Sometimes, It's Good To Be Old

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    As I wait to fly to Atlanta for Thanksgiving, I've been contemplating buying a new carry-on bag. I have two really nice sets of luggage--mine and my Mom's. There was only one carry-on bag with wheels and I've been using it for 10 years. The handle is sticky and sometimes, at the worst moments, it refuses to collapse. Y'all can imagine the dirty looks I've gotten from other passengers forced to wait until I can giggle it just right so I can stow it and sit down. I decided to look for a new one.

    Beall's, a small Florida department store chain, advertised their luggage at 50 percent off. I found a beautiful Liz Claiborne carry-on bag but even at Beall's 50 percent off price, it was really expensive. Then, I started wondering whether it would be 50 percent off the 50 percent. It was! Yea! And, on top of that, it was "Senior's Day," and I got an extra 15 percent off. Holy cow! Pretty soon they'll be paying me to shop. Sometimes, it pays to be old.

    I love this bag because it's like the fabric in her purses with her logo on it in tasteful gray and cream. Those purses are indestructible. One woman told me about her friend who had had one since the 80's. It was like new but outdated so she wanted to buy a new one. Just for kicks, she decided to drag the old one behind her car to see what would happen. The purse came out pretty much unscathed. Now that's a product endorsement!

    I'm keeping y'all in my thoughts as Thanksgiving approaches. I am very thankful for all the friends I've met here over the years and for all the help I've received. Without the support and treatment advice, I'd likely still be bedridden and on Morphine. While I've been mostly away from the board when I was working, I've never forgotten everyone. I hope you all have a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

    Love, Mikie
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    I've always dreamed of traveling....still dream of it. But if I got the chance to fly somewhere tomorrow I'd have to throw my stuff in a WalMart bag and I 'had' a nice set of luggage. Kids went on a cruise. They were sitting watching luggage load onto the plane and saw a bag fall off the conveyer and get run over.

    Never thought any more about it until they picked theirs (mine) up at the end of the trip. Yup! The entire inside was busted, although it didn't show anything on the outside, so they couldn't do anything about it. And the handle of my carry on did the same as yours. Soooo....

    At least you'll still be going somewhere fairly warm. We had our first snow today. Brrrr... does look holiday-ish, but I despise winter! Hope you enjoy your kids/grands and have a wonderful day! .......Jole
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    Thank you; I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday--lots to eat and no presents to buy :)

    Jam, be sure to take something to read when you use the ride. A lot of the time they are great. They get people to where they need to go on time. The problems can arise when it's time to go home. It can be very difficult for them to plan when they don't know for sure when people will be ready to go back. Let us know how it goes. I hope your experience is a good one.

    Jole, I normally don't believe in paying a lot for luggage that baggage handlers just abuse. Mom and I bought luggage at the outlet mall and got a good deal. We got slightly different pieces so that we might always have just the right size. I got red and she got gray. My carry on was a soft side without wheels. I've ended up using Mom's gray carry on since she died. I still have all those red and gray pieces. If I do need to check a bag, the gray one I have will go well with the new carry on that is a gray and cream pattern, not that everything has to match. I liked the red to check because, at that time, few people had red luggage and it was always easy to spot on the conveyor.

    I don't think anyone likes to travel any more. It's just a horrible inconvenience that we endure to get to our destinations. I don't mind being scanned but I doubt our little airport has a scanner yet. It is an international airport, though, so we might. We have direct flights to Germany. I don't mind being scanned. Whoever is looking at the scans doesn't have time to make judgements; they have to get people through like cattle. Also, they'll get like doctors. Before long, they will have seen it all and become jaded to what is on the screen.

    I've actually been patted down before. Once, they were training TSA agents at the gate. They told me if I volunteered to a baggage search and patdown, I could board first. Yes, they do run their gloved hands under the breasts and up the inside of the legs all the way to the groin area. They tell you ahead of time what they are going to do. It really isn't that bad. I think guys are grossed out by having other guys feel them up.

    Fortunately, Atlanta is only about an hour and a half from here. It's when I fly to see my other kids in Denver that I dread it. I always have a layover in Atlanta, usually three hours but sometimes less. It takes all day and the Denver airport is 50 miles from where my kids live. Normally, I rent a car. I usually get there right about the time everyone is going home from work. Fortunately, I lived there long enough that I know my way around.

    Again, I hope everyone has a most wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

    Love, Mikie
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    I went shopping for luggage last July and I was floored by the costs. I went to quite a few stores, and finally purchased a 3 piece set at Kohls, 50% off, for $79. It was quite sturdy and a very nice tan and brown retro print, and consisted of a large suitcase, good sized rolling duffle, and large tote bag. I was quite pleased with my purchase. The print makes it easy to spot at airports.

    I saw on the news last night all this nonsense regarding pat-downs and radiation from the body scanners, and I told my husband that I refuse to travel until this is resolved.

    Sometimes, you have to wonder about airport security. Several months ago, I was returning to New York from Tampa, and when I retrieved my suitcase from the carousel, it was shaking loudly and vibrating--like it could of had an explosive in it. It was actually my recharchable razor which had turned itself on!! My husbsand jumped on the floor and opened the suitcase to shut it off before any passengers noticed, but we could not believe the loud noise and that it got past all the baggage handlers like that!!


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    To hear from you Mikie !

    Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all !

    Just adding a few thoughts....

    Age is just a number and being/feeling older CAN just be a state of mind. ;>)

    As far as the "pat down" subject , I'd prefer to be patted down by the opposite long as they don't "pat" too hard !!!!!! :>) lol

    IMHO , I'd rather be touched than blown up ! Really not a problem for me....can't afford to buy a plane ticket........

    PLEASE , at least smile or grin ! ;>) (& please don't shoot the messenger....I'm allergic to bullets....:>).......).

    [ROTFLMAO......even thought it hurts....) ;>)

    Blessings ,

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    Jam, I'm so sorry that both you and your sister are so sick. When this "whatever it is--Sjogrens?" flared so badly, my FMS pain returned. Even with the Guai, the pain will come back if I get sick or injured. I have some degree of pain every day but most of the time, it's at such a low level that I'm not even aware of it. Then, when it flares like it did recently, OMG, it's just like it used to be. I cannot imagine flying over a long distance feeling like that. It's so sad that you and your sister cannot see one another. I'll keep you both in my prayers.

    MY SIL is a pilot and had a big skin cancer removed from just under his eye. Pilots and flight attendants are exposed to more UV radiation up at cruising level and more prone to skin cancer. I'm sure they don't need more exposure.

    Laura, I'm laughing thinking about what might have happened had the bag started to vibrate when you were checking it in. All hell probably would have broken loose with security. I agree that the price of luggage is soooooo high. OMG! I couldn't believe it when I went shopping. I love Kohl's; they have really good sales. Beall's is very similar to Kohl's but is a local chain. They specialize in "Florida" clothing and home goods all year round. Yes, you can get luggage there with palm trees on it :) I like it that mine is a pattern but it's a bit more classical than the ones with palm trees. Sometimes, when people first move here, they lose their minds and go nuts with the palm tree motifs. That and the pink flamingos. Oy!

    Bill, thanks for giving us something to laugh about. I've missed that. Glad to be back. I can fly for free but it isn't worth it. The airlines overbook almost all their flights and the non-rev fliers are the last to board, even after the stand bys. In the spring and fall, the Snowbirds are either coming to or going from FL, so one way is impossible, either coming or going. I usually buy from Air Tran when they have unadvertised specials on their own website. I get one trip free from my credit card each year, so I always manage at least one trip.

    Again, wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving.

    Love, Mikie

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    There's something I've always wondered about. This Ks weather and I do not like each other in the winter at all, and I've always dreamed of becoming a Snowbird. Of course, we can't afford it, but if we could I'd be in Fl right now just to ease this pain! do the residents of that state honestly feel about the Snowbirds? Do they mostly stay in one area to themselves, or are they mixed with the rest of you? Are people resentful or do they accept them?

    I realize a few months and then gone again would not be appealing for many, but some of them do go back each year and do make lasting friendships....but perhaps with other Snowbirds and not residents, I don't know. It's just an interesting topic to me, and of course you're the only person I know to ask :)

    Bill, yes you made me smile, and I'll bet there's a LOT of men who totally agree with you! Jole
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    Jole, it's difficult to answer about the Snowbirds. I, personally, love them and really look forward to their arrival every year. The ones who have condos here in our little village are great and we all get along just fine. I think where the Snowbirds own their condos, it's probably easier for them to be accepted and make friends. Some rent here for a month or two and we always try to make them feel welcome. The ones who own usually stay longer, about five months.

    Everyone gets a bit frustrated when our roads get really congested and it's next to impossible to get into a restaurant or movie. Many of the Snowbirds drive just fine but because some of them are quite elderly and shouldn't probably be driving at all, we have to be really careful and watch out for them.

    Then, there are the tourists who don't stay long and usually rent condos for a week or stay in hotels. Many of them stay at the beach. That's what Mom and I did for a few years before we decided to move down here. My condo is only about 9 mins. to the beach but during "Season" I don't go there because it takes an hour to drive over the bridge (our beach is a sandbar off the mainland). We are not allowed to rent our condos for less than three months, so we don't usually have the drunken tourists here unless it's someone's grandson here for Spring Break. A call to the cops usually takes care of any problems.

    There are people here who absolutely hate Snowbirds and tourists. I think, though, these people are haters by nature and if they couldn't hate the Snowbirds and tourists, they would hate someone else. Snowbirds and tourists are easy targets. Our economy has been built on tourism and these people bring millions of dollars with them and many spend a lot. We are finally getting smarter and attracting bioscience and research facilities. That will help raise the average paying job from the previous base of low-paying service jobs.

    I have not seen overt rudeness toward any Snowbird or tourist here. Most of the hateful remarks are made between year-round residents to one another. There isn't that much of it to begin with. By March, though, we are ready for them to leave so we can have our roads, movies, and restaurants back. Summers here are very hot and humid but we stay inside, go to the pool, or go to the beach. It's usually in the low 90's in the summertime. In the winter, it's around 80 degrees and dry and sunny. I enjoy both seasons; we call them "Hot" and "Hotter." :) This weather is soooooo much better for me than in CO. Denver has such thin, dry and dirty air in the winter. I had asthma there every winter. Some asthmatics can't take the humidity here; it's an individual thing.

    If you think you might want to visit us, come on down and see what it's like. I'm a two-hour drive from Tampa one direction and a two-hour drive from Miami in another direction. Miami is fabulous and I love going over there. Even in our small area, we have two philharmonics and we get all the stage shows the big cities get. Right now, the Radio City Rockette Christmas Show is here. There is a university, so there are always things which appeal to the intellect. This place is teeming with artists and there are numerous art shows, several of them top juried shows. All in all, I love it here but it isn't for everyone. Hope this is helpful.

    Diane, thank you, I'll try to have a really good trip and Thanksgiving. I like the older luggage. American Tourister is known for being nearly indestructible. I remember the TV ads they used to do where they did all kinds of things to the bags and they came out unscathed. Mom and I got our luggage because as she got older and I got sicker, it became harder and harder to lug around heavy luggage. The new stuff is lighter. I could not have afforded the Liz bag had it not been slashed in price, plus my old lady's discount :)

    San Diego has about the perfect climate, usually in the 70's with a nice sea breeze. Many do not want to live in FL in the summer because of the heat and humidity. Snowbirds have the best of everything but I can't afford to have two homes. I'm lucky in that I acclimated to summers here and don't mind them at all. I do love the wintertime, though. We get sea breezes from three sides so there is almost always moving air. Hurricanes are a bummer but we've been lucky since Charley just about blew us down.

    Thank you. I want to wish you both a very Happy Thanksgiving!

    Love, Mikie