Something that helped me with leg cramps.....

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    I'm sure this is not a first time suggestion, BUT.........

    I have horrid leg cramps, and nothing seems to help. I use my trusty heating pad, take otc quinnine pills, MSM, calcium, malic acid, etc., etc.,

    I found that using those blue freezer packs, like those used in a cooler, seem to help more than anything else. I wrap each in a towel, prop my legs up and put them under the area that hurts. They stay cold, or cool, all night! For me, this helps! Also helps other aching areas. Wanted to share and hope it will bring relief to some of you.

    I called and asked my doc about a muscle relaxer and I need to make an appointment to talk with him. He is 2 hours away, so I will hopefully see him in the near future. Have any of you tried these for leg cramps? Do they work?

    Gentle hugs,


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    but I am BUMPING this up for you...

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    Thanks for the suggestion. For a slower help with leg and foot cramps I increase the amount of bananas I eat. I think it's the potasium in them that helps. If I eat them regularly I rarely get cramps any more. But, occasionally I get tired of them or just forget to buy them and then the cramps come. Next time that happens I'll try your way. :)