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    I was diagnosed with many medical problems,Chronic pain,CFS,Fibro,systemic Lupus,Osteo,depression, and on it went. The combination of aches,pains,etc is too much!
    After many tests, blood, monitors, x-rays and all the time and money spent--finally, an MRI..... looking for MS because of so many symptoms of the above...

    The MRI showed pictures of my spinal cord being narrowed in a few places, my neck and low back.
    it's called Spondylosis. Look it up and see if your symptoms relate.

    I'm sharing this with you because it took years to find this was the major cause of many problems that "mimic" the others and can be the cause of "overlapping" diseases.
    it took a long time to ajust to the overwhelming dx and the different medications.
    I went through so much to get this answer, and I hope maybe I can help someone by sharing this information.
    Ask for an MRI - it reveals alot and if your spinal cord is being compressed, it can over-shadow all the other diseases you are trying to cope with.

    Hope this helps someone
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    That goes along with my suspicion that "CFS" is many undiagnosed and, therefore, untreated things lumped under one heading. Eventually, after being so ill with no relief and/or the wrong meds, stressed to the max, we become depressed and very anxious --- and at that point the doctors tell us it's a mental illness.

    Some are more fortunate and find caring, determined doctors or they're able perserve themselves until they stumble on some answers.

    Best of luck to you.

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    Spondylosis- compression of the spinal cord-
    can sometimes be helped if diagnosed early...
    depends on alot of is it an injury of the spine or is it degenerative causes? things like that.I have both....
    for me...2-major car accidents and other injuries caused by horses I was training for barrel raceing.
    The treatment for me is major surgeries.
    a titanium "cage" and bone grafs from the leg. it is more complicated then I can explain here.
    If you are interested go to
    "" for more information.
    I will not have the operations, ever! The risks are too high for me considering all the "other" diseases I have to fight.
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    sounds like its very painful thank you so much for letting us know.
    If you ever need a friend who understands im here for you ok you can mail me anytime & i will get back to you as soon as i can.