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    I have started having hot flashes and get really clammy. This has just started since I started on my treatment. I just wondered if anyone else is doing that? Is it normal to hurt extremely bad now? I have been on antibiotics for three weeks. The last time I was on antibiotics, I felt wonderful. I was on them for three weeks then. This time I am supposed to be on them for three months, but at this rate, I don't know if I can take it, does it get better, or does it just depend on the individual? I keep putting off calling my Dr., but I am going to have to do it. I also found an article about a man who was diagnosed with Lyme near here.(34 miles) and there was a Drs name in there, he is a infectios disease dr. I am may find out about him, since my Dr. is in another state......would help if I could see someone local, at least part of the time.
    Thanks for listening.
    Hope you are all doing well!!!
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    were you tested for Babesia? That can cause some of what you are experiencing.