Something new happened to night after my HydroFit class

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    I went to my HydroFit class tonight and did the exercise's at my speed and in my way. I don't think I was doing the exericse's right but I was moving and paddling in the water with a belt on that keeps me floating. It cause's less knee pain for me. Than wearing the booties.

    I went through the whole hour long class and didn't over do it as I said I did every exercise slowly. And it was at my speen not to the beat or the instructer's voice yelling faster get your heart rate up keep on going. Me I just did the exercise's that I could do and did not cause me pain.

    I Loved it at the end when I could take the dumbbells and having the belt float on me I could just lay back in the water and float streaching out all my body and just relax. I felt like I was alone and there was no spot that had any pressure on it. I felt so comfortable that I just could have laid there in the pool for a long long time.

    I had NO pain while I was laying flat on my back in that pool but oh my gosh when I got out the gravity hit me and it hit me hard... I could feel that I had a hard work out in my thighs and they were feeling rather weak . When I went to put on my sweats I could not do it unless I was sitting down or I was wobbley and shaky also.

    I made it to my car and had to sit and rest before I could drive home. And I felt so tired and I missed the NO PAIN sentatation that I had in the pool as now I was hurting BAD.

    I made it home ok , I had to drive slowly tonight as I was soooo tiredd and was feeling sleepy and somewhat dizzy. I thought it was from the new exercise;s that we had done for the AB work out and maybe I did them wrong and it had irrated my back insteadd of flatening my abb's that needdd to be flater..

    I came home and got in the shower and as I was washing my hair I was suddenly dizzy and had to grab the wall and put out my hands to hold me upright. I have not had this kind of senatation before. But it happened again as I was just rinsing off the soap. So I stood with my hand on the wall for support and rincesed off and slowly got out of the tub.

    I have to bring on leg out at a time adn then hlold on to something to just be able to stand upright.And then I have to sit down to rest and get dressed.

    I have not felt this dizzy feeling before and I don't know why I did tonight.? It is confusing to me.

    I usually have to take a hour to relax and unwind from the late night exercise's I have been doing. But to night it seemed to take longer.

    Now my unwinder has un wound faster as time goes by. I find my self getting sleepy adn reading posts and finding my head nodding and my ey's are closing so I am thinking it is time to go to bed asap.

    But I am a bit concerned about feeling dizzy tonight, Maybe I did over do it a bit and it just hit me later on. That can happen and has done. But I don't like feeling out of control and losing my balance. All I need is to fall once more.

    Oh well me and my achey legs are going to go to bed now. BEfore they won't work any more.

    I have found that I am not normal and that I do things that are not normal. I really did n't work out very hard but I guess to my abby normal body I over did it. BIG TIME.
    One last thing my low back is really telling me that it didn't like what ever I did tonight . I think that it was during the AB's exercise;s that it didn't like those. I had to hold my tummy tight and my butt cheeks tight also and it is hard to do and while you are doing this your not to put strain on your back and to keep your legs stiff.

    I must have not done it right as I have some muscle's that are protesting about what I did. And they are not nice. So I am hurting more than usual.

    So MY and my ahcy breaky body are going to go to bed .And we hope that as I relax my muscles don't start to JUMP and startle.

    I had a call from my pain doctor's office today and they want to change my appointment once again. I don't mind changing appintmments every now and then but every month?

    I make my appoiantments when I am finished with my appointment and now she it telling me that he is not going to be in the office and if I want to keep the same date I have to see his nurse.

    But my insurance will not pay to see the nurse. So I have to reschudele my appointment for 2 days earlier than it was. What is going on that he can't been in the office so mcuh of the time?

    And I am having a problem with his biling office. They don't do in house billing and it is one of the most out dated system to use. And I won't get a bill for months and when I do I always find out that I owe far more than what the balance says at the bottem of the statement. So instead of oweing them $22.00 I owe $66.00 .

    And the reasons are strange like I didn't pay my co-pay at the time of service in FeB & MARCh and here it is the end of August adn I am just learnig of it now?

    SO not only will I be seeing my doctor early I need to disscuss his billing office and what is going on with it. And I want him to correct it . It does not work right and needs to be fixed.

    So I am going to ask him to have her write the balance off as I have not had any notice of it ill now and even then the balance I recieved and the balance I owe are different amounts. And the reason does notmake scence to me.

    Ok I haev got that off my chest and now I Just need to go to sleep adn get some rest so tat my body will stopp aching so much.

    I am still worried about being dizzy while I was taking my shower , { That is all I really need to do is to fall in the shower} NOT! But for a split second I was so dizzy that I needed to hold on to some thing or I was going to fall.

    This does not hahpen often so it does worry me , and I am starting to ache really deep on my muscles & my bones so I better put them to bed and quit moaning about it.

    NO more maoaning and whinning about how I feel to night.
    Sleep tight.OH my aching back, hips and thighs. SIGH< MOAN< GROAN>

    Rosemarie[This Message was Edited on 08/17/2006]
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    and my husband had to pull me out of the have to take it real slow.Linda

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