Something special happened when I visited Mom's Grave Butterfly

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    You all were so kind to me when I lost my Mom suddenly on April 29th. I made my first visit to her Grave on Monday, the day before what was her 75th Birthday. It was the first birthday without her. It was so hard on me. We got to southern Ohio where she is buried. My Mom loved Butterflies. When I was standing at her grave, after I had placed the flowers, a butterfly came out of nowhere and landed on me and stayed on me, for what seemed a long time, at least a couple minutes. It was just there looking at me. I think it was a sign from my Mom, she loved Butterflies, as do I. Just had to share. I think she was letting me know she was ok. I was the only family member able to make the trip for the visit. My husband took me. Thanks for listening. Would love to hear from you think about the butterfly.
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    I agree with you -- sometimes the smallest creatures contain the biggest messages.
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    Amen! I agree she was giving you a buterfly kiss. you have been blessed.

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    I can relate to your butterfly story, and think it's great. I lost my mom a couple years ago and she loved her flowers. I brought home a flower and put it in a pot, not even knowing what it was.

    Last year it grew and was beautiful - this year it came back again, and it isn't even a perinneal!!

    I am a firm believer in messages from the other world, and we have both been blessed!!

    Friends - Jole
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    My mom died in March, which I think is way too early for butterflies.....anyway the day she died, I was sitting on the porch just trying to adjust to what was happening and out of no where, a butterfly land in front of my in my very unsprung garden....I instantly knew it was something from her and it made me smile. To this day, whenever I'm feeling down about her (and it happens to my daughters too!) a butterfly weird is this..a few weeks ago my youngest daughter (17) was leaving for Spain. All of a sudden she started crying (she was traveling without her family for the first time) as she walking towards security my oldest daughter and I realized that a butterfly (in the Airport!) was flying around our heads! The daughter who was leaving was very close to my mom, so we started yelling, "Gramdma's here! it's going to be ok, have fun" made everyone feel better. Everytime you see a butterfly from now on, you'll smile and feel warm inside.
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    I am just glad you had the experience. My mother made butterfly designs before her death and her cemetary was filled with them. I think her message was: Here I Am.

    Abusive mother, I was there for everything giving her love.

    When she passed it was like a butterfly passing.

    I think she did it purposely.

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    My mom passed away 8 years ago. While she was alive she always used to dread it when a butterfly flew near her. There were many instances when mom would see a butterfly and within a day or so she would receive a phone call letting her know that a family member had passed away. She came from a large family and they were spread out.

    What do you think of that?


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    My Mother died last November 17th. We were very friends!

    My birthday was July 2 and we celebrated by going to our neighborhood club house to enjoy a day at the pool. We
    had our kids and grandkids there and my mom's sister.

    While we were all swimming my aunt noticed a gold butterfly flying around my head. At the time she noticed it, I was talking about my mom to her. Telling her about
    a dream that my daughter had had recently. It would not
    leave and finally landed on my hat. My aunt said that's
    your mom coming to you on your birthday. I was so happy of that possibility that I told my husband to run and get our camera. While he was getting the camera I put my finger out to see if the butterfly would land on my finger.
    And it did! I could see the beautiful round eyes and they were shaped like my mom's!!

    When my husband came back to take a picture, I told him to put our his finger to see if it would go to him and it did! Then my aunt begin to speak of her and one of her dreams and the butterfly flew all around her. We were

    My husband got some really nice pictures of this wonderful
    experience. The butterfly just stood still on my hat while
    my husband took several shots. Then it flew away.

    I do believe that it was my mom's spirit...and the message I got was that she had come to say Happy Birthday to me
    (my first without her) and put a smile on my face. For about 15 minutes Heaven came down to us and gave us all a
    gift. I will always treasure that experience.

    One week later, exactly, it was my mom's birthday. We all went to the cemetery to pay our respects and to have a birthday ceremony for her (mostly for us). We all arrived with balloons with intimate messages tied to each one of them for her. We stood in a cirle and said prayers, shed tears, read poems, read bible verses and wiped our foreheads because the temperature was over 100 degrees.
    We were trying to take the unbearable heat when I said
    sorry mom for making this quick but we are all so very
    hot. Then all of a sudden a cool burst of air came over us and we knew it was her!

    We all let go of our balloons at the same time and smiled up to the heavens. My brother whom had been at the party
    and knew about the butterfly incident had brought a huge
    butterfly balloon for the ceremony.

    The butterfly balloon seemed to go up the highest and was
    the brightest of them all...Mom made her day special too.

    I am sure that our loved ones who have passed are always with us.

    Thanks for letting me share and sorry it was so long.

  9. kriket

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    My dad's lady friend just died this past week. I went out to her grave about 3 days ago and found this hot pink artificial butterfly. It was just misplaced on her other relatives grave.

    I saw it and she suddenly came to mind. There is no head stone yet, so I put the butterfly onto the little silver head marker that they place until a head stone is placed.

    Anyway, today, her girls came over to swim and just relax at our pool and we just talked about old times with their mother. Soon as I started talking about her, a butterfly flew down and flew all aroung us and would not fly away for nothing.

    I thought of that butterfly that I found and, I looked at her daughter when it apperared and we both said the same thing at once. The butterfly made us think it was a sign from her. I told her girls about the butterfly I had found at the cemetary and put on her marker.

    A few min. went by w/o us talking about their mother that just passed last week. One of her daughters mentioned her again, and as soon as she did, all of a sudden another butterfly appeared and flew all around us and stayed a bout a min.

