Something to rev metabolism w/o causing anxiety?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Carolyn0508, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. Carolyn0508

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    Anyone know of something like that? I need to shed some pounds and increasing activity and cutting back on calories is not doing the trick. Any input is much appreciated.

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  2. klutzo

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    The fact that you're doing all the right things and getting no results is a big clue. Have your doctor do a TSH blood test on you. If the result is higher than 3.0, you need supplementation with NATURAL thyroid. The "normal" range has been lowered a lot (finally), and many more of us are hypothyroid than once thought. The symptoms of Fibro and hypothyroid are the same, and once you take some Armour Thyroid you may be amazed how much less your fibro pain will be, not to mention the increased energy you will have.
    I have first hand experience of this, as my TSH was 3.44 and they kept telling me I was "normal". Now I know how wrong that was.

    DLBRPAC New Member

    If you do not get anywhere with endocrinologic treatment, I do know that Provigil has helped some people, including me. It is not an amphetamine, but it can lessen the sleepiness and fatigue. That may allow you to be a little more active and shed some pounds. Also, Topomax helps shed weight, but unless you are obese, I doubt your doctor would want to prescribe it.