Something weird about the Lightening process posters

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tronda, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. tronda

    tronda New Member

    I have been following the thread about the lightening process and all of the skepticism.I clicked on the profile for davebhoy and it took me to Ifrost. In his profile I clicked on the one that says "excuse me" and "you should be ashamed of yourself." I clicked on some others and it took me to davebhoy. This is confusing. Does it mean they are the same people? Try it and see if it happens to you.
  2. lfrost

    lfrost New Member

    I can assure you that we are two separate people-I am lfrost and davebhoy is someone else who I dont know personally but knew he had done the LP before me. With the abuse we are getting, you may well not believe me but I am doing well and have just wanted to tell everyone about a training programme that has lead to my almost complete recovery after 20 years. In the past, I have tried numerous after treatments and spent probably thousands of pounds but this was different and exciting.

    Hope you can believe this because there are so many sick people out there and if I could help a few of them by passing on something that has helped me, that is what I want to do.


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