going to be serious and it still can be but the doctor does not think so at this point. I don't have pink eye just a biy red swollen right eye, it is worst right at the tear duct and then it goes right above the lash line.
    Blinking is so painfull and I sat and just cryed tonight it was hurting so badly.

    I have to watch for the swelling to get really firm at this point iiit is really squishy and it feels like it is filled with water. If it gets firmer and lose's the watery feel or I get a fever or the eye gets hot and really red then I go back to the doctor. UNtil that point I am staying home as it looks so bad and is so painfull , I have found that if I don't move around alot the swelling does not get worse. So it is rest for me.

    MY gp felt so bad for me knowing that this is painfull and that there is not any thing he could do to make me feel better. For me there are a few places where pain gets so intorerable, teeth and eye's.I have both, I keep clenching my teeth so they ache and my eye is so tender , it hurts to blink, touch,move, so i am just trying not do move.
    I don't remeber ever haiving pain like this before, it is such a small place to have so much pain.
    Say a prayer for me,
  4. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    Finally after a week of having my eye looking fat it is finally looking so much better. I feel like I have the start of a cold but other than that I am doing so much better. My eye is looking close to normal for which I am so grateful. For having an allergic reaction so some unkown substance I am greateful that the eye is doing better..
    Thanks for listening to me vent.

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