    We all think that the butterflies are a sign from her that she is still around and she is ok. I did not know till today, but her daughtet told me that butterflies is what they had put on her casket center arrangement in with the roses.

    It is so weird that you mentioned this, when I have been thinking the same thing all day. Sorry so long- but just had to share.
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    I can hardly see the keys on the computer because I am tearing up.

    My Mom is also gone and I miss her so bad and nights I get to hurting alot I think about joining her but my loving hubby and son keep me going.

    But no one can compare to your mom.

    I am very sorry about your loss.

    Gentle hugs Pamela
  11. sandra_c6e1

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    My thoughts are with you.
    Sending you ((((((HUGS))))))
  12. dononagin

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    My mother loved the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull.. It was a spiritual sort of book with a lot of afterlife meaning for those that read it that way..

    Mom had a strong connection with seagulls from the first time she read the book.. in fact when I was a teen people thought she was some kind of pysco bird lady because she would sit at the beach and feed the gulls and paint their pictures.

    When I scattered Mom's ashes at sea a miracle happened.. 1st as the boat pulled away we noticed the water where the ashes were scattered seemed to have a glow.. Then from the horizen??.. but I tell you it looked like straight out of that glow came a perfect white seagull.

    Shortly it was joined at wingtips by two more gulls.. (Mom's brothers both passed right before her). The center gull had a glow about it. The gull followed us all the way back to the wharf and then dissapeered. I have it on Video.. I have pictures of the gull.. even in the pictures you can see the glow.

    I know no-one would be able to believe us without watching the video.. I know it was mom.. I know.

    What a wonderful farewell gift. I will never see a seagull without thinking of her.

    I also had a very dear friend who's indian name was Snow Owl..
    The day she passed.. before we ever got the call.. My daughter and I were driving and a white owl swooped down right in front of the window.. That night there was a white owl in our front yard.. not that particularly commen here.. I feel the same.. that this was Christine saying goodbye..

    The bible says our soul will be lifted on the wings of a dove..
    So maybe sometimes it's a seagull.. or a snow-owl.. or a butterfly.. I do think sometimes that our loved ones let us know they are there..

    I'm sorry about your loss.. I know it hurts tremedously and will for a long time.. It's been 13 years and I still miss my mom every day..

    Hugs and love,
  13. sisland

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    The Butterfly thing has to be Real! My Mom passed on 3 years ago!...................................................I think of Her and tear up about it almost everyday!! Never Have gotten over losing the one Person i have Loved the most in my Life!!...........................................I encounter butterflys often! especially when i'm out and about and thinking of Her!!

    They seem to appear at the very moment i think of her or am fearful of things! Was at a Lake the other day and was alittle apprehensive about the 1/4 hike (downhill) to the lake. (Due to Grizzly Bears) although i've been there many times !

    When suddenly this Big Beautiful Butterfly Came out of nowhere and Flew around me for about a minute! Well i started down the trail and it was ahead of me all the way!! It was Black and white with silver on it's wings!!

    But yes if there is a Family gathering I always feel my Mothers Presence! Sydney
  14. Empower

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    I think it was a message - believe that it was

    I visited my child's grave on the first anniversary of his passing

    Out of nowhere came 2 deer and one baby one that stood by me.

    It was really something

    I think it was a sign
  15. ckahele

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    We lost my 17 yr old nephew several years ago.
    He visits us frequently as a dragonfly.
    Everything that was mentioned from butterflies to songs are talked about in a wonderful book called
    "Hello from Heaven".
    It was written by a Guggenheim (of the Museum of Modern Art Guggenheims).
    It will make you laugh and cry but mostly it will touch your heart.
    P.S. My sister bought a half dozen copies and passed them out to our family. Now a do the same whenever a friend has someone who has crossed over.
  16. FMsolider

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    What a beautiful story! I believe our loved ones send us messages all the time...I believe pretty damn strongly that they do. It is wonderful that you were not afraid. Please, please please - do not think I am crazy or trying to hurt you by saying this...but, I have seen spirits my whole life and often can communicate with them. I felt very strongly while reading your post that your mother is trying to tell you that she is fine where she is at and of course that she loves you.Even if you do not believe me - please understand I say this with purely good intentions and mean nothing malicious by saying to you.... if you were concerned if she is happy and well on the otherside - she is. When we keep our minds and eyes open we see a lot of signs from our loved ones.

    Peace and Light -
  17. Cromwell

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    I have no doubt at all that it was a sign from your mother. God bless you all and so pleased though that you were able to get this sign from her. I will keep you in my prayers.

    Love Anne Cromwell
  18. ksp56

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    I believe that loved ones are always with us. And sometimes they share their prescence, to let us know they will always live on..

    My 19 y/o brother died, in 1977. My parents were camping, not to long after Kevin had died, when a monarch came and sat on my Dad's shoulder for several minutes. Yes, I do believe it was Kev's way of telling us he was there and he was okay.

    I am so happy you got to visit with your mom...


  19. MnLady

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    My grandmother passed away in June '05. She was known as the "Butterfly Lady" in her apartment building. When she passed away I found these words online... I hope you find comfort in them as I did.

    "How does one become a butterfly?" she asked pensively.
    "You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar."
    "You mean to die? she asked.
    "Yes and no," he answered. "What at first looks like you will die, but what is will live."

    What the caterpillar calls the end of the world... The Master calls a butterfly.

    Hugs and blessings to all,
  20. tata1580

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    Yes it was your mother telling you hello, all is well, and she is fine and is with you..and that now that you have this sign from her and keep your eyes open you will see many more. Life here will be a little sweeter..

    You have are blessed.

    Thank you for sharing your experience