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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lrgatplay, Dec 12, 2006.

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    Are the EEG tests useful at all? I'm trying to get doc to give him something to help sleep. Like Klonopin or Xanax. He has the weird episodes at night where he gets 'wired' with racing thoughts and irritable. Doesn't want to be around anyone etc.. I am giving him melatonin and a calcium/magnesium/zinc before bedtime and seems to have helped regulate somewhat.

    He is also feeling bad today because of the excursion to the doctors, being out almost 3 hours. Was put on Clarithromycin (Biaxin) again for sinus. Do the dosages of anti-biotics need to be watched too? If sensitive does that include these anti-biotics. Can't really tell most times whats does what.
    I am really grateful to all here for the helpful information.
    Don't know where else to turn.
    You're all great people.

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    Kathryn takes Flexeril at night and then in is to help her sleep. Although she started on 25mg, then sent to 50, then 75 and last week to 100 for the same affects. The doc told me 100-150 was a typical adult dose and she likes to start out very slowly, so maybe she knew this would happen and the 100 is where she needs to be???

    How did the school stuff go? We just met with the tutor and I think we will continue Homebound into Jan and Feb, as she had a horrible time staying healthy last winter. Germs, stress, weather chnages ... all the things that are bad for her body!

    It is working well for her and she can go at her own pace, but I am not in charge of the education aspect, which I love!

    Let me know. Connie
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    Kathyrn had one when she had her sleep study done. She is borderline narcoleptic. I'm sure it's another 'ruling' out thing for him. If you're like me though, I get to the point where I want a test to show SOMETHING!
  4. lrgatplay

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    I decided to cut the anti-biotic in half. Doc said his throat actually looked good this time, so just the sinus stuff again.

    The school rep. that I went to see wants the doc. to write something about his diagnosis (West Nile will do) and his need to have the homebound. Jordan doensn't have the ability to do a lot of school work right now, and really can't find the energy to go to the Charter School for the tests and assessments, so I want the doc to tell them he either needs time off or that he needs a homebound tutor or something.
    By the time we get this settled, it will be past the holidays, so maybe he'll be feeling well enough to actually do something.

    Hope eternal.

